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I have one from the POV of a bridesmaid! I was in a friend’s wedding. Her Mother-In-Law was a bitch to me. At the bridal shower she asked me what I did and I told her I was a teacher and she said wow they must be desperate for teachers. Then the wedding was Out of Town for me. It was wicked hot, the traffic was insane! I had to find my own hotel because the bride didn’t block any rooms and it was the middle of summer during tourist season which I didn’t realize because I am not from there. So I was lucky to get the roach infested room I did get. (not kidding). The church was sweltering I hadn’t had time to eat because I was stuck in traffic for 4 HOURS. The bride had a table for her and her groom and thier 2 Maid/Matron of Honor and 2 Best men at the reception. The other bm and gm were relatives/gf and bf of family members so they sat up close with family. I was placed all the way in the furthest corner with the “only invited them because we had to” people. We were the last to get food and it was cold by the time we got it. I got them a really nice gift for bridal shower and wedding. No thank you card for either and no gift for being in the bridal party. I for one LOVED being a bridesmaid! ;P

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lol I don’t know what it is about weddings that makes people go crazy lol. It’s like wow, I never noticed this before, how could I have missed it?? hahaha btw I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to have your bridal shower at McDonald’s. I mean come on who doesn’t love the smell of sweat and dirty socks! lol 🙂  And seriously a broken roof rack??? or a roof rack in general?? haha craziness

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my bridesmaid has decided to get married 3 days after me during the week of my destination wedding! so now she is so preoccupied with her own wedding that she is not really there for me a Bridesmaid or Best Man at all.  she never got engaged or anything. just her and her boyfriend decided since they will be there for my wedding, why not have a wedding of their own!  and then when it came time to book, she tried to dictate WHERE we get married – like she tried to pick a resort out of my budget! i had to put my foot down there and luckily i won! althoguh that was after she told me she was making concessions and i wasn’t and it wasn’t fair!

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@frustrated: Holy Crap!  That’s just insane.

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That is terrible!

Seriously what is it about weddings that brings out the worst in some people.

I was just maid of honor in my sister’s wedding on the weekend, the other bridesmaid had her mobile phone shoved down the front of her dress and proceeded to take it out and turn it off ( insert bad phone turning off noise here ) when we were all standing in front of the minister!

The groomsmen were out of control too… they changed out of their suits half way through the reception!!!!

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Ok my story… Nearly a year ago…

Firstly, my bridesmaid was asked as she was my oldest (30 years) friend, and I had been in her wedding that failed after a year or so of marriage.

Pre wedding, she found it appropriate to make statements such as “no, you are not wearing/ doing that, I won’t let you” Ahem, you don’t get to choose missy! 

She made the comment in front of my Maid/Matron of Honor that if she had to wear a size 14 dress (equivalent US size 10 or so) that she would DIE. Maid/Matron of Honor is a size 18.. That went down well. 

On the day itself she got drunk & against his will, grinded (picture lapdance), my Uncle with his wife sitting there next to him agog…

She then took over from the DJ and did impromptu Kareaoke. Without consultation. Singing very badly. 

To top of the night, as her on again off again boyfriend (no, they did not live together, and broke up 6 times during our engagement) was not invited, she took the liberty of sleeping with my brother to pay me back!

She was one classy chick : )


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Where do I start??? Lol

First of all, I basically have NO Maid/Matron of Honor since my sister/MOH is finishing up Army Basic Training. She won’t be able to attend the wedding at all…and I’m pretty devastated about it because we were so close growing up. That’s not my bad bm story thought…lol.

My “best friend” and bridesmaid said she would be a “stand in” maid of honor for me and do all the little things MOHs do for you. But she hasn’t done anything but make life more stressful! I tried to be a laid back bride and let them buy whatever dresses in purple they wanted. One of them picked uber conservative, the other picked slutty. So I decided to step in and make life easier for everyone and just pick a dress they could order or buy.

Fast forward to november. I’ve picked a dress and I’m trying to get everyone to the store to try it on. I understand we all have crazy schedules, so I make several different trips to Davids Bridal to make sure no one has to go alone. My best friend (I’ll call her B to make it easier) ends up buying a dress almost 2 sizes too small and says “I’ll fit in it by the wedding, I swear”.

