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Helper bee

Its not fake its a real moissianite. Thats the stone you wanted. Thats the stone you got. I wouldnt try to pass it off as a diamond though. Im not saying to correct anyone who assumes it is, but if asked directly I would proudly say “Its a moissanite”. Who cares what other people think? Youre the one who has to wear it. I personally would not WANT a diamond and actually prefer a nice moissy. 

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Sugar bee
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If you are insecure that people won’t think it’s a diamond, maybe you need to rethink mossy. Choosing it for that reason is so silly. Yes, it was invented as a diamond sim. Yes, some people love it for it’s own attributes. Getting it because you assume people will think its a real diamond is definitely turning it into a simulant. Whether youre ok with that or not is a different question.

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Helper bee
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It’s your ring and your finger.  The only opinion that should matter is your own and your BF’s.  I just got a 2 carat diamond and my finger size is a 5.75-6 and the 2 carat does NOT look distastefully huge in any way.  And no one will ask you if it’s fake, moissy or diamond.  All they are going to see and think is sparkle!  And if they do ask- well, they are rude as hell then.

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Busy bee
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raeann1984 :  90% of poeple won’t notice or care… the only people who are going to “talk” will be friends/coworkers and family depending on your finances. If you could afford a 1.5-2 ct diamond then there won’t be any talk, if you maybe could with a loan then poeple may assume it is and make comments about “wasting money” or that “money could have gone other places” if your far from being able to afford a $10,000+ ring then yes people may just assume its not a diamond and never say anything. 

But don’t worry about it. You got what you wanted. Some catty coworker may say something about it but who cares. 

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Bumble bee
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i’m not trying to be mean, but a 2ct stone won’t look that big on a size 9 finger. I have a 1.5c on a size 6.5 finger which I feel like is similar finger coverage and no one has ever questioned mine. I seriously doubt anyone will ever bat an eye. My SIL’s 2ct on her size 8 finger doesn’t look huge by any stretch of the means.

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Helper bee
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7.5mm 1.5 ct on a size 9 with 0.5 carat sides. No one has asked me if it’s real. And the answer would be yes. It’s a real ring!  I’m always willing to talk about moissanite though and why I chose it. I own diamonds and Moissy. Either way – Don’t let people ruin what you love!

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Bee Keeper
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Don’t stress.  Anyone who asks “is that real” is totally classless.  It probably won’t happen.

Most people won’t ask to look at your ring.  Those who do will say “it’s so lovely” and you will say “thank you, I love it.”  And once you are married most people will forget about your ring all together!

For the few people who do engage in a real conversation, you can tell them all about moissanite and how much you love it.  

I also have a moissanite ring and that’s how I approach it.  I’m not going to get into a long conversation with everyone who makes a polite comment, but I do share the info about moissy to people who I think would be interested in that level of detail.  I’m proud of my choice to get a moissanite, but I don’t feel like I need to talk about it all the time.

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Bumble bee
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Have to agree with PP.  A 2 carat rock actually doesn’t look so big that people will stop and stare and wonder about it.  I have a 2 carat center stone with a halo and a 4.75 finger.   I have never been asked if my rock was real.   Who even asks that?  And if they ask me that, I would ask “are you for real?”

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Buzzing bee

I wear a 1ct center pink moissy with a .3ct halo/side stones on a size 10 finger. I have been asked thrice if it was real. That’s a lot considering I’ve probably had 5 or 6 people in total comment on my ring in person…it’s not as common as the board makes it out to me), although the color may have a lot to do with that since pink diamonds are so rare. 


It won’t look small. Big enough for people to question? That depends. None of my friends / collegues and California have asked if it’s really, only family and acquaintances that live down south, where the cost of living is really low and so are wages (My grandparent’s and parent’s mortgages were in the $200-350 range for 3 bedroom / two bathroom houses). 

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Busy bee

raeann1984 :  I have 2 carats on 7.75. I had the same worries. Not a single person has asked what the centre stone is. Everyone just says “Wow!!! Someone loves you, that is gorgeous!!!” mine also has a halo making it look, probably closer to 2.5 ct. Don’t worry about it, I have gotten zero snide remarks or questions of stone type.

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Blushing bee
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raeann1984 :  I’m a sz 3.75 and my first ering was a 2.04 ct diamond Round Brilliant and people ooohed and ahhhed over it. No one questioned if it was real or not. My current ering is a 3.35 ct diamond cushion and I get significantly fewer compliments. I know some people think it’s fake, including friends of mine – but no one has dared to flat out asked me. (Although in the beginning, I was bitter that I wasn’t getting compliments on it so I joked that I was going to screen print the GIA cert. onto a tee shirt lol)

I think you’ll be fine and comments you receive will be positive. The negative ones typically keep quiet. Congrats on your ring!

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Buzzing bee
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I couldn’t tell you what any of my friends engagement rings look like. Do people really care that much? The only time I was bothered was when my coworker got a massive moissanite and asked me to keep it quiet and was bragging to everyone about how her Fiance saved so much for it because he wanted her to have a beautiful diamond. I have a diamond and people assumed mine was cheap compared to hers when it wasn’t.  I didn’t bother to correct them. I let her have her moment and people stopped commenting after a week or two anyway. Just get what you love and can afford, that’s all that matters.

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