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So I am getting married in 12 days!!! But, unfortunately, I have a bridesmaids-from-hell story to share!!
It all really started from the beginning of the engagement (July 4th, 2015). I asked 3 of my best friends to be bridesmaids. I had already decided who my maid of honor would be a long time ago, so I hadn’t needed to ask her as she had already been preparing on pinterest and stuff (haha!). Anyway, One of the Bridesmaids (we’ll call him D) totally wanted to do it but a couple of weeks in realized he couldn’t be a “bridesman” because he had too much going on at the time. D emphasized that he wanted to still be a part of the big day so I offered him the day-of coordinator job and he emphatically said YES!
Well, fast forward to bachelorette party weekend (Jan 2, 2016). The only person to show up or to even respond to coming to the party was my Maid/Matron of Honor. The other bridesmaids (V, N, and D) had conflicts that wouldn’t have been an issue had they scheduled the weekend much farther in advance like responsible adults.
Ok, so present day (jan 5, 2016), I sent a group text to my whole bridal party (MOH, V, N, and D) to try and get pictures of their dresses (I told them all to pick floor length black gowns in any style, fabric, shape that they wanted, but I wanted to see a photo of it before they purchased just to make sure there wasn’t too many similarities.) and suit for D. Well, N had yet to purchase her black gown (2 WEEKS TO GO!!)with the excuse of moving back home with her parents and she had no extra money to buy a dress (but she has been aware of the dress requirement for just under 6 months now…), V had shown me a picture of her gown in July, but I wanted to confirm and have her re-send the photo, and D basically gave me a BS excuse that he had no money to go rent a tux because Christmas broke him. I also was reminding everyone of the rehearsal time and date so no one would have any confusion. Well, V said that she wouldn’t be able to make it to the rehearsal on time because of traffic. (This is not really an excuse, just poor time management on her part because I have 2 family members that live in the same metropolitan area and will be able to arrive on time so the traffic excuse V tried to use was BS.) I initially set the rehearsal time while visiting my mother during the Christmas holiday and I got no response, (good or bad) except from my Maid/Matron of Honor (who has been an absolute DREAM in this whole debacle). I ultimately had to put my foot down and say that if you cannot be at the rehearsal you will not be in the wedding ceremony. Period.
This all blew up into a HUGE fight, where D basically blamed me for all of this nonsense because I picked a wedding in January, I knew that it would be next to impossible for it to happen in January, I didn’t give them enough time to prepare (6 months is tight, but I sure as hell planned the whole wedding alone in that time frame), blah blah blah. He also made it a point to say that we all have lives and unforeseen circumstances arise, which I agree with. I rebutted with the fact that all of these “circumstances” arose much earlier than when I was notified.
Long story short, I basically fired my bridesmaids and my coordinator 2 weeks from my wedding. I now have a new set of bridesmaids, same Maid/Matron of Honor because she is the bee’s knees, and a new coordinator.
Thank God for Family!! 

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annfhherrin:  Oh my GOD I feel so sorry for you!! What a pain in the ass.  Why can’t some people just pull their shit together?  Honestly….

I haven’t really had any bridesmaid drama yet (per se) apart from my sister telling me that the only colour she couldn’t wear was the colour I had picked (dark scarlet red for a winter wedding, she is blonde/blue eyes and it would look fine on her). I’ve ordered the dresses now anyway though, so she either wears it or not at all! Watch this space!

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This is a repost, but here’s my horror of a bridesmaid story…