So fast forward again to March/April. So far I’ve done ALL diy projects alone because one of my bridesmaids (I’ll call her L) is always too tired to do anything with me. B is always promising to come over and then bailing. Whatever. I like projects and I can handle it no big deal. I asked B to plan my bachelorette party. I told her what I wanted to do and even showed her a hotel I really liked and she. never. booked. So when I went to book the hotel myself it was booked completely and so were most of the other hotels nearby. B’s friends ended up booking hotels for our group instead of B.

By this time I’m thoroughly annoyed. B also missed my first fitting that I invited her to and had no excuse, didn’t even call or text. She would be fired by now if this were a job lol. She also never really lost the weight and kept avoiding me when I tried to get her to come pick up her dress and see if it fit.

To really add insult to injury she gets an attitude with me when I say things like “Are you coming over tonight? Let me know ahead of time…I waited up for you last night and you didnt call or text” She’ll says something like “OMG, really??”

The final thing that’s upsetting me about her is this: One day we were emailing back and forth while at work and I say “Man, I could really go for Mexican, you in?” and she emails back “Well, I went last night. I didn’t invite you because you’re skinny and I feel bad about myself when I’m around you and feeling fat in restaurants” Really? How OLD are you??? I don’t control you or your size and I have NEVER made any comments about her weight or her size to her EVER. I’m not mean. 

 So now I pretty much feel alone. I havent asked for much and have been a pretty zen, low key bride. Idk what I did wrong. But I do know that weddings really show you who people are!

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@MrsOliveBird: Wow! I think that story tops them all.

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Ok, my story isn’t as bad as some mentioned above. I guess my story is more on poor etiquette.I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man for my BF’s wedding 2 years ago. I think I spent over $1,200.00 to be in her wedding (she lives in CA, so cost of flight, hotel, rental car, dress, gift etc). The whole time I was there, I felt like I was treated like crap. I understand it’s her day, and there was a lot going on, but I’ve known her for almost 20 years, and i just felt completely snubbed by her, and her family. The day of the wedding when we were at the salon getting our hair done, she complimented everyone on their hair but me. She literally looked at me and then looked at the other girls and told them “Wow, your hair looks awesome” Ooookay? I never received a verbal or written thank you for her bridal shower and wedding gift and for just being in her wedding. I can get over the feeling of being snubbed, but not to say thanks still burns my ass. So, fast forward to this year, she will be a Bridesmaid or Best Man in my wedding, and let’s just say that even though I will make it a point to thank her for everything, I am not going to go out of my way to be super nice to her.

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@Waves2: um if you don’t want to be nice to the girl why is she a BM?

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Well here is my story.. My Bridesmaid or Best Man was chosen because she was my oldest friend (something like 20 years).. she is also the godmother to my daughter. She has helped me out a ton at a low point in my history and I thought we were very close. WELL, She moved to Cali with no plan.. had some roomates (which is fine.. because she is still young, has no family etc) and decided to take up acting. Well her lease ended and Fiance and I did not want her to be homeless and live out of her car so we asked her to move into my daughter’s room to give her a bit of time to figure her ish out.. (oh, I live in FL currently with my daughter..so it was just her and Fiance living together which is fine because I trust both of them completely) and find a new place to live. Well long story short.. a month later.. Fiance asked her to move out (without my knowledge) and thats where the drama started. Her sister FB messaged me the next day and called me a bitch and blah blah blah.. I tried to explain that I did not know any of this was happening.. Her other sister started saying crazy shit like I was a theif and stupid crap like that. whatever..I just wanted to make things right with the Bridesmaid or Best Man..when she came to FL I invited her to do some wedding stuff with me and I took her out to lunch and thought we settled everything. We spoke about it.. I explained myself and that I did not know any of this was happening and she seemed fine and said she understood yada yada. come to find out BM’s mom ended up telling everyone in trinidad (where we are both from) that I kicked her daughter out and she was homeless…:-/ And it got back to my grandmother…who in turn contacted my mother. When my mom went back to trinidad for a visit.. Bridesmaid or Best Man totally ignored my mom (VERY RUDE IN MY CULTURE) even when her sister came up to say hi. And did the same with my grandma. Needless to say…she is out. I tried to fix things with her and in turn she tells her mom whatever she wanted to and when it started affecting my family is where I had to draw the line. 

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