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Sugar bee
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@highschoolhoneys:  I’m surprised no one replied to this yet! 

I almost always work out on my lunch break. I have a desk job, and a 1/2 hour lunch break; I can’t stand sitting all day long, so I go for a run for the period of my break. The office building where my department is has a trail through the woods that pretty much encircles the whole property, so I run that each day when the weather is tolerable (i.e. above 15 degrees F and not icy). Then I just eat lunch at my desk. I could conceivably go to the office gym, but I have hand weights and a few other things at home, and our gym isn’t free, so I’d rather do weight workouts in the evening once I get home.

I don’t know what your work situation is, but since you have an hour lunch break, you could work out for at least 45 minutes out of that, if you can eat at your desk. If you are serving customers, then you could work out for 1/2 hour and leave the rest of the hour for eating lunch. Try working out for 1/2 hour of your break at first to see how long it takes you to change clothes and clean yourself up afterwards; then once you figure that out, you could potentially work out for more time.

I often save myself clothes-changing time by wearing some of my workout clothes under, or as part of, my work outfit. I also keep essential workout clothes to change into/out of at my desk at all times (a tank top and sweater, and sometimes my running shoes) so I don’t have to remember to bring certain items with my every day. At lunchtime, I quickly go change and out I go. Then when I’m done with my run, I clean up with paper towels in the bathroom, change my clothes again, and go eat lunch while I work. It works really well and knowing that I pretty much HAVE to make myself go for that 1/2 hour run 4-5 days a week is great for getting more in shape.

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Honey bee
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yes, when it was in my building i did 5 days a week- every week.

now its not in my building and I have to walk which adds time, so I only barley go like 2 times a week at lunch. and I mainly go afterwork.

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Helper bee

I would much rather work out on my lunch break than wait until I get home! Mostly because it’s usually a 50-60 drive home and I am sooo not motivated after that. On days that I do work out when I get home, dinner is typically leftovers or a sandwich because I don’t want to make anything!

Most days I go in early so I can take an extra half hour in order to shower. If I only have an hour to work out though, I will base my workout on something that won’t get me too sweaty, usually lifting. I save hard cardio and Insanity for days when I can shower. Afterwards I clean up with bodywash/washcloth/wipes in our office bathroom, reapply make-up and fix my hair as needed.

There are some really good half-hour workouts you can find online. Is there a specific type of workout you’re looking to do? That would probably help determine what’s feasible in an hour.

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Buzzing bee
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ugh i wish. i only get a 30 minute lunch break and the gym is about a 10 minute walk. also there is no possible way i could have my hair dry, even if i had a 1 hour break… so i’d have to go back pretty gross & sweaty. my commute is 2 hours each way on a good day so working out during the day would make my life a lottttttttt easier. but it’s not possible : (  my fiance works out almost every day at his work though and i’m ultra jealous.

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Helper bee
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Totally do! I actually come into work a little early most days, so I end up taking about an hour and fifteen min lunch and don’t feel too bad about going a little over the normal 1 hour. I’ll usually do a 10 min ab class they offer at my office gym and then do a 4 mile run on the treadmill. I shower and then head up and just eat at my desk while I work. It’s a great way to break up the day 🙂

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Bumble bee
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I’ve gone for walks around a park near my office (was doing 4 miles an hour, which got the last of my pre-wedding weight off), gone up and down the stairs of my office, or closed my office door and put a quick exercise video into my computer’s DVD drive.

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Bumble bee
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There’s a Y near my office so during winter I would attend spinning classes 3 times per week during my lunch break and during summer, there’s a nice path along a river, so I go for runs when the weather allows.

i love how it cuts my day in half, gives me energy for the afternoon and clears my schedule when I return home because I don’t have to workout in the evening.

I always carry wipes to freshen up after the workout when it’s not at the Y..

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Bumble bee
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Before we had a management change, we were allowed an hour lunch break (it’s only 30 mins now), and I worked out during lunch while losing weight for my wedding. 🙂 They highly encourage working out here, and there is actually a sign at each end of the building that basically says if you walk back and forth, this is how far you’ve traveled, so this is how many times you should walk to reach a mile. We also have varying paths around our building that are mapped out for us to see how far they go based on what route we take. It’s pretty helpful, and when the weather was nice, I’d go outside and speed walk around the building several times as well as jog in short bursts. We have a common area in the middle of the building (our building is really long) outside where the building rises above you and there’s kind of a courtyard thing, and there are steps from both sides that lead to the middle, as well as a windy wheelchair path, so I’d jog up the stairs and then back down the windy path 2-3 times every time I came to the steps and then would continue walking. I walked for about 45 minutes so I had time to change out of/back into work clothes. Make sure you bring deodorant and such because you will sweat!!

ETA: when the weather wasn’t nice, I’d walk back and forth and make sure I made it to a mile. It’s sort of difficult because there are always people in the hallways, but it worked anyway. 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper

@highschoolhoneys:  I know a lot of people that work out during their lunch breaks including going for a several mile run. For me, personally, the idea of sitting at my desk sweaty and possibly stinky for the remainder of the day is a turn off. An hour simply isn’t enough time for me to work out and clean up so I don’t…I wait until the evening to work out.

That being said I do go for long walks during my lunch breaks just to wake myself up and get myself moving.

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Busy bee
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There is no way I could fit in a work out and getting showered and back to my desk in 1 hour.  Maybe an hour and a half….  I don’t think that would go over well at my job.

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Busy bee
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I work out 4 days a week at the gym across from my office. I spend 45 mins weight training and doing toning exercises 2 days, and cardio intervals the other 2 (only 20 mins in total, definitely leaves enough time for a shower). I would go crazy from my desk job if I couldn’t work out!

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Bee Keeper
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I have worked out over lunch breaks before.  Bring an extra deodorant and some baby wipes to feel fresh after if you don’t have time for a shower!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I have before, but I usually only did it when I had something to do that night and couldn’t workout after work (so it was better than nothing).  I need at least 45 minutes, if not an hour of a good workout to feel good and the most I could get during my lunch break was about 30-40 minutes.  The other 20-30 minutes were spent changing back and forth and driving the 10 minute (roundtrip) to the facility.  Not really a fan of coming back sweaty either.

I’d love it if I could get some type of flexible work where I could have a 1.5 hour lunch break.  Then I would do my workout everyday at lunch and stay later.

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