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You could also look into laser treatments! Worked for me 4 years ago, been very happy with my results. 🙂

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Everyone is proposing a differet solution.  I’m not going to tell you what I use, because I think it’s kind of pointless.  Each person is different- I’ve tried some of the stuff listed, and it didn’t work at all on me.

He’s gone to see a dermatologist, and it didn’t work.  He probably doesn’t want to go back because it’s so expensive, even for generics.  It’s especially painful when it doesn’t work.

I know this, because I’ve been there.

Here’s what I’m going to suggest.

Set up another dermatologist appointment- but only if you can afford it.  No point in paying for the visit and not being able to pay for the medication.

Try to get him to use some kind of face wash.  It sounds like he has sensitive skin, so he might need something very mild.

Accept the fact that this may not work.  And the next one may not work.  And the next.

Accutane, despite it being a “miracle drug” for acne, may not work.

Accept the fact that no matter what you do, he may not ba able to have clear skin by your wedding day.

If it’s still bad around your wedding, suggest airbrush makeup, and/or pay for touch-ups.  I highly suggest paying for touch-ups- these pictures are forever.

And, last but not least…  Accept that he’s going to be hurt by any of these suggestions.  It’s very painful to have acne, both physically and mentally.  You always feel like you’re being judged.  Even a small comment… “Oh, hon, you have a little red spot there. just so you know.”  “I was wondering if you would like to see a dermatologist?”  “So I asked our photographer about doing touch-ups…”  It all hurts, no matter the intention.  Just a friendly warning.

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Honestly the flash on the camera usually hides a lot of acne problems. I know I have taken photos many times where I had a face of acne that day and in the photos you can’t even see it cause the flash wiped it out (this is using an external flash on a dslr).  Also the photographer will most likely additionally do skin smoothing and things to every photo so I wouldn’t worry about it so much

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@jbbs1222:  Has he tried ProActiv? I know it’s expensive, but omg it helps me so much. I can’t use anything with salicylic acid, it makes me break out even more. I have to use peroxide based acne medication. I’m in my 30’s. My daughter also has only had luck with ProActiv and she’s 13.

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I’d pick your favourite ten or so images and have them retouched to high heavens hah


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Photoshop is easy, and you can get Photoshop CS2 for free from Adobe (I think you need an account now) and you can easily photoshop away his acne or have your photographer do it.

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I also agree with Accutane, but I also wanted to add that your Fiance and mine could be the same guy. Fiance had really bad acne back in high school, but went on Accutane after graduation. It really cleared up his skin. However, he has started breaking out again, so I wouldn’t count on it for long term, but for the wedding, it’d be great. It took years for him to break out again.

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Accutane for sure! Not a drug to take lightly, but it really does work wonders. 

Your photographer will also know tips and tricks to get rid of the scarring in pics. If you Fiance is okay with it, he could also wear a bit of makeup (just concealer really) to cover the scarring. 

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@jbbs1222:  I had some issues with acne. I went to a dermatologist and she tried Epiduo but it didn’t work. Clindamycin topical cream cleared it right up. I also use Cetaphil facial wash, which can be bought OTC.

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@BlondeMissMolly:  Retouching is a special set of skills that not all photographers have or automatically offer.  It’s important that the OP actually talk to the photographer to see what their options are regarding retouching.  It’s one thing to edita handful of photos for a blog post or an album, it’s another to have to edit hundreds.  And depending on how severe the skin conditions are, it gets increasingly difficult to make the retouched face look natural.

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I don’t think making him wash his face more will do anything. there are different types of acne, and hormonal acne will happen no matter how clean you are/how often you wash your face. I think suggesting facewash to him will probably hurt his feelings more than you know. it’s very hard dealing with acne (especially as an adult when everyone else is pretty much done with it).

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@Ravenne:  +1 for honey.

Oats are also worked really well for me.  Here’s a how to, http://homegrown-love.blogspot.com/2009/09/oats-your-skin.html#more


The only problem I had with honey or oats was the convenience factor.  I still do regular honey facials, but for my day to day I use burt bees.  Nothing has worked as well for me as burts bees, same for my younger brother.

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@jbbs1222:  Accutane.


I am on my last month of taking this pill (it is the most potent stuff on the market, as any dermatologist will agree) but it is so incredibly effective I can’t speak highly enough about it.

I used to have a face full of acne, & now I literally do not have one pimple on my face & haven’t since about the 4th month of my 7 month accutane course.

Most derms will not prescibe it unless a person has bad enough acne, & has tried a range of other acne products like topical gels, antibiotics, & over the counter products. But, coming from a person who did ALL of those things & nothing worked, the idea of accutane is ABSOLUTELY worth mentioning to a dermatologist. Get him looking into it as soon as possible, as it is a long process!

(I just wanted to say, please try to broach the subject with him in the nicest way possible, as it is such a hurtful topic for the acne sufferer. Also, I know people are recommending all types of over the counter washed et cetera, but they don’t work for everybody so at a certain point your Fiance should really stop wasting money & time on that stuff & just go for the good, hard stuff)

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Use honey! I have seen amazing results from people using it. Even with hormonal and cystic acne! If he uses it regularly enough (You will have to research how much used/how long every time,etc) it will show great improvements. 

And I have tried it, too. I had a huge, painful pimple coming on due to my period, and right when I felt it coming on in the middle of the day, I put a little honey on a band-aid and stuck it on the spot. I changed the band-aid a few times over the next day and a half, and guess what? It never came to a head and the pain went away! It was literally the first time ever that my “period pimple” just went away so quickly. And I have been putting honey on problem areas, and my face is already so much clearer (Even with moderate/irregular use!) 

Honey can also prevent scarring. Besides hearing stories about that, I have experienced it, too! I don’t know what it is, but honey is just a miracle worker for SO many issues! I suggest that he take some honey internally, too. Assuming that he is not allergic to it! 

One very important note: Make sure it is RAW HONEY. ORGANIC is also good if you can get it. Anny honey that ois not raw honey will not work, because so many of the good things in it have been killed off in the pastuerization process. You can order raw honey online or find it at health food stores, or farmer markets. Honey is better than acne drugs because it is usually cheaper, more effective, and WAY healthier for you!

( Fun fact: Honey is the only food that NEVER goes bad!)

Please give raw natural honey a try first! I bet you that it will work like a charm, plus it is easier to obtain. 🙂 



Good luck!!!

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You could also get him to go to regular facials leading up to the wedding. That might help to calm things down and given that they are nice and relaxing he might go. You could even go together if fiances permit.

I would 100% go see another derm though. Given his age the advice would be different now to what it was when he first went. It’s worth a shot right?

Cetaphil is a very gentle face wash. 

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