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Buzzing bee

I was pretty good.  I’ve been sick since Friday, so working out over the weekend didn’t happen, but I did well during the week.

Start weight: 157.2

Last week: 155.6

Today: 153

Loss: -2.6

I’m very happy with this.  I was down to 151.8 on Thursday, but my lazy weekend kicked in, and I gained a little.  I was hoping to be down to 150 by Friday for a formal event that I’m going to, but 3 lbs in 5 days is really pushing it for me.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Starting weight: 128

Last week: 127

Today: 126

Lost/Gain: -1

Lost a little over the past two weeks but probably because I wasn’t eating much since I was sick!  Haven’t been to the gym in a while, going sometime today though!

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Helper bee
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I hope all you sick ones are feeling better! There’s a throw-up thing AND a cold thing going around my office and I’m trying to avoid both!

Start: 165

Last weight I had: 155.8 (2/1 – think I gained some and didn’t post here!)

Today: 155.6

Slow progress, but I’ll take -.2

It’s 45 out today – maybe I’ll run outside! It’s always easier for me when I can exercise outside, the treadmill isn’t as inspiring.


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Can’t believe how much progress we’re all making, keep it up ladies!  I made it to the gym every night but one last week (migraine). 

Starting weight: 176.5

Last week: 169.5

Now: 168

Lost/Gain: -1.5

I’ll take it!  5 more pounds and I’ll weigh what I weighed my senior year in highschool and 8 more pounds and I’ll feel like a new woman and be ready to walk down that aisle! 

I hope everyone stays well enough to keep moving this week! 

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Hey ladies!

Great work on the losses girls!

I am the same this week, 156. To be expected considering I was brutally sick and only able to workout one day last week. My diet pretty much consisted of ice cream and Annie’s Bunny pasta, which seemed to be the only thing I could keep down.

I’m feeling much better this week and am back at it. Had a good workout today on the treadmill and stair climber and am headed back early in the AM tomorrow for a fitness assessment.

Goals for this week: Work out at the gym 5 days, eat clean, get down at least 1.5lbs.

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Yay for everyone– and best wishes for speedy recoveries to the “under the weather” crowd!

I had to look closely at my scale this weekend– at first, I thought it was smack dab between the 140 and the 145… dang!  I had gained… but then I looked more closely, and no– it was to the left of the 140!!  For the first time in like, forever!!  Smile  I thought it could be dehydration or something, but no, it was the still around 137-138 the next day too.  I will do my “official” weigh-in on the digital scale at the gym after my workout.  But so excited!  I think the 30-day Shred and increasing my cardio is totally working!!  (I baked a pie last week– banana coconut cream– so totally thought my diet was going out the window!). 

I like Emshaw’s “goals for the week”… mine are to hit the gym/workout video 5 days this week, eat fish twice, only have wine 3 times with dinner, no a.m. pastries, and not bake any more pies!!

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Busy bee
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Hey ladies!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

I was worried my healthy eating was goin out the window this weekend – Olympics on Friday night and a night away at a hotel (and a buffet dinner!!) the next night. Thankfully, I’ve finally got the work out pattern down and I worked out 3 times this week with a whole lot of walking. 

Start: 156.6

Last week: 149.4

This week: 148.6

Loss of 0.8lbs. I’ll take it!

Back on the healthy eating bandwagon this week, and I’m going to try for 4 days of workouts plus lots of walking. πŸ™‚

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Ugh, I have been sick too and pretty much didn’t eat aything for a few days so I think I messed up my metabolism because I gained 2 lbs!! So, then of course that depressed me and i didn’t go to the gym yesterday. But, I still ate well yesterday and dragged my butt out of bed and went to they gym this morning so hopefully I am back on track now an will lose this week!

Starting- 340

Last week- 320

This week- 322 πŸ™

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Honey bee
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Hey Ladies!

