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Honey bee
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Good morning! I did well with the workouts this week, I did 2 circuit workouts (biggest loser Wii), and I ran 25 mins/walk 10 mins +an ab workout for a grand total of 3 workouts this week! That’s pretty good since last week I did 1. Lol.

I didn’t really lose any weight though. I’m trying not to be too concerned about it since I don’t have a ton to lose, I know it will probably come off slower. I’m just hoping to ramp up the workouts and keep eating healthy this week πŸ™‚

Start (back in… February): 177.0 lbs

Goals: Short-term: 165 lbs (before June 20th when my dress comes in), Long-term: 155 lbs.

Last week: 172.0 lbs

This week: 171.8 lbs

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Honey bee
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Yeah, I am on the high-end of normal at a BMI of 23.8. It’s probably going to be a slow process because I am not willing to crash diet! πŸ™‚ 0.2/week is too slow though, I’m hoping for 0.5/week, so I will have to cut a bit of food out and add some more exercise in!

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Honey bee
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Exactly! I want to get down slowly and then be able to maintain fairly easily πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
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Good morning! I hope you had a good weekend. I did really well – eating wise. I didn’t eat any cake or have any empty calorie beverages at the two graduation parties I attended. I call that SUCCESS! I did not work out at all this weekend, but I’m not going to be too hard on myself. It just didn’t happen. Tonight will be busy, but I plan on working out this evening.

Starting Weight (1.09) = 262.2
Engagement Pics (8.09) = 215
Wedding Day (11.7.09) = 220.6
Last time I told you my weight (4.26.10) = 219.4
Today (5.17.09) = 219.8

Lost = +.4
(In reality, I’m actually down 5.2 pounds because I gained that at the beginning of May when I stopped telling you my weight)

Total Lost = 42.4 pounds
Final Goal to lose a total of 102.2 pounds.

I need a reality check. Do you think it’s realistic to think I could be under 200 by the end of July/beginning of August? I’ve been dreaming of that day and what I plan to do to celebrate? That’s my first huge goal!

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Honey bee
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Well, it’s 11 weeks til the first of August. If you lose 2 lbs a week that puts you under 200 by then, and I think 2 lbs is totally doable and healthy πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee

Hi Ladies!

This week was pretty good workout wise. I did 3 Wii Active workouts on hard, 3 C25K runs (finished week 4 and started week 5) and hiked Runyon Canyon for 1.5 hours (a huge canyon in the Hollywood Hills).

Eating wise I wasn’t too bad, but starting Friday I went downhill. At work we took the kids to the park for games and I ate a poptart and some oreos. Saturday after hiking all morning the boy and I had In n Out for a late lunch (plain hamburger and fries only) and Saturday I ate half a personal frozen thin crust pizza for lunch :/ It wasn’t horrible but I felt so icky after I ate it. Anyways, on to measurements!

Starting Weight (4/26): 105

Today’s Weight: 104

Weight Lost: 1 pound

Inches Lost: This week: 0.6; Total: 4.1

Percent Body Fat: Starting: 19%; Today: 18%

I wish the weight were coming off faster, but I’m already small so I know it is going to be difficult. The good thing is I feel better and my runs/workouts are getting easier!

I signed up for a half marathon in September, and after I finish C25K I jump right into a 12 week training program for it!

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Blushing bee
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Hi everyone! Last week was tough on me for working out, I only did so twice (yikes!), on Monday and Thursday. But I started the week out right: Went to the gym yesterday, Sunday, and it felt like me and my Fiance had the whole place to ourselves! We did almost a solid hour of cardio and it was much more fun with him around! Wish we can do that more but he is working so much this month that I barely get to see him at all. πŸ™

Confession time: I think I am just about to punk out of C25k. I really loved the first 3 weeks but I started W4D1 and just couldn’t handle it for some reason. I managed to do the first 3 and 5 minute runs but not the second sets. I don’t think I’m a runner at all. My mind cannot focus AT ALL on just running on a treadmill. I might try it out again when it’s cooler out and I can run outside (it’s already in the 80s here in TX) but in the meantime I’m going to get my cardio fix some other way.

I finally bought 30 day shred, and also bough Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones so I’m going to try those out this week.

