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According to this website breast lumps that are indicative of cancer are NOT painful so hopefully the tenderness is a good sign.  Please please please go get it checked anyway ASAP. It may well be nothing but could be something that needs to be treated.  The website linked above also gives examples of other things a breast lump could be and the symptoms if you want to check it out.  Good luck!  Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

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I understand this is scary, but the longer you put if off the scarier it will be.  It could be nothing, it could be something.  Just get it checked out.  If it makes you feel any better I’ve had a bump on my boob since I was 19.  Thankfully, it isn’t malignant. I am so glad I just bit the bullet and had it checked out asap.  If it is something, the faster you find out the better – if it’s nothing, the faster you get it checked out the faster you can feel relieved.  Please just make the appointment.  Sending hugs your way. 

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I had something like this as a teenager–turned out to be an abcess with infection.  I had to take antibiotics for like a week or two but it was fine.  Is the area also warmer than the surrounding tissue?  That is indicative of an infection.  Also, does it change depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle? That’s the kind of thing your doctor will want to know.  The thing is, most breast lumps are NOT cancer–but your worrying can’t go away til you get checked out, and just because it’s not cancer doesn’t mean it isn’t something else (and, like in my case, it can probably be treated and then you can relax!)

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I have a lump of a very similar size and mine is nothing. THAT BEING SAID, go get it checked out. It wasn’t hard, they just used an ultrasound and it was fine ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’ve had a lump in my breast for abou three years now. It’s a bit smaller, and I can move it a little. I’m not self-diagnosing, but I don’t believe I have cancer. I think it’s this: http://breastcancer.about.com/od/mammograms/p/fibroadenomas.htm

The only time it gets sore is when I’m about to start. If it really bothers you though, go get it checked out!

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Definitely get it checked out because any lump can become cancerous but any pain/tenderness is a good sign that it’s not breast cancer. Also, the fact that there is a red spot on the outside of the breast is a good sign. Cancerous nodes tend to be hard and feel like pebbles in the beginning stages but there is no pain/tenderness usually. 

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Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you! Please keep us updated!!

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I have had the same thing happen to me! I was panicked of course and too scared to go to the doctor. I had my OBGYN check it out during my annual appt, and the first thing she asked me was how much caffeine I consume! 

Needless to say I was a heavy coffee drinker at the time. She explained that some things in your diet, especially caffeine can alter your tissue. I cut out caffeine completely for a month and it was gone. Every now and then it will come back, but it goes away.

Like a PP said earlier, most of the time cancer doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t change it size. It just appears and gets larger. I hope your appointment goes well. I know it is scary, but you will fee so much better afterwards!


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@Carolinejane:  I just went through exactly what you are experiencing, so I know how you feel. It is terrifying, but the worst thing to do about it is nothing.

You should schedule an appointment with your gyno asap. I found a lump in my right breast one night a few months ago, and the next morning called my doctor and they got me right in. I am only 22. 

At your appointment, your doctor will do a breast exam and probably refer you to get a sonogram of your breast. This is normal. My doctor thought I might have a cyst or a fibroadenoma, which feels like it moves around in your breast when you touch it (some people have nick-named them “breast mice” because they are always hiding from your fingers), is smooth, somewhat hard, and can be painful. Mind was very tender when touched. These masses CANNOT turn cancerous, as pp’s have said. They never turn into cancer, but they are a huge pain in the ass as they can be painful and cause you to worry.

When you get a sonogram, they look to see if the edges of your mass are smooth, or if they look rough or jagged. Smoothness is a good thing, as cancerous masses are generally the ones that look rough, jagged, or assymetric. My mass looked like a small, smooth, round oval, about 1 cm in size when sonogrammed, so the doctor sat me down and gave me advice.

He told me that at my age, the chances of this mass being cancer (especially as evidenced by the sonogram images) were extremely slim. He told me I most likely had a fibroadenoma, and that there was only one other type of tumor that it had a tiny chance of being, which is a phyllodes tumor. Fibroadenomas are benign tumors (not cancerous), and most of the time phyllodes are benign, though they have I believe a 10% chance of being cancerous. He told me that if I was his daughter, he wouldn’t recommend a surgical biopsy, and that I should just come back every six months for a sonogram to make sure nothing looked suspicious.

This advice was not good enough for my worrying mind. Yes, the chances of having breast cancer in your 20s is very slim, but in the rare cases of women who do have it this young, it is more deadly. Your chances of surviving breast cancer at a young age are much lower than your chances when you get it in your 40s or 50s.

Because sonograms are not the most accurate way to diagnose breast cancer, my gyno wanted me to have a core needle biopsy, where they stick a needle into your breast and take core samples to be looked at in a laboratory. This sounded alright to me, and more definite than guessing from a picture.

THE ONLY WAY to be sure a lump is not cancerous is to take everything out surgically. This is what the surgeon I was referred to told me, and ultimately I decided that a complete surgical biopsy (not a needle biopsy) was the only way I would be able to live in peace. I had my surgery a little over a month ago. It was not bad, and not disfiguring in any way (breast tissue grows in where the lump was previously). They made the incision around the edge of my nipple to minimize visible scarring, and the doctor completely excised my lump.

The conclusion? Fibroadenoma. I was so relieved I wanted to cry.

Will some say surgery is extreme? Yes. But after reading so many stories about women who listened to the sonogram doctor and did nothing, and then found out they had cancer when it was in later stages, I didn’t want to take any chances. I am so completely happy with how everything turned out. Yes, it was somewhat painful, and yes, the timing was awful for me, but I acted fast on the situation, and that could have saved my life had it been cancer. The scar tissue from a surgical biopsy can make it harder to see other lumps on a sonogram or mammogram if they grow behind it later on, but that was a chance I decided I was willing to take. Everyone is different, and a surgery may end up being too invasive for some. To me, it sounded better than constantly worrying.

Sorry to write so much, but I really hope my experience can help you take the right steps in figuring out what is wrong. People will be very supportive and helpful if you tell them what is wrong–they were for me even when I didn’t really expect them to.

Don’t be scared, and get things checked out sooner than later, you will be fine!

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@Carolinejane:  I am glad I could help! From what you’ve described, it sounds like you have a fibroadenoma. The tea and coffee could affect it, but these kinds of tumors are actually there most times because of the levels of estrogen in your body (they are are one of the most common types of tumors for women in their teens through 30s!). Since your 20s are, biologically, time for babymaking, your levels will be higher which causes it to grow. Some women even say that their fibroadenomas get larger and more painful around their periods, which makes complete sense. I also have this theory that birth control has something to do with why I had one. There are no studies that back this up, but I have been on bc for five years, and the surgeon told me that could have been a factor.

Try not to worry too much, get your doctors visit in when you can, and I think that the scrapbook and baking are absolutely perfect ideas! Hope things get better soon!

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