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Helper bee
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Since I had a fab birthday weekend, I’ve decided to not step on the scale this week as I know I’ve gained. The birthday celebrations won’t be over until mid-week.

Goals for the week –

  1. at least 64 ounces of water a day (I’m almost to that mark already today – SCARY)
  2. workout 5 days this week
  3. attempt to eat healthy every day with a realization that it might not happen at EVERY meal. Smile

Have any of you ladies taken belly dancing? Shut the front door – I had the best time! I went to a belly dancing workshop on my birthday which included 2 workshops (the basics and how to be a diva) and a very healthy lunch. I loved it! There were women of all sizes (a lot bigger than the 221 pounds of myself) who were just so confident in themselves. It was truly amazing!

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Buzzing bee

Start weight: 157.2

Last week: 149.2

Today: 147.4

Loss: 1.8/ 9.8 lbs!

Wow. I am completely shocked. I didn’t work out once and did not follow my diet.  No idea how I lost, but I’m not complaining!

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Busy bee
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@Boston Bee: LOL…funny how the body works, huh? I know my body fluctuates like that for no reason…like I’ll have worked out 4 times & stayed on plan, but see no change, then next week, having only worked out 2 times in 10 days, I’ll see a 2 pound loss!

@completelyrandomsally: so jealous!  you were so GOOD on your birthday!  Haven’t tried belly dancing because I’m so intimidated by the control those goddesses have with their core…I can’t even get my upper body to stay still while my lower moves!

About my stats:

Last Week: 135.5

This Week: (taken Sat) 135.5

Loss/Total Loss: 0/-6.5

Okay, so no weight loss for the second week in a row…but Aunt Flo is in town, so I figure I’m retaining something.  However, as a motivator/sharing of joyous news, I’d like to share some different stats:

two weeks ago Measurements:

Bust: 31/35; Waist: 28.75; Low Waist: 33.5; Hips: 40.75; Thigh (L&R): 22.75

This Week’s Measurements:

Bust: 30.5/35 (-.5); Waist: 28 (-.75); Low Waist: 33 (-.5); Hips: 40 (-.75), Thigh (L&R): 22 (-1.5 combined)

Loss: -4 inches!!! (“WOO!” with me, girls!) WOOO! 

oh YEAH!!!  Ladies, I’m down almost TWO sizes! Despite not losing any weight in the last two weeks, I’m QUITE happy with this kind of loss!  I’ll be back after my dance for joy…

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Busy bee
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Groan…after a great week last week, I regained .6 pounds. I got all caught up in doing things for other people, work, wedding, etc. and stopped prioritizing time to grocery shop and plan & cook healthy meals. I had two days where I just ate whatever I wanted and was aghast to see how many WW pts it was! But after those two days, I got back on track, got some fresh food in the house, and planned out my week to have healthy meals and plenty of time to exercise. Still wish I hadn’t gained, but I’m trying to move past it and be positive about this week.

start: 167.6 lbs

last week: 142 lbs

this week: 142.6

loss/total loss: +.6/-25

Good job to the rest of you for making progress and sticking to your plans!

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Busy bee
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@Vonnegurl: Don’t sweat the small stuff…look at the big picture. You’ve lost a total of 25 pounds!!!  That’s amazing! Take it a little at time, meeting this week’s goals…the weight loss will resume, soon.

Speaking of goals…my goals for the this week:

  1. Workout/go to gym 5 times this week: today (alone), Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat (T/W/F w/ BM)
  2. Drink 64 oz of water a day
  3. Stick to meal plan with my 4 cheats in the week (tonight will be one – Welcome Party tasting)
  4. Check in every day…I’m on break, so checking in will help me stay on task & not just veg on the couch, as is my perenial wont

Super psyched to get started!

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Busy bee
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Start weight: 152 (since January)

Last week: 151

Today: 151

Loss: None

No change for me, but I took the advice of MissAsB and am counting calories to make sure I am eating enough.  I am also trying to drink more water than before (thanks to ms pascua’s advice).  Still working out nearly every day.  We took Saturday off, but with the amount of walking we did running errands I was sore anyway!