The only stress that occurred over the weekend was caused by the repeated bad behavior of one bridesmaid, and it really saddened me. To start, I asked very little of my bridal party – no bachelorette or shower – just buy the dress, and show up to the rehearsal and be on time to the church for the ceremony. Really. That’s it. One bridesmaid never showed for the rehearsal, and arrived at the dinner 10 minutes before it was over. I told her it wasn’t a big deal – but that the ceremony WAS, and to please be on time the next day. I asked all of my bridesmaids to be at the church 30 minutes ahead, to receive their bouquets from the florist. She assured me she would be on time. Well, guess what? Not only was she not there 30 minutes ahead to get her flowers, she didn’t even get there in time for the processional. When she finally did arrive with her husband (and uninvited baby – we had an adult wedding with zero exceptions) 10 minutes after start time, she walked down the side aisle to the front of the church in her gown. Her child cried through the moment of reflection for my deceased father, and her husband only took the baby out of the church when another guest got up and asked him to. What the actual f***? After the ceremony, no apology. At the dinner, she sat next to another couple who have a baby around he same age (who they left at home because children weren’t invited), and she LIED to this couple, telling them that I gave her special permission to bring her child. Other guests seated at the table reported this to me, because they knew that she’d caused offense to the other couple with her lie. I had to call this couple two days after the wedding to make apologies for her asshole behavior. In addition, she bitched that the fabric comprising the bridesmaid dresses I chose was synthetic, and she only likes to wear natural fibers (she is a multi-millionaire, and can afford to buy anything she wants – my other bridesmaids are not wealthy, so I chose dresses from David’s, because they are affordable. The dresses were tasteful and beautiful, and I was so disgusted to hear about this from another bridesmaid). The next day, she showed up at our intimate farewell brunch FIVE minutes before the stated ending time, and again, made no apology – just excuses. I was so upset with her, but felt I couldn’t express myself due to the presence of other guests – which resulted in my becoming covered with hives because of the stress. I could not even stand the sight of her by this point – she pushed me too far. In addition, this “friend” did not even have the decency to bring a card to our wedding. I was INFLAMED by her continued rudeness and selfishness, and throughout the course of the weekend, kept wishing I hadn’t even invited her, let alone asked her to be an honored bridesmaid. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding, and know that she would have been furious had someone done this to her. I’m very resentful that on a weekend when I should have felt her love and support, she instead did nothing but cause stress, and upset. My wedding was not important enough to her to make even one event on time. But instead of bowing out, she accepted the role, and f***ed up three events without apology. So, I’m done. She is no longer the person I became friends with, apparently. Her behavior and attitude were galling. 

I haven’t spoken to her since the wedding, and don’t plan on speaking to her ever again. Couldn’t feel better about my decision.

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I read all this again, even  though I had read the rorignal post and I am just  as furious for you as I was the first  time. !!

I think the baby and lying to the other couple, was the worst part…………

ETA, though then again, late for the ceremony and having to walk  up  the side aisle.. words fail me.

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MrsTrigger :  Oh my gosh- thank you so much!!! This post completely saved my sanity. I felt really upset about my bridesmaids’ behavior which was atrocious. I had one amazing bridesmaid- my sister in law and the rest were just inconsiderate. We bought the bridesmaids’ dresses to save hassle. I asked my best friend from childhood to be my MOH- she did nothing except complain about having to wear a dress, nail polish etc. The others just did nothing to help. The day of the wedding I was outside and could hear the girls saying that they probably wouldn’t stay until the end of the night. I completely lost it and said that it was just modifyingly rude to leave before the bride and groom. One thing I did realise- my SIL is awesome- she saved my sanity the whole way through- I ended up asking her to sign the register because she gave me so many positive memories of the day and lead up. I also realised that some people genuinely aren’t happy for your happiness- and done again I would probably choose friendships that are fun over friendships with longevity. It was a brutal lesson to learn. 

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I posted my story on here. It’s quite the doozy!

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I am still in the midst of wedding planning but already having an issue with one of my bridesmaids (and of course she is my Future Sister-In-Law so there’s not much I feel like I can say about it).

Pretty much she has fought be tooth and nail about every decision I have made.

1. I specifically planned a time where Future Sister-In-Law and Future Mother-In-Law could drive up and join me and the rest of the bridesmaids dress shopping. She decided at the last minute not to come because she was too tired. (Despite knowing about the date for over a month.)

2. When a dress was picked, she complained because she felt it would wash her out. (If she had come with us, I would have been more than happy to heard her opinions… but ditch us last minute and I’m sorry, but you don’t get an opinion.)

3. Her daughter is our flower girl. I gave her certain “requirements” of sort for the dress I wanted her to wear (for instance, I am wearing ivory so I would like the flower girl to wear ivory) as well as some examples. Of course she picked something completely opposite (but luckily showed it to me before she bought it) and when I told her it wasn’t what I had in mind (for instance it was white, white with purple flowers on it which are not even close to our wedding colors) she got super offended saying that my options were “too plain” and said she didn’t want her daughter to look bad. I assured her that her 3 year old daughter was not going to look bad in anything… because she’s adorable… and 3.

