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@jholler25:  I’m not pregnant but since I spend at least a few hours a day at the gym I have met quite a few ladies that still workout at quite a high level even after getting pregnant.  pretty much all of them have been told by their doctors that if they were active before getting pregnant, its not going to do them any harm in keeping active after – there are just some activities to avoid, like ab work while lying flat on your back after a certain point in your pregnacy.   there’s a girl whose blog I read that has run several marathons + longer races while pregnant and she seems quite happy to talk about pregnancy and endurance training – if you want I can give you her blog address. 

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@jholler25:  Just wanted to chime in and say a) congratulations, love, and 2) I kept it to walking after myBFP.  I had always planned to keep running, but like you, my anxiety level was just too high after finally becoming pregnant.  I’ve been regularly walking at various paces and lengths of time the whole pregnancy, and at almost 25 weeks, I feel like I’m still in good shape, and haven’t gotten really chubby, bloated, etc.  For me it was the right compromise.  Just a little reassurance for you 🙂

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I was terrified through 27 weeks, but still managed to work out 3-4x/week because otherwise I’d go nuts. I needed it.  I am definitely much less hard core during my workouts though.

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I find I am going to have anxiety when I have to reduce working out! Just thinking about how I have 2 weeks left to do situps was stressing me out today, lol. 

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try not to stress out so much… ive continued doing turbo kick boxing and cycling throughout my entire pregnancy (i cut my workouts to maybe 3x a week) … im 21 weeks and our darling little diva is fine =) im actually more terrified of doing yoga because im scared i will fall since i didnt do it regularly before we became pregnant… if u worked out b4 getting preggo u should continue working out. no worries =)

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@futuremrsoloyede:  agreed. i did not STOP any of my workouts. i did switch from running to spinning because the running made me hurt in new and different ways–but i am still working out the same amount. the 3rd tri, my intensity in all my workouts had to go down, but, hey, i’m still at the gym!

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I think it is normal to have the feeling that you might be overdoing it.  I was working out with a personal trainer for the past 3 months.  She would kick my butt so much that I would almost puke.  So I knew when I got pregnant I’d have to cut it back.  The trainer recommended I do the pillates class.  So I had a one on one instruction and only make it for 20 minutes before I got sweaty and queasy.  So we stopped.  That was the worse day ever that I have experienced while being pregnant. (8weeks right now).  I gave it another shot the following week but this time I drank a protein drink on the drive over there.  I felt great afterwards.  I think you just have to listen to your body.  When you begin to fatigue then stop.  The twinge pain in your stomach I felt a lot during weeks 5-7.  This week I’m not experiencing that as often.  Just cut back like you already have on the amount of weight and length of time etc.

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First – I can totally understand the feeling of being nervous about everything. #1 rule of pregnancy – only do what you are comfortable with! You are the momma 😉

Second – VERY VERY VERY rarely is a miscarriage caused by something you’ve done. It’s most often the body’s way of saying “Hey – something is not right here, and in reality the baby isn’t viable in the first place”

I had what I thought was a low progesterone issue because my ovulation –> period time (luteal phase) was only 7 days and asked about taking a supplement and my doc said – if you get pregnant the progesterone will increase on it’s own – no need to worry. The next month we got preggo.

So that being said – and also stating that I fortuntately have not had a miscarraige (that I know of) here’s me experience with working out during pregancy.

I don’t run – but mostly because I didn’t run much before AND with my first pregnancy when I was running my hips hurt SO BAD. I just decided for my body the added pressure and discomfort was not worth it. I swam, and walked, and did spin. Til the day I delivered. (Plus I couldn’t run 400 yds without having to PEE!)

This pregnancy I’ve consistently done Crossfit the entire time. Which is an INTENSE workout. Jumping rope, Box Jumps, Deadlifting 200+ pound, Benching 100+ pounds. Olympic weight lifting and setting PR’s. Yes as I’ve gotten bigger I’ve started to scale and I’m not going for PR’s anymore. But I’m 25 weeks now and really have only cut back in the last 2 weeks. I’m still doing box jumps – but 12″ instead of 20″. My coach did say soon those will turn into step-ups. I stopped doing handstands after the first trimester. It’s really something where I just listen to my body and adjust as needed. My burpees have changed drastically – I don’t throw myself on the ground! 🙂 But my pregnancy is normal and healthy. My docs know I’m doing Crossfit and totally support it.

Even with morning sickness – which was bad… I would wake up – puke – go do crossfit at 5:30am – puke again when I got home – then go on with my day. I know the puking had nothing to do with the workout – I puked with or without the workout – so I just dealt with it.

I also went snowboarding when I was 16 weeks with no issues. Granted the docs really only recommend this during the first trimester. I knew the resort well and didn’t push myself beyond my limits!

Last week I pulled my 20 month old in a bike trailer while my husband did a training run.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is my ability to breathe – so I defintely take longer breaks and have to reduce the intensity. #1 thing is to make sure your body doesn’t overheat which will become much more important as the weather gets warmer. Especially in a situation like a spin class when you are in a closed room!

Good luck!!

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I just wanted to pop in here again and reiterate that there are definitely differences for those pregnant after losses. Both of my doctors suggested (after 2 MCs) that I scale WAY back on my exercise, primarily to walking, swimming and yoga. It’s been hard for me to do considering I was very very active before my BFP but it’s definitely worth it to me to keep this baby. I highly HIGHLY doubt that my activity level before had much (if anything) to do with my losses but when you’ve been there and have played the “what if” game giving something like this up (partially) isn’t even a hard decision to make.

I totally admire all of you who have kept up with your intense workout sessions especially since I always thought that’s how I would be able to be but we have to remember that there’s definitely a wide spectrum of what is “healthy” dependent on other issues.

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@Running Elley:  I was just going to write exactly the same thing. After my 3 losses, my doctors only want me to walk or swim. Is it likely that zumba or running caused my miscarriages, probably not, but after a loss I always wondered and blamed myself. 

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@mwitter80:  I second, third, and fourth what you all said and will follow that to a T next time we are pregnant. I know that nothing i did caused anything to go wrong, but you can’t stop your mind from worrying about things like that. I will be walking only, not lifting anything, and trying to stay calm.

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Sounds like you figured out what is really freaking you out–hopefully that lets you feel a little more in control of everything.

For anyone else who is curious, realize that the body can’t distinguish between exercise induced stress and just stress–they are treated the same.  That is why exercise is good for coping with stress, since the more often the stress is induced the better your body handles it. think of it like stress training.

That is why if you are not used to exercising, it just makes your body feel like it is under stress if you start when pregnant. 

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