Worried dog-mamma. My puppy has been throwing up!

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Bumble bee
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sbl99 :  take your puppy to a vet, it could be serious, it could be nothing but it’s worth it having a professional check him out.

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Bee Keeper

socialising him too early when he’s unvaccinated

Did your breeder not give him any shots? That sounds like how parvo starts. It’s a toss up if they recover or deteriorate quickly. 

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Blushing bee

Our golden retriever puppy had some tummy troubles within the first week or two that we brought her home too. We brought her to the vet and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and she quickly recovered and is a healthy (and crazy) two year old now. I personally have wondered if it wasn’t partially due to the stress of a new environment, being away from littermates and mom for the first time, etc. We gave our girl a couple of scoops of pumpkin purée and powdered doggy probiotics with every meal at the recommendation of our breeder and vet. You may want to still bring your pup in just to get the all clear. Try not to worry too much! I’m sure your pupper will be back to normal soon! Golden retrievers are the best! xo


ETA might want to have the vet run a stool sample to check for giardia – we live in a wet environment and I was told that it can stay living in the ground for quite a long time during the winter months when there’s not enough sunlight to kill the parasite. Worth ruling out!

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I would take him to the vet still only because he’s brand new and you don’t know him quite yet so you can’t really gauge whether or not his behaviours are the norm. With my 2 dogs, they’ve gone through periods where they’ve been sick but always because of something they ate vs any virus/illness. Pumpkin puree and lots of water always fixed the issue. If I were you, I’d prefer if the vet checks him, better safe than sorry after all!

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It’s never a bad idea to go to the vet, but don’t freak out over a bit of vomit! In all likelihood he’s just fine. Our corgi baby used to eat too fast and then puke or eat a bunch of grass and puke. He’s also had a few bouts of diarrhea. It’s always frightening but unless there is blood it’s usually not a big deal. 

Because he’s so young I’d take him in to the vet and get guidance from them for how to proceed. Normally the recommendation is to feed a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice but if chicken is what made him sick then maybe not. Pure pumpkin puree is also good for upset puppy tummies – only a tiny bit though! 

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When I got my puppies (about 9 months apart) the first thing the vet told me was that the first week or 2 the stools may be looser because of the new environment which can cause stress…so maybe the poor pup was stressed from 1) being in a new home without its siblings and 2) interacting with other full grown dogs which can cause some anxiety as well.  3) new foods will definitely cause looser stools.  I would give it at least 1 full week of you owning your pup to see if his stool hardens before going to the vet.  You can always call and ask for advice over the phone but I don’t think you need an intervention just yet.


Glad he’s done throwing up – but yes, dogs do eat grass when they want to induce vommitting as it helps with digestion.  He may of had too much chicken for his stomache to handle and he may have been feeling ill so he ate grass to help him pass it.

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Puppies can dehydrate very quickly, so it’s best to get him to the vet. They can also rule out diseases like giardia and parvo. FWIW, my vet advised me not to have my puppy around many other dogs until he was fully vaccinated, and to not visit places such as dog parks, pet stores, etc. as the parvo virus can only be killed with bleach. 

I have a Goldendoodle and he’s always had an extremely sensitive stomach. We were at the vet at least once a month the first 6 months I had him, due to excessive vomitting and diarrhea. He’s almost 3 now and we’ve mostly got it under control. He can’t have any food or treats that contain chicken, so we feed him lamb or salmon-based food. No greasy bones/pig ears/etc. Grain-free food wreaks havoc on his digestive system, vet said it’s too rich for him. I hope your pup feels better soon!

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This sounds exactly like giardia…both of my pups had it when they first came home. It’s common and can be hard to treat. Be sure to bring a very fresh stool sample when you go to the vet, it can sometimes be hard to find in a stool test, but I would bet this is what’s going on. 

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When my dog first came home as a puppy, we were told to not introduce any new food at all for several months. Even to use his kibble as treats. This is because puppies’ stomachs are very sensitive. I suspect it was the half cup of chicken that was suddenly introduced to his diet, BUT to be safe you should definitely call the vet, as your puppy is not fully vaccinated. The vet may also give you some probiotics to help him with the loose stools.

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