Worsening insomnia during COVID times

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Yes. I’ve struggled with fits of insomnia on and off for pretty much my whole life, but it ramped up horribly when COVID first hit in March. I take half a Unisom every single night, which probably isn’t the “healthiest” way to deal with it but ugh, it’s the only thing that seems to reliably help. And now I feel like I have a mental dependency on it. I’ve tried a few times over the last few months not to take it and I was literally up the entire night each time. So, dunno if I’d recommend the Unisom route cause it sucks to be dependent on it. I’d def bring it up to your therapist. I should get a therapist and do the same lol.

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I started taking CBD with melatonin during COViD because I wasn’t sleeping at all and I never have issues sleeping.  I see that you are maybe planning to get pregnant, so CBD is probably out, but I would ask your doctor about melatonin.

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@zstbee84:  Google the “hug” for sleep. It’s basically an adult swaddle. Sounds (and looks) ridiculous but I took a chance and it’s really improved my sleep! It’s like a tight, lightweight sleeping bag for adults. I also love a weighted blanket but those are annoying to maintain (wash, move around to make bed etc).

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good luck with the transfers.  i have 2 children as the result of IVF.

my sleeping was terrible at the beginning of the pandemic.  though i felt safe and happy in my bubble, the world was stressing me out. but i took advantage of being awake and started exerising more.  i was finally after to find time for myself.  i didn’t want to lay in bed, wide awake. the 4-6am was the worst so i just got up and did something.  though my lack of sleep wasn’t effecting my day, thankfully..

i was running, but have been out on injury for the past 8 weeks, so i was walking 3-5 miles every morning before i sat down to work for the day.  it helped my sleeping and made more productive to work.

when i was going through IVF, i did a lot of walking, swimming, and spinning.  so i know those are safe activities. 


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I’ve struggled with insomnia most of my life.  Somtimes, I’ll have several good months, but then, boom! It strikes again.

Something that really helps me is listening quietly to audiobooks in bed.  My bedtime routine is to stop screentime about an hour before, start winding down, get into PJs, wash face/brush teeth/etc.  Get into bed and turn off the lights.  And I do audiobooks on headphones using the sleep timer so it turns off automatically.

I find the magic combination is keeping the volume low so I need to focus a little bit, and doing a slightly boring book – ie, no thrillers/mysteries!  Books I’ve read several times before, non-fiction or biographies, etc.  There’s something about having to lie quietly in bed that helps, and the audiobook/headphones keeps me from tossing and turning.  

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@zstbee84:  You are not alone, Bee. I had severe insomnia when COVID first started, and it’s ramped up again in the past couple of weeks. So much has changed in life and with my wedding plans, and when you add in “the usual” on top, such as having a corneal scrape done on my eye early this year, my 32 year old cousin having a stroke, and my grandma being in the hospital alone with a pulmonary embolism? Ugh, this has been a rough 6-7 months. 

Melatonin helps relax me a bit, but it’s no match for full blown insomnia. I’ve considered trying a weighted blanket. Or CBD gummies. I haven’t taken the plunge yet because I just want to sleep like normal, without aids. Stubbornness. Don’t want to get too accustomed to it. But I may have to cave and purchase a weighted blanket. Do you like yours? 

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@zstbee84:  hey! I have issues with insomnia too, both falling and staying asleep. Something that helps me with the falling asleep aspect is meditation. Since you are going through fertility tx too maybe you would enjoy the Circle + Bloom ones. Those are the ones I have been doing, but there are plenty of options on Headspace, etc. I turn on my meditation as I am laying in the position I sleep in and I almost always fall asleep by the end! Pro tip – wear comfortable head phones haha. They have meditations for FET and retrieval

Oh and melatonin, which apparently can also help with egg quality. I also do magnesium at night for sleep. I also recommend finding a scent that relaxes you. For me it is the rose aromatherapy from bath and body works, so I have lotion and pillow spray and lotion my hands/spray the spray before bed time.

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CBD can help with the sometimes unrecognized anxiety that comes with insomnia. Even with the TTC, I’d discuss it with a doctor, as I think CBD would be safer than something like Unisom. For me, exercise and a bedtime routine work for me. Unless I get my bike ride in (I generally go about 20 miles), I usually cannot sleep. Then before I try to sleep, I get ready for bed and then read for an hour – no screen time or television during that time. The blue light from phone screens and computers and televisions can mix up signals to your brain and make it think it isn’t time to sleep.

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