(Closed) Working on the holidays. Would you be this disgruntled?

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Sugar bee
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Yep, I work holidays. I don’t throw a fit about it because that’s how it is in an industry that doesn’t close! I think the only people who holidays are the 9-5ers.


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Buzzing bee
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It definitely sucks having to work holidays but you at least get time and a half if not double time. And a lot of companies cater food for their employees on black friday so that’s nice. When I worked at Old Navy I had to show up for work at 3am the day after Christmas to take down all of the Christmas trim. Not that big of a deal. It sucks but you know what you’re getting into in retail.

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Sugar bee
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Yes and no. 

I used to work at a grocery store as my first job. And I had to work all holidays. Though we did close later that day on a holiday day. The company made working holidays worth it though.  HOLIDAY PAY! It sucked working, but the money was good.

The company that I work at now only has certain pharmacies open on holidays. And luckily I dont work at the ones that are open.

Sometimes, you cannot do nothing about it. Some companies require you to work on holdays. A job is a job.

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Helper bee
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It’s 10pm! At least he doesn’t have to work ON Thanksgiving, and with Black Friday coming up and him working at a big box store that seems completely normal. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! I agree with you. Yes it does suck, but “Thanksgiving” will be over by 10pm, so it’s not that big of a deal.

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Sugar bee
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It irks me when people have this attitute, especially when there are tons of people who would jump at the chance to take his place, like OP said. I currently do not even have a job (I’m a student) but I chose the medical field knowing full on that the hospital does not close for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Memorial Day… Would I be bummed that I’d have to leave my family on major hoildays? Sure, but come on. Calling a radio station to bitch about it is just plain unnecessary. If he doesn’t like it, he can quit.

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Busy bee
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@UpstateCait: “I personally agreed with the DJ who said that he needs to stop whining and just be happy that he has a job.”

I think what’s happening here is that average people are getting more and more upset with the constant eroding of benefits by companies that are making record profits – and people are just sick and tired of it.  That’s probably why you’re hearing yelling over something that on the surface that seems small.

A few years ago when the double recession hit, people understood that we all collectively had to tighten our belts.  And a lot of folks took paycuts, or hits to their benefits, or gave up vacation days, or gave up hours.

But after banks got bailed out or company got massive tax breaks and started making huge profits again….nothing changed.  Or things got worse.

The frustration is likely about this being the last straw – after all the other things given up, this is time away from his family, the last sacred thing.

Honestly, I get his frustration.

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Busy bee
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Also, other people are saying “he can just quit.”  That’s the thing – he can’t.  For every job opening, there are 5 employees competing for it.  There’s a jobs crisis, but companies are hording money and not creating jobs.  Something has got to change.

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Bee Keeper
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I used to work holidays in an ER.  That itself was depressing enough because the majority of patients were those who tried to harm themselves due to being depressed and alone on the holidays.  🙁 Sad.

I actually get along really great with my family and holidays are hilarious and happy occasions.  Of course I was extremely bummed to miss all that because of work.  But the thought of causing such a huge stink like the 10pm Target guy (who I heard about on the news a few days ago) never crossed my mind.  Some people just like to complain…

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Sugar bee
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Well, I guess his issue is more “sentimental”. Last year on Thanksgiving, he proposed to his girlfriend. She’s upset because this year, he was supposed to have dinner with her family and talk wedding plans. He says he’ll have to “sleep through Thanksgiving” in order to make it through his night shift.

WHAT MAN sleeps through Thanksgiving!?

The article then goes on to say that he’s not even scheduled to work on Thanksgiving night or Black Friday. PROBABLY BECAUSE HE’S FIRED.

What a doofus.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I think my husband might have preferred that to having to get up at 3am like he used to for Black Friday at Circuit City.

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Buzzing bee
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I think the whole “Black Friday” thing has become a joke.  Stores are opening earlier and earlier, just so they can be the “first” store to open.  People are losing perspective of the Thanksgiving holiday – it is about family and friends, not about standing in line all night for an awesome deal.

With that being said, I think employees should have the option to work on Thanksgiving.  Alot of employees would take the opportunity to make a little more dough.  And if the store doesn’t get enough employees who want to start working at 10pm, oh well, they will have to open a little later the following day. 

I know this isn’t how it works…but it should.  This country has become too focused on work and profit.

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Helper bee
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I work in the entertainment industry and am always working on holidays.  I’m not a fan at all.  I actually HATE working holidays..BUT I know it came with the territory and if I want to continue to do what I love then I have to make these sacrifices…

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Sugar bee
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@zagora: I have to disagree. People have been working holidays since a long long time ago. Someone has to do it.

In fact I would say he’s extremely lucky to not have to work until 10pm, so he still gets the whole Thanksgiving day with family. Not everyone has that luxury. I work at Walmart and we’re not allowed to request off for holidays, we have to wait to see our schedule and if enough people want to move shifts around they switch it for us. I was scheduled Thanksgiving but was able to get out of it, but I would’ve had to work at 9pm until 2am if I hadn’t been lucky. I had to work at 3am last Black Friday. Black Friday is ridiculous in general but that’s retail, if you get a job in retail you should expect this. And maybe he couldn’t find a job in any other industry, I couldn’t, Walmart was the first interview I’d gotten in forever, but I need the job but I do what I have to do. That’s life.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t know the details, as I’ve just heard about it in passing. Based on what you guys have written, I really think he needs to suck it up. He has a job, so he should consider himself lucky. It’s the nature of retail to have crappy hours during the holidays.

I do think the stores should wait until early Friday morning to open though. I know it’s a huge shopping day and with the recession stores are depending on the sales and people are looking for good deals, but Thanksgiving should be about family and the corporate higher ups in these retail stores should respect that.

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