(Closed) Worst baby shower games & Best baby shower games ever!

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Bumble bee
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I hate the poopy diaper game!  In general, I dislike shower games though.

The best was when the hostess walked around with a diaper bag full of baby items, and we had to guess how many were in there.  Correct answer got a prize and mama got the bag of goodies.  I like things like that.

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Busy bee
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I really hate the games where you cut a piece of string or use toilet paper to guess how big the mom’s belly is. People are mean! Seriously, it’s not funny to tear off half of the roll!

Mrs. Nacho’s posted a game from her baby shower on her blog. They froze those tiny babies that you put in king cakes into ice cube trays and you had to melt the ice to get the baby out. I thought it was cute and it would be hilarious to watch!!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I have thrown more showers than I can count. One of the favorites is where I used pictures of famous pregnant women and then also had pictures of their new born babies (with their names) and people had to see how many they could match up. For fun I also threw in a couple of the shower guests own photos of them and their children, the older one’s where the mother and the daughter were there were pretty awesome.

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Bumble bee
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I hate the poopy diaper game but my cousin loves it so we’ll be playing it at her shower.  I’m not a fan of the scratch cards.

I actually really love the string game to guess how big the momma’s belly is. 

I’m looking forward to the responses because I’m planning one right now for my sister.  We’ll be decorating onesies and playing that ice cube baby game.  Plus we might make a drinking game out of present opening.  This will obviously be a more casual shower.

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Sugar bee

I don’t like measuring the mom’s belly. I really hope I don’t have that at my shower.I already get large comments, I don’t want attention drawn to it. 🙁

My aunt did the ice cube game mentioned above.

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Busy bee
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I did a price is right game with baby items at my sister’s shower.  It was pretty fun and the mom to be got to keep all the stuff.  Most of the guests wanted to be disgusted by the poopy diaper game but wound up getting into it! 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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I like the clothespin game ..everyone in the beginning gets 2/3 clothes pins ..and if someone says a certain word you catch them and collect their clothespin (aww, cute , nice,…ect.e.ct) and the person with the most pins at the end gets a prize 



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Bee Keeper
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Last shower I hosted we played baby pictionary & it was GREAT! at first noone wanted to…. Bc really who ever WANTS to play dictionary?! Lol through it though everyone had a BLAST!

Best card was breast feeding. LOL

Oh and I hate the poopy diaper games too!

And can’t ever bring myself to the measure mommy games bc well what pregnant woman wants to actually SEE how fat she’s gotten? Lol

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I’m so glad this thread was started- my friends asked me what games I’d like and I have no clue!

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Worker bee
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K, WORST game ever for a baby shower. They tied a string around my waist with a hot dog at the end of the string hanging down. I have to squat and get the hotdog into a milk carton. It was so tacky and gross. I totally won and beat everyone but still.

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@Mermaid1082: We did that game with a twist. I had the lil’ mama walk around the circle of guests with a basket full of baby goodies while they each looked in (each of them knowing they were going to need to remember the items).

I then had the mom to be walk into the other room with the basket and stay there.
Then we proceeded to ask all the guests questions about mommy. Like “What’s she wearing today?” “Are her toe nails panted?” “How is she wearing her hair” etc, etc.

The guests were totally caught off guard and it was a riot!
Then after that was done we made them flip their paper and try to remember what was in the basket.
The two people who answered the most correct (on both games) won a prize. :o)

*Another game I really liked was we all had name tags with different baby item names on them (crib, burp cloth, bottle, diaper) and everyone wore a tag of their choice. Everyone was asked ahead of time to bring in a ziploc baggie of silver change…roughly 2-3 bucks worth.

After everyone had their name tags on if you called anyone by their real name versus the name on their tag you were supposed to put some of your silver change in a cute little piggy bank for the baby they had set up in the middle of the table. I thought it was so cute!

*WORST GAME: Watching three grown women chug juice out of  baby bottles to see who could do it fastest. It took FOREVER.

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worse baby shower game was 2 people blindfolded facing eachother, one has to try to feed the other baby food out of the jar… have you ever tasted that stuff, its horrible plus what didnt make it into your mouth was smeared all over your face, your clothes, the floor. the point to the game was who finishes the jar of food first wins – it was horrible, no one finished but there was a lot of mess

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Helper bee
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Agh, the poopy diaper one is the worst! At the one I was at, they melted the chocolate bars already in the diapers in the microwave (multiple ones, so it just smelled like burning plastic, gross!) and passed them around with PLASTIC SPOONS – so not only were you supposed to guess by smell, you could also “taste” the chocolate, poopy, melted plastic diaper.

I’ve seen the one where you have to pay attention to details about the new mom, but since she is out of the room, it sort of excludes her from the fun at her own shower….?

The only game I thought was OK was one where you teamed up with another person and everyone passed around sonogram images of different body parts  – like “leg” “kidney” “face… etc. Then you matched the number on the picture to the correct part listed on your paper and whoever got the most right got a prize, or something..?

Edited to say that if someone tried to get me to perform in front of the group, like sing a song or try to stick a hot dog in something …. I’d bail so fast!

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