(Closed) Working Out and Freaking Out – A Battle

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@jholler25:  ok-first of all: twinges are ALL THE TIME in the 1st tri…seriously. It drove me INSANE. I was paranoid allll the time because of it. I even got painful cramps and pressure & was convinced at my 8w u/s that there would not be a heart beat but there was πŸ™‚ That being said….

I vowed to not stop working out just because I was pregnant. It is perfectly safe. However, as soon as I got pregnant I started fearing the gym and even ended my membership w/ my zumba&yoga group. I know its crazy but then again: we’ve tried SO HARD for these babies. Is loosing a pound or 2 worth the fear we’re instilling in ourselves? I just figure: Ive been through enough emotionally and if working out is exasperating my fears then: I’m not working out! I eat a very healthy diet and I don’t cave for my cravings…and I walk about 2.5 miles a day with arm weights and foot weights. Anything more than that freaks me out. Again: its not sensible to fear working out inpregnancy but then again: GOD FORBID anything happened to my baby-I don’t want to live in “if only…” or “what if..” land. 


*this all being said: I’ll slowly but surely get back into it in the weeks to come (mid of 2nd tri) and to the end of the 40w. 

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@jholler25:  truuuuuust me haha I sadly know exactly what you’re talking about. If I saw blood I would kill myself before ever calling my doctor….and the cramping feeling you describe is exactly what I feel (im assuming all preggos feel this). I would recommend exactly what you said: walk fast & get some 5-pounders. I think jogging might freak you out. again for anyone reading this: I knoooow nothing is wrong with working out πŸ™‚ but, when you’ve gone through what you’ve gone through and the TTC process we’ve all been through, it just isn’t worth it! If your shaking on the way home then clearly its not for you (right now).  The only time I ever felt secure about baby is when I had my head stuck in the toilet for 6 weeks straight with M/S. But now I sometimes have to get my little fetal doppler out at like 3am to check on baby because i’m worried..&..clearly im not sane. But its what I have to do to get me through this trial time of pregnancy and I encourage you to do WHATEVER makes you feel better.

I wish we could get some responses from women who have worked out despite their worries…maybe there’s a “hump” we can get over?

*elley=love. She’s so calm and reassuring haha (love u D!!!)

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@jholler25:  First of all, you are NOT annoying!!! Having fears like this in any pregnancy is totally normal and the fact that you spent a while in TTC land and have had losses before really does make it even more normal. Seriously πŸ™‚

I already told you what I do but for the sake of the thread….I was advised after having 2 early pregnancy losses that vigorous exercise can contribute to progesterone being low, which was the reason I lost my first 2 pregnancies. I don’t know if it was because of my exercising, I highly doubt it, but just having that knowledge made me paranoid. Like TurtleDoves if something was to happen to this pregnancy knowing that I worked out really hard when I knew it *could* have had an effect would have killed me. I do moderate paced (super slow compared to my pre-pregnancy pace, around 3.8-4mph) walking on the treadmill and I usually keep increasing the incline and then taking it back down. It’s a good workout but it’s not too hard. It makes me feel un-lazy πŸ™‚ I’ve also gone swimming a few times which feels amazing. Again, a good workout without making me feel like I’m doing too much. I haven’t been to a prenatal yoga class but I do have a DVD that I do every once in awhile. I think I’m going to try to start doing it more often because my hips are starting to ache (are they spreading this early??? ahhhhh).

ETA: J, regarding the cramping, totally normal. Your uterus is growing and stretching and that’s what you’re feeling…which is also contributing to the heaviness feeling down there. I, like TurtleDoves, had it all through the first tri and (as you know) still have it here and there now. ALSO, regarding exercise causing spotting, it definitely does if you are working out too hard. I got over-ambitious at around 6 weeks and had 2 wipes of light spotting that night. I took it as my body telling me to slow it down. And I did πŸ™‚

@TurtleDoves:  πŸ™‚ Thank you for calling me calm! I feel anything but!!!

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I’m still sort of blaming myself for a super hard swim workout during my TWW with my 1st pregnancy. Right now, I don’t feel comfortable working out very hard, or really even moderately. I am trying to walk everyday and do some swimming, spin, and yoga, but nothing crazy. I might feel better about doing more during the second tri. I know people who do triathlons and run 10k races while pregnant, but I’m too nervous.

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@jholler25:  I’m right there with you. My 2nd loss, I came home from the gym spotting, and so of course I blamed myself for working out. My midwife told me the likely hood that the eliptical work out caused my miscarriage was slim to none, however this pregnancy I have gone to the gym maybe a total of 10 times, out of pure fear. 

At 31 weeks, I doubt I will go back to the gym until after birth. I just take a 2 mile walk everyday or so and that’s it. I can’t bring myself to do it. πŸ™

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Everything I have read about exercise and pregnancy emphasizes how important it is to exercise everyday. Not vigorously of course, but I did also read that if you have a regular routine that you do, it’s good to keep it up. So I haven’t changed my routine at all. I just know I have to stop doing situps (or any exercises that involve lying on my back) after the first trimester. I’ve had no spotting either. 

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@jholler25:  Can I just say how impressed I am that you still have the energy to go to the gym?!

I was ok walking my mutt in the morning begore work but by the time the afternoon / evening rolled around all I wanted to do was lie on the couch!

Most of the info I’ve read says that if you’re already going to the gym, doing yoga etc pre-pregnancy, then keeping up with it shouldn’t be an issue once pregnant but if it makes you feel more confident to tone it down then I say do whatever you need to do to have peace of mind.

My midwife also told me to do anything I need to do to get through the first tri (within reason of course) and then get back into it in the second tri.

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@jholler25:  I also vowed not to stop running when I got pregnant BUT as soon as I got my BFP I put my running shoes away. I tell myself all the time that maybe I can do a few miles today (I used to run anywhere between 4-12 miles 5 days a week) but I always end up not running. I am terrified of something happening to Baby Brouard. I am not a total lazy bumb I do daycare and I am a Stay-At-Home Mom so I am moving most of the day. I have put on more weight then I would have liked and most of my muscle tone is going away but oh well I can get my ass in gear after baby gets here and loose the weight.

With all of that said my advice is don’t feel bad for not working out. If it is causing you stress then don’t do it.

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What about some pre-natal yoga? Gentle on you and baby & very catered towards being safe. 

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I say take it easy till the second tri. go for long slow walks or a gentle swim if you want to but don’t give yourself any reason to worry. 

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If exercise is causing you that much anxiety, I think it is time to stop until you feel more comfortable in your pregnancy. That level of anxiety isn’t good for you or the baby.

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If you were a regular exerciser/runner prior to your pregnancy, there is no reason you can’t continue going to the gym. My doctor advised that any cardio that you do, you keep it to a level where you can still easily carry on a conversation while you do it. Light handweights is definitely fine, especially if you’re experienced and you know proper form.

If it’s causing you anxiety, I would recommend doing something a little less impact, like the elliptical or just walking on the treadmill instead of running until you feel a bit more confident. I wouldn’t STOP though, especially if you have the energy. That’s a little ridiculous. Exercising during your pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I think a quick call to your doctor might do wonders to ease your mind too.

I do understand your fears- I think every newly pregnany woman has those worries.

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