@Rosie – What a coincidence, we’re closing on our house on Friday too!! I have been having a hard time getting to the gym with all the appointments and packing and everything.

I’m jumping back in though, I weighed myself this morning on my new scale. Starting fresh.

Start: 177.0 lbs.

My goal is to lose 10 lbs by Easter. That gives me 5.5 weeks, I think it’s do-able!

Keep up the good work ladies! Hopefully next week I’ll have good news to report πŸ™‚

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Bumble bee
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great job  ladies!! I haven’t been the greatest the past couple weeks….too busy to do anything it seems.  (busy weekends and busy wedding planning evenings)

On the plus side I haven’t gained any, but haven’t lost in 2 weeks :(…I know it’s because I haven’t been a gym hero lately and am really planning to get back in there this week.  I also want to eat clean as Emshaw said and to push to drop at least 1lb by the end of the week.  It’s been a hectic  month, but I really shouldn’t be making any more excuses!!


start: 204

last week:190

this week:190


I do want to push myself because I have a check-up with my Dr next month to evaluate my weight loss (back in Oct. we planned this to help motivate me)  I am hoping to drop a few more lbs by the appointment so I can really feel like a change has been made.  My main goal was to drop 15-20lbs because that was how much I had gained since my check up the prior year. (hence her concern)…this would mean me dropping between 5-10lbs over the next months which should be doable. 

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Congrats to everyone who had losses!! And be well for everyone who has been feeling sick. I’ve been hearing about some nasty things going around.Good luck on your new house, Rosie Girl! Hope it all goes smoothly. Thanks for picking it up, MissAsB!

Start: 151.6

Last week: 149.0

This week: 148.0

Change: -1

I am VERY happy with this!! I also lost half and inch on my hips, and my right thigh started to catch up with my left and I lost half an inch on the right leg! My waist is up a bit, but I’m PMS’y, so I’ll chalk that up to bloat.

I’ve been weighing myself every day I’m at home and I was a little lower a couple of days ago. But, I had another weekend of celebrating and going out to eat, so I’ll take these positive changes!! I was also sleeping horribly for 4-5 nights while waiting for the results of my internship match. This was a huge stress four years in the making, and a big giant step closer to finishing school. I think my energy will be much more focused on positive changes now, and less on worrying about what-ifs.



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I am FINALLY back! I actually threw my back out last Friday, and couldn’t work out since then. Yesterday I started my training for a 10 K run I am doing in may – 45 min of training. 5 min warmup, 3 min run, 2 min walk, done 7 times, with a 5 min cooldown. This training will take place 3 days per week. I am also doing P90X training on my “off” days from running, but I am just doing the weight DVDs, as running is my cardio now. So tonight is Ab Ripper X and Chest and Back. So glad to be back!

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Hello Ladies!

Sorry I’m posting so late this week, but, like some of the rest of you, LIFE has gotten in the way!  Congrats to all who have lost; healing wishes to all who’re sick; & hugs of encouragement to those who’ve plateaued or gained. But I must say, on our ups & downs, I’m glad I’m traveling and charting this weight loss road with all of you.

Start: 142

Last week: 136

This week: 135

Loss/Total Loss: 1/7(!!!)

Yay! for another pound down! I’m REALLY liking the workout regimen from New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLFW)!  Beyond the pounds, I’m totally seeing more defined arms, slenderer neck & jawline, & more comfortable fit in my hips.  In fact, retried on my Friday/Catholic ceremony dress & it fits a little loosely in the hips! Yay! It’s the little victories, I tell ya!

Piggy-backing off of @Emshaw & @futurebean, here are my goals for the week:

  • Weights workouts Mon, Wed, & Sat (Workouts A&B, Stage 1 in NROLFW)
  • PT circuit on Thurs
  • Spin class on Sun

So, 5 days this week + restricting carbs to one serving a day (Lenten promise) with Sunday as my “cheat” day.  Wishing you all the best of luck this week!

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