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Busy bee
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Last week’s goals were 2 cardio and 2 resistance workouts. I did the 2 resistance, but only 1 cardio. I also drank a little more alcohol than I’d budgeted but avoided gooey double-chocolate cake at office party and was mostly disciplined in the diet department.

Disappointingly, I didn’t gain or lose an ounce last week. My weight held absolutely steady. I know I have to do more cardio if I want to watch the scale go down. On the upside, my body fat dropped by 1% according to my (only semi-reliable) bathroom scale and I’m feeling a bit stronger and lifting a bit heavier in Body Pump classes. (I upped almost all my weights on Saturday and could still walk the next day, so that’s progress.)

It was also a good week in that I may have finally turned the corner from winter vegetation to spring exercise. That’s a big pschological step, so maybe results will follow. My goals (3-5 lbs. weight loss in 4 months) are VERY realistic, so I should be able to get there as long I don’t self-sabotage.

Best of luck to all workout buddies! Sounds like more good attitudes and great progress. Congratulations! Keep it up!!

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Busy bee
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@rachel_leigh: Great job with the food & workout consistency.  Remember, any time we get off our butts & move can be an exercise! You’re totally working your gluets, quads, & hams when you’re doing a bunch of walking.

@jadeblue: I’m going to ditto @MissAsB about the muscle gain.  Come to think of it, that could be a possibility as to why I’ve plateaued…and I’m inclined to believe it since I lost 4 inches in the past two weeks w/out any significant loss on the scale.  Have you had your measurements taken earlier? Maybe take them again to see a body mass change…you may weigh the same, but how you carry it could be totally different thanks to your weight lifting.

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Worker bee

Here are the stats:

Starting weight: 161

Last week: 156

Today: 155

Lost/Total loss: -1lb/6lbs


So I did pretty well with eating my snacks this week and keeping on track. I have stopped writing down what I eat which I need to get back into the habit of. I got out of it because on the nights when my hubby makes dinner he just throws everything together with out measuring/ counting calories so I need to fix this some how.

I worked out 3 times last week which is horrible. I need to work out tonight but am lacking the inspiration to do it :-/

Good job to all of you ladies though who lost or maintained!

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Bumble bee
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First I will post my weight then I will explain.

Start: 168

Last Week: 150

This week: 150.8

Loss/Gain: +0.8

I went cupcake tasting for the wedding. I actually ate a lot of sugary stuff, blah.  So to only have gained .8 is not bad.  I thought I was going to be worse off.

Like Ms. Pascua, I am losing inches on my thighs and midsection.  My jeans that I’m wearing right now fit a little loose and just three weeks ago, they were so tight.  

Also, the compliments have started!  I don’t think people really noticed my weight loss when I had lost 10 or 15 pounds but now with 20 pounds people are noticing.

It’s nice to be complimented on your hard work.

Feeling thin and good really IS  so much better than having the extra carbs or something unhealthy.


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Busy bee
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Hey ladies!

I’m still sick (suffered through my day at work, wishing I could be home in bed!) and I wasn’t expecting great things this week. 

Start: 156.6

Last week: 145.4

This week: 144.8

Loss of: 0.6lbs (Total loss of 11.8lbs)

I’m amazed to have lost this week. I don’t have really high hopes for this week since I’m sick and cutting back on the workouts so I can get more rest. I’m trying hard to stick with the healthy eating to make up for the lack of exercise. 

Way to go ladies on all your hard work!

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Busy bee
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@ms. pascua & MissAsB – Thank you very much for the encouragement.MissAsB, I hope your workout tonight was nice. And ms.pascua, I think you’re right on about setting some goals, so here they are:

1) Workout at least 5 times + walk 20 mi

2) End the week with 10 flex points to spare

3) Journal progress and plan for next day every night

4) Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day

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