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  • poll: Who brings home the bacon?
    I don't work and my SO/FI/Hubby takes care of all the bills : (31 votes)
    17 %
    Both SO/FI/Hubby and I work, but he makes more than I do : (67 votes)
    37 %
    Both SO/FI/Hubby and I work and we make about the same : (36 votes)
    20 %
    Both SO/FI/Hubby and I work, but I make more than he does : (42 votes)
    23 %
    I work and cover all the bills and my SO/FI/Hubby stays home : (0 votes)
    Other, please explain : (7 votes)
    4 %
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    We both work cleaning jobs, so 2 jobs split into two. And he has an extra job he does himself. So he makes more than me because of that extra job.

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    We both work and we both make roughly the same amount of money.  I will admit I am putting more into the wedding though because there are some things I want that he doesn’t care about either way.

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    We both work and make roughly the same amount. We both work for the government although he’s in IT and I’m now in PR.

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    We both work.  I am currently making more than he does – but I’m sure that will reverse as he “climbs the latter” and I stay put.  He has more advancement opportunities than I do in the long run.

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    We both work and I make more money. Probably gonna be like that for the rest of our lives and I have no interest in staying home, so its a good thing he wants to be a Stay-At-Home Dad some day! :p He’s in the home automation/home security business and I’m working on getting my CPA license.

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    We both work but Fiance makes more than me. He will likely continue to make more, or we will be about the same, but I doubt I’ll ever be in a position to make more than he does. Doesn’t bother either of us.

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    @housebee:  Just curious, why do you not work? Kids, school, just an old-fashioned housewife (housefiance?)? I think that picking up even a part time job would be a good idea if you have the time for it. When I worked retail I made crap for money, but if my rent/bills/etc were already taken care of, then it would’ve been a nice sum of fun-money, i.e. enough for wedding add-ons.

    Both my fiance and I work, and we make about the same – it’s hard to figure out how much because my company gives everyone a base salary, and then based on profits I guess, we get bonuses every couple months. Hard to predict how much they will be, or when they will pop up, if at all.

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    We both work. I work part time until May when I graduate and he works full time. He makes bank, lol 

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    We both work and make good incomes. If you just look at base salaries (we both have potential for bonuses but they can vary wildly depending on company performance), I make about 15% more than him – it really doesn’t feel like much difference though, our salaries are very much in the same “range” to me.

    Once we get married, we are going to live off of his salary alone (including budgeting in some savings from it) and completely save mine. That is for a few reasons:

    – We want to save up to buy a house, either cash or with an enormous down payment.

    – IF we decide to have kids, I want the option to stay home (not sure how I’ll feel) and not have it be a big financial hardship. Since we both make good money, if we get used to living on that much, it would be hard to give up my income. But if we are used to living on one, it won’t make that decision as difficult.

    – We’re both believers that lifestyle inflation is a difficult thing to back away from. It’s very easy to increase lifestyle but very difficult to go down in lifestyle. We’re happy at this level of lifestyle and would prefer not to get used to something much higher (even though we could afford it now). Once we have a paid-for house and have decided on the kids question, I imagine we’ll loosen up the reins a bit.

    – You can always go out and spend the money later if you decide you don’t like having it saved 🙂

    Check out the book The Two-Income Trap. We don’t want to find ourselves there, so we’re going to practice living on one-income – happily 🙂

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    We both work and I earn more, but he’s going to school next year so he can be the bread winner. 

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    I voted “other.” Before Darling Husband and I were married, I had a fabulous, 25-year career in my field in my city/state, and I made dramatically more money than my Darling Husband, who is in a full-time ministry position, did. 

    My short-and-potentially-long-term plan after relocating to join Darling Husband in his small town in a rural area of another state was to perform part-time consulting work (at an agreed-upon, high rate of pay) for a contractor on behalf of my former company.  However, market and government forces conspired to create an environment that quickly became very unfavorable to my former company’s industry, and my former company changed ownership.  As a result, the vendor’s contract was not renewed, and my consulting work was no longer needed. 

    Although I’ve applied for a small handful of jobs in this region that relate to my field of expertise, I’ve never even received an interview.  I’ve subsequently learned from individuals who are employed by two of the companies to which I applied that I was considered to be over qualified for the positions. I would agree.  However, I was more than willing to be considered for them.

    So, we have been living on DH’s salary AND placing a significant drain on our savings, which have dwindled dramatically over the two years that I have not been working.  Our plan is that I eventually (sooner rather than later) will need to find some type of work at least part time.  I truly believe God has a plan for all of this (as He has had for me for every  job I’ve ever received), and, eventually I will find out what it is.

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    We both work in IT. He makes more than I do but he’s also 10 years older so he’s got a bit more experience than I do.

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    We both work and right now he is working twice as much as me in order to put away extra money for the wedding.  I work full time and actually prefer when he only works part time and has time to take care of the house.  He is an excellent househusband.  I tried being a Stay-At-Home Wife for five months and pretty much lost my mind; there is only so much cooking, cleaning, and playing with the dog that I can handle before getting depressed and unable to cook or clean anymore.

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