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Blushing bee
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Girl, I hear you. My first tip, get a workout buddy!  My fiancé and I started going to the gym a few weeks ago together and it definitely helps keep us both on track. We both have goals to look better for each other by August, and going together makes it easier to stay motivated. We’ve made the commitment to go everyday Monday through Friday, NO MATTER WHAT. This is probably the most important part of staying committed. No matter how long my day at work is, or how tired or how sore I am, I make myself go. The first time you make an excuse to skip a day just makes skipping every time after that much easier, until next thing you know, you’re not working out at all. Take it a day at a time and don’t be discouraged when you don’t see instant results. Thinking about how awesome I’ll look in my dress in eight months keeps me focused on the long term goal 🙂

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Helper bee
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Have you ever gotten a sort of high from working out?  Sometimes it takes a while, but getting it really helps.  Like, usually, right around 40-45 minutes on the elliptical, i start getting a really nice high, and that’s what keeps me motivated.  I keep going back for that “high” and it’s actually pretty addictive.  I know i’m describing it as though it were a drug, but the runner’s high is a real thing. (At one point, I went to the gym 3 times a day for 1.5 hours each time because I was jonesing for it.)  I mean, it’s easy to get bored if you never get that high, and I feel like external rewards don’t really help, because then I would just cheat.

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I joined a gym that I literally have to pass on my way home. As in, big, bright, can’t miss sign that I have to drive 40mph past….so I feel super guilty if I don’t go. My Fiance is also a big fitness person. I feel like I let him down when I don’t go. I’ve also started signing up for 5Ks so that gives me an extra boost.

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Sugar bee
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It’s so hard to get motivated but if I can get myself into my workout clothes (even if i’m not in the mood to work out) and wash my face, then I usually get super motivated. Once i’m ‘ready’ and in my workout gear I feel really great and have no reason not to go.

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Ummmm I don’t… I don’t need to lose weight per se, but I’m weak as hell. I do better if I have something big coming up, like a beach vacation and I want to get more toned.

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Bumble bee
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@tiedtogetherwithasmile:  Find a reason to work out. I run, and here’s why:

  • I signed up for the Pittsburgh Marathon (as a relay runner)

  • I’m running as a sponsor for kids in Kenya who have nothing. The further I run, the more they get.

  • I have a running app that posts my distance and time to facebook. If I run slow, stop early, or don’t do it at all. Everybody knows.

  • There’s this app called Zombie, Run! It’s a game + gps runner. Zombies chase you. If you’re too slow, they catch you. Then you die. lol

  • Buy cute workout clothes! I love lacing up my pink sneakers, with neon green shorts, hot pink fleece, and cheetah ear warmers. 

  • Run on the road, run past friend’s houses, look awesome-r than them. lol

Anyways, my point is, it doesn’t matter your reason, but you need a REAL reason to do it. Each workout shouldn’t be a chore, it’s an opportunity. Each time you work out, you have the chance to be a little better than you were before.

Plus when I run, it’s me time. I can just veg out and put one foot in front of the other. It sucked as was miserable the first month, but after that, it became fun. 

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Worker bee
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@reebs83:  +1

There is no better motivation than seeing you can fit into your “skinny jeans” that have been on the bottom of your wardrobe for months! 

Also, if you can just do your workout first thing in the morning, that way you can’t change your mind during the day, or say “I’ll go tomorrow”.. that really works for me! Like you, I was struggling to start, but find something you enjoy (running for me) and it will get easier and easier until it becomes your routine! Try giving yourself a time limit, I said I want to lose x amount of pounds in lets say 3 months – I used to think that would never work for me, but it kind of did. I just kept on thinking, right I’m doing really great – 1 more month! But at the end of your timeframe you will most likely continue with your workouts!it will be easier as you will be able to eat more calories to maintain your weight.

It’s hard work to start off but push through the first couple of weeks, and when the pounds start to shed off – it will keep you going! good luck 🙂

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Worker bee

I always said I would work out out on my own of course I always said tomorrow. In the I saw a picture of myself and i looked huge I put on at least 50 pounds. I ended up signing up for classes with my friend (biggest health nut ever) and it an early am class. I know if she is getting up I have to. The class is spinning two times a week, and than we both do hot yoga three times a week. So far it is working I have lost 15 pounds. When the work our get tuff I just picture bikini body and I push through. I have an amazing support netweork and they are the biggest supporters. 

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Bumble bee

My Maid/Matron of Honor and I have become gym buddies since the start of the new year. Knowing she is meeting me at the gym at 7am eliminates my usual hitting snooze and rolling back over habit.  Working out with her brings out my competitve streak (internally) so I push myself harder. I also keep a training journal, so I can see my progress on paper, even if it’s not always apparent in the mirror or on the scale. Our goals are the same (both of us have beach vacations coming up in March, followed by the wedding in September) so we do the same program.

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Helper bee
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@OnceUponATime:  great tips! 

I just entered myself in my first 5k in March, boom motivation to reach a goal.  I find if I keep moving it’s easier to get to the gym.  Don’t sit down in front of the TV until you’ve done something healthy for yourself that day.  

I rotate going to the gym with Body Pump workouts (DVD), Yoga apps and my home treadmill.

Drink water.  I do a liter at a time with a drop of peppermint oil and it tastes better then any drink I can buy.

Buy fun workout clothes.  i like my workout clothes better then my day to day wardrobe.  I bought a Sparkle skirt to wear during my 5k.  Kind of expensive, but worth it.



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Bumble bee
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I watch Beyonce videos before I hit the gym! True story lol

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Helper bee
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@Merloh:  I agree, a work out buddy makes you obligated to go to the gym. You can’t not show up if someone is waiting for you. And once you get in a rutine, you feel like you need to go. That’s what happened to me anyways. I feel lazy/unproductive when I don’t go now.

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Busy bee
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For me I record my fave shows and only watch them while either on the treadmill or doing my strength routine. It helps if the shows pump you up (ie: Biggest Loser). When I was prepping for my wedding I always had lots of SYTTD and Four Weddings recorded and watched those. They seemed to remind me why I was working out. 

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Bumble bee
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I definitely agree with a lot of people: find a workout you like.

Many members of my family run and hike, and they would basically drag me out of the house to go do those things and I just loathed every second of it.

But I discovered that I love weight lifting, yoga, and pilates. I like slow controlled movements that really make me focus. If I’m just walking on a treadmill without anything to do, I get so bored really fast.

For me, what got me really going is competition. I’m extremely competitive, and this year my job is hosting a Spring Fitness Challenge with weekly goals. I have never gotten up early in the morning so many times to go work out, and this has really pushed me to do it. Because I really want to win, haha. But if you don’t have anything like that, I also highly suggest the Kinect. My SO got it for me a few years ago, and I would play it until I was exhausted just so I could get all the achievements.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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These are great tips.  Also, if you’re ok with caffeine, I find that drinking 1/2 cup of coffee about 45 minutes beforehand is really helpful.  A bunch of studies have shown that it helps you work out longer or harder (or in my case sometimes: at all).  I feel a little kick of energy and I also think, “I drank that coffee, I gotta go use it now”.  

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