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Busy bee
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I try and say to myself “yes, working out is hard. And it sucks, and I dont want to and my couch is comfy…but….its harder for me to feel regret all the days I dont go, and to feel the way I do about my body. So its either go to the gym and be uncomfortable for an hour or so….or sit on the couch and be uncomfortable with how I look and feel all the time”

It does get boreing, so I also try and change things up. Change my music on my ipod every few weeks, try a different machine. When it gets warmer start doing things outside.

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Helper bee

Just think about how bad you’d feel if you didn’t work out and how great you’d feel if you did (that works for me). Also, group fitness classes tend to be a lot more motivational than working out by yourself such as body combat, zumba etc. Are you a member of a gym or is there somewhere nearby that runs classes?


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Find a workout buddy!  Hopefully that’ll take away the boredom and you’ll have someone to keep you accountable.

Something else that gets me motivated is exercising outdoors.  I live near a National Park and I absolutely love to be out in the beauty of nature, going trail biking and hiking.  The change of scenery as you go along your trail routes, and try out different trails, should take away some of the boredom.  I hate exercising indoors mainly because of that reason.

Best of luck!





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1.) don’t start too ambitious. Don’t expect yourself to be doing all the hardest bootcamp classes every time you work out. Start with activities that don’t overwhelm. Make yourself the promise that you only have to do 20 minutes of activity, then if you get there and feel like continuing, which you probably will, then go for it.

2.) find activities you actually enjoy. This is the biggest thing for me. I have to find tricky ways to get in strengthening, because if it was just lifting weights, then I’d never go and do it. I find it mind-numbingly boring. I try to do classes that have strength-cardio intervals, because I can handle it that way.

3.) Pencil it in. Make it a part of your routine…just like you don’t wake up every morning and THEN decided if it’s a going-to-work type of day, you will have days where you work out, it’s not a choice, it’s part of your schedule.


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For me it’s music, because I love to dance.  You have to focus on some part of the workout that is enjoyable for you.


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Find a workout that you really enjoy. I started going to Soul Cycle and barre classes. While they are both difficult for me, I think they are a lot of fun so its more movitating. Find what you enjoy doing! Personally, I HATE running, so spending an hour on the treadmill is horrible for me and I can’t get myself motivated, but I look forward to the fun classes. 

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Blushing bee
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Although its difficult at first, my biggest motivation has been seeing the changes in my body. Looking at my toned legs and flat stomach makes me want to skip the burger and fries and go run several days a week. We also splurge on the weekends. If I tried to eat like I do during the week all the time, I would’ve given up long ago.

During the week, I eat one of the vegetarian frozen meal options from lean cuisine or kashi for lunch. For dinner, we have a protein and large portion of vegetables. We rarely, as in maybe once a month, have a starch during the week with dinner.

I LOVE French fries so once the weekend comes, I am definitely getting my hands on some of them from somewhere!

For my workout, I just run on the treadmill for approximately 20 minutes (Started out walking 60 seconds running 90 seconds for 15 minutes). Fiance also “rewarded” me with a shopping spree when I dropped down to a size 6!

I also would recommend only weighing yourself every once in awhile. It can be really deflating to see all these changes in your body and work your butt off and only drop 1 lb. Focus more on how you look and the changes you see rather than what the scale says you weigh!

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Bee Keeper
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I have always been motivated by two big things:  MONEY & GOALS.

I signed up for races (I am a runner, so it’s not a totally foreign thing for me to go jogging).  I started training for longer, harder races.  I started trying to get faster.  I had two big goals for running:  a 5k under 25 minutes, and to finish a marathon.  I did both in 2012 🙂

I’m also highly motivated by money.  Not getting paid exactly, but more like “if I’m paying money I’m GOING to do this, come Hell or high water” type of motivation.  I paid as little as $10 for a 5k, and as much as $160 plus hotel for a marathon.  If I paid money, I’m going to do the race.  I joined a gym as well- so basically if I pay $35 a month you bet your butt I’m GOING to use my membership.

Another thing that motivated me a lot is just meeting people at the gym, having running buddies counting on me to meet them at 6am on a Saturday morning.  I got into a routine at the gym, saw the same people, and if I missed a week sometimes I would be greeted with a smile and a “Where have you been?” by familiar faces.

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Sugar bee
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Trying on my clothes usually works for me!

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Busy bee
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I love my Zumba classes! It’s got the music factor, the energy factor, and it has really boosted my confidence. When I feel better about myself I am more likely to make good choices when it comes to eating and keeping my exercise routine going 🙂

I also do traditional gym time, but my approach has been to keep it short!! I go 2x a week and spend about 30 minutes lifting, 20 minutes on the stair stepper/cardio, 5 minutes stretching, just knock it out and get out of there. 

If I go in with the mentality that it’s going to be a quick in and out session, it is so much easier to be motivated than if I feel like I have to camp out at the gym all night to get results. You totally don’t have to!

And like the other Bees pointed out, an ipod is essential 🙂

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@trueblue14:  Haha love it!!

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Bah. It’s really different for everyone.

What works best for me is working out at home. I bought some Jillian Michaels DVDs (after I finished 30 Day Shred) and some weights. I come home from work, change, and get through one workout, then eat dinner and continue on with my evening. I used to come home, eat, watch tv/relax, and then by the time I should be working out (usually around 8PM), I’m too comfy and tired to want to work out at all.

I joined a gym once. I hated it. I don’t like being gross/sweaty/red faced/wheezing in front of a bunch of strangers. I don’t care if they’re doing it, too. Plus, my FI’s psycho ex worked out there at the time. I never actually ran into her, but the possibility that I might was such a damper for me that I went a few times and then stopped. I also don’t like to wear shoes, and working out barefoot at the gym is frowned upon.

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Blushing bee
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Group exercise classes are helpful with switching things up. Try a different one whenever you can. Also, a workout buddy helps, too. Maybe get some coworkers to go right after work every day? The goal is build a habit and keep yourself accountable.

Also, build it into your day. Do you watch a certain show every Monday night? Tell yourself you can only watch it while you’re on the elliptical at the gym. Or you can only watch it after you’ve done 30 minutes on the treadmill. Reward yourself after every workout (with something other than food) and pretty soon you won’t need the reward!

Good luck! And don’t get discouraged. Just keep on going!

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