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Buzzing bee

I didn’t have the best week, but it was pretty good.  I only ran twice.  I wanted to do 2 strength training days, but I started working fulltime last week, so I was exhausted by the time I got home since I wasn’t accustomed to waking up so early.  I have the same exercise goal for this week: run twice and weight train twice.

I did great with my eating plan during the week, but my Boyfriend or Best Friend came to visit me this weekend, and we had a bottle of wine and ordered a pizza and some wings one night.  I didn’t cheat at all during the week, so I don’t feel too too bad about the cheat night.

Start: 157.7

Last week: 149

Today: 148

Loss/Total Loss: 1/9.7

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Buzzing bee

@kwago: When I did the c25k, I definitely spent 2 weeks on week 4 because I couldn’t make it through the last 5 minutes.  The first day, I broke up the 5 minutes with 1 minute of walking, and I gradually cut out the walking.  It was tough, but eventually I could do it.  I am most definitely not a runner by any stretch of the imagination either! Now I run a few times a week.  I would try to stick with it a little longer.

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Busy bee
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Hey Ladies!

Mondays are always tough (especially when they are unseasonably cold & gray, as it is today in LA)…but the key is to find the one thing to concentrate on to get you through the tough spots.  Something managable, quantifiable, & that gets me good bang for my buck (or effort in this case).

@ottawabride: I think that getting down to 200 is doable…it will simply take a LOT of effort & dedication.  Like cutting out all the empty calories (&, in this case, it could mean ANYTHING that has unnecessary sugar, like white bread, white rice, or white pasta, as well as refined sugar), eating only high vitamin, high fiber, or high protein foods (and thing that doesn’t have these things may need to be eliminated), & dedication to a workout plan that allows you days of rest & good sweat.  But totally doable!  Keep posting your progress, we’re all behind you & here for you!

@babyboo: totally hear you about the slower progress.  As I get closer & closer to my goal, it’s getting harder & harder to keep progress up.  I find that EATING is more the catalyst to progress now…what I eat totally determines how well I do.  Case in point: I dropped down to one carb serving a day &, despite only being able to go the gym twice in two weeks, I had not gained much in those two weeks (2 pounds)…once I went back to the gym (& maintained the food plan), I immediately lost the regained weight! Yay!

@kwago: I support your decision to find a workout that you enjoy & get results from…in fact, studies show that changing it up increases your results.  Find what you love! If you’re at all interested, I read “New Rules of Lifting for Women” & I am in love with the workout plan!  It’s good for up to 6 months worth of activities & totally changes it up every couple of weeks for variety.  Let us know how the new workouts go!

Back to those quantifiable goals.  For me, it’s going to be hydration for this week: EVERY DAY I’m going to drink 64 oz. of water.  On my 4th trip to the gym last week, I got a major headache right in the middle of the workout & had to ease up in order to not quit right then.  Talked to one of the on-the-floor trainers & she said it was most likely due to lack of hydration.  She directed me to an article & it also stated that drinking 8 glasses of water greatly decreased hunger pangs (coupled with healthy snacking) & made you feel fuller.  It also improves skin elasticity & complexion (very key to address in the last month or two before your wedding or other big event), as well as keeping weight down.  So, since I’m only going to make it to the gym today & tomorrow – mom comes in on Wed for my first fitting, bridal shower, & her Disneyland excursion – Thurs, Sat, & Sun respectively & I chaperone prom Fri, so no time for gym πŸ™ – I need another goal to keep me in check.  Definitely going to stick to the food plan, too: one carb serving a day & LOTS of fruits, veg, & lean protein! Now, the numbers:

Starting (Jan): 142

Last Week: 134

This Week: 132

Goal: 128ish (less would be GREAT!) by wedding (June 25)

Loss/Total Loss: -2/-10

Yay!  Finally hit the 10 pound loss mark!  I’m a HUGE advocate for sticking to the food plan, ladies!  I think doing so is absolutely the reason why I gained so little in the two weeks I couldn’t make it to the gym & why I lost it, plus another 1/2 pound this past week!  Heading to the gym tonight & tomorrow only, so going to be UBER good up until my shower/bach-party on Saturday.  Then, NEXT week, hitting the gym 5 times!

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