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I can sort of relate. I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac and once i get something in my head I can worry about it for months. And then it turns out to be nothing, every time. 

I don’t really know much about the actual diagnosing of MS, but I’m sure you don’t have it! But– just to maybe put your mind at ease a little bit until you accept for sure that you don’t have it, I can tell you my Father-In-Law has it and he lives a totally normal life. I know it varies from person to person, but he has had it for over 20 years and you wouldn’t know it to look at him. He takes a lot of pills, but he still walks around, goes on vacations and walks everywhere, eats normally, exercises, etc. 

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Sugar bee

It sounds like you rationally know that you had an overuse injury (minor), that lead to the pins and needles.

How old are you?  Have you ever had any other symptoms (balance, vision, neurologic symptoms)?

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Pins and needles can be a lot of things. I have autoimmune arthritis it got bored with my synovial linings of my joints and snacked on my periferal nerves in my hands. Needless to say I dont feel anything except pain in the left half of my left hand and limited in the right half of my right hand. The two hands are pretty much pins and needles non stop so I had to be put on a nerve pain drug. The point of this is that you could have a myriad of issues causing this from a pinched nerve to an injury to a virus, etc. If you are worried about it the best option is to go to the doctor.

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@anon00:  You sound like me. I doubt you have MS. I know what it’s like to worry about stuff like this, though.

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There are SO many things that can lead to tingling. I seriously doubt you have MS. Just the stress and anxiety of worrying about this is probably what’s causing your symptoms. I think you need to see a therapist, not a physician. I don’t mean that to be rude, I really think if you do have OCD (and maybe a touch of hypochondria) it might do you a world of good. 

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@anon00:  Ok so I just googled it and now I’M worried I have it. I have a bunch of the symptoms. Logically, neither of us have it. Symptoms are similar for like every disease. Symptoms don’t always mean something is wrong as well.

I feel ya. Being a hypochondriac sucks 🙁

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I know three people that are very close to me that have it.  They all have said it wasn’t like they woke up one day and thought something was wrong.  Something’s been wrong since they were teenagers, they just ignored it.  

If you’re that worried you should go to the dr. 

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go to dr get a whole physical and just be aware it could be just over used the muscle and nothing serious that is picked up on tests. i go numb in my arms and legs and fall down (hubby caught me last time i just fell over. i have lots of vertabre damage (car accident) and thats the source of my pain.

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@anon00:  I once had a scare where I thought I might have it too. Either that or that I was having a stroke! My fingers would get tingly and numb sometimes, but then there was an instance where I literally couldn’t talk. It was all gibberish and I couldn’t put a sentence together. My fingers were so numb that I lost all dexterity and I started having a panic attack. I would have sworn it was a stroke. Went to the ER and it wasn’t – they couldn’t find anything wrong, but the attending doctor said it could be MS. I went through all of the tests and everything came back negative.




It turns out that I suffer from hemiplegic migraines. I never would have considered it being a migraine because my head didn’t hurt at al but. these types are known to mimic stroke symptoms and cause tingling. Its something that only happens MAYBE once a year to me, but its super scary. Its easy to overreact and go to the worst scenario when self diagnosing. If you’re really worried I would go to a doctor and get checked out, at least for your own peace of mind.



ETA: Please don’t worry about if your SO would leave you. Its unnecessary stress on yourself. I was in an accident and am now permanently in a wheelchair. I had nerve damage in my left leg, so I can still stand on my “good leg” and do pretty much everything that I could do before – I just sit down for most of my life. When this happened I was young, but I was with Fiance at the time (high school sweethearts) and I was so scared he was going to leave me. Turns out I was stressing over nothing. We are still together and happy as ever!! Even IF you do have MS, it is not the end of the world. Its treatable, people live full lives with it and I think it would be very unlikely that SO would leave you.

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I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I am sure that you do not have MS! My mother has it and like a PP said, it is not like she just woke up one day with a tingling arm! There were years of symptoms (numbness, pain, loss of eyesight, etc) that went undiagnosed. Of course, I am always an advocate of going to the dr if you are not feeling well (better safe than sorry!), but don’t try to self-diagnose yourself by googling symptoms. It will just drive ya crazy! I do hope you feel better soon.


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Ok well, I do have it!  (yaaay) and I can tell you that even though I have a diagnosis, I still get random nervy things once in awhile that are nothing to do with the MS.  Like you said – you slept wrong.  Sometimes my eye starts twitching.  But everybody gets these things. 


Deep breaths 😉


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