4. To help get the bridal party, their dates, and family to and from pictures and the venue, my fiance and I rented a very expensive bus to make it more convienent. Well of course, she had a fit because she didn’t know how her child was going to ride in a bus. I got confirmation from the limo company that we could put a car seat in the bus before we leave. After telling her this, she says, “well I don’t want my child on a party bus!” Fiance and I offer to pay for her parking since the wedding and pictures are in the city so that her and her daughter can drive seperate. “But that’s SOOOO inconvienent.” I don’t know how to make this girl happy!

5. She ordered a dress far from her size expecting to fit into it by the wedding. Well, she got her dress, realized that there is NO way she will ever fit into it in time, and has since been throwing a fit to me that the bridal shop won’t exchange it without charging her a fee (which they told her about when she insisted on ordering the dress in the wrong size in the first place). Somehow it’s my fault that the bridal shop isn’t budging and I should be able to convince them otherwise or pay for this fee? Uh, no.

6. The bridesmaids are in the process of planning the bachelorette party and wedding shower (both are going to be on the same day so that my out of town bridesmaids don’t have to travel more than once). Everyone confirmed what date would work best for them. Future Sister-In-Law has yet to RSVP so I texted her just making sure she got the invitation and what not. She did but said that she “doesn’t like being around happy people” and therefore can’t decide if she actually wants to come or not.

7. We booked the rehearsal dinner venue. We are doing a bunch of apps and hamburger and chicken sliders. Well, Future Sister-In-Law won’t eat any of that because she is trying to watch her weight and now doesn’t know what we expect her to eat.

Have I mentioned there is still 7 months until the wedding? I can’t wait until I don’t have to deal with her anymore.

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So I got married on Saturday and everything was beautiful and it was the best day ever! But I was also in pain that day because my best friend showed me how she really felt about me. So I made a friend four years ago. We always helped each other out. When she didn’t have a sitter I would watch her kids. When there was a time where I didn’t have a place to stay she let me stay with her. We went on a road trip together all the way to the tip top of New Hampshire with her and her kids. We would always have long talks on her porch over a bottle of wine. But then she started to spiral with alcohol. Now I’ve caught her multiple times driving drunk, she has had so much alcohol I’ve seen her pass out in front of her kids, she’s called me every name in the book while she was drunk, she’s punched me while she was drunk… ect.. and I always ran to her rescue. There was one incident that made me start to go to friends of aa. I started to distance myself from her but had already asked her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. She acted like she was so happy to be a bridesmaid. So happy for me. She even took me out to get my nails done for the wedding. Then the day of the wedding she showed up drunk. So drunk she couldn’t stand up straight. What hurt me the most was when she tried to leave and then told my family, “I don’t really care about her. She’s just my babysitter.” Btw always watched her kids for free out of our friendship. So, I know she probably didn’t mean it but it hurt so bad. I’m just exhausted. I told her I love her and wish her the best but I can’t talk with her until she seeks change. Until she makes the decision to stop drinking and get help for her anxiety. I told her when she is willing to change I will be there for her. I really thought we were friends. She texted me back that I am judgemental and to leave her alone. Have a nice life! 

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Not nearly as bad as any of this but my supposed Maid/Matron of Honor stressed me to hell. I didn’t ask anything of her or my 4 BMS,  I paid for dresses (UK) and travel/activity costs for my hen. All fine. 

Day of the wedding, Maid/Matron of Honor calls and says “I have really bad news….”

I thought she wasn’t coming or that groom had done a bunk.

No. Her 2 year old is sick so has stayed with his auntie for the day. No offence but his presence or lack of does not affect my wedding.  Don’t scare me like that.

She calls again and then says her husband isn’t even dressed so can he get ready in the bridal suite? Erm, no it’s pretty damn occupied (bridesmaids, hair and make up and photographer all going on and I got dressed in the bathroom to “reveal” my dress so where exactly is he supposed to put a shirt on?

Turns out he didn’t even bring a damn shirt. She says he put on his CREASED football shirt and hoodoo in the CAR PARK. He looked a state.

They didn’t even stay 2 hours including the ceremony itself because he insisted they get back to the little one which I understood but he was with his aunt who he sees every day so they didn’t do anything by leaving straight away that the auntie couldn’t do. It irked me.

One of the other BMS organised the hen and offered to come to fittings (not expected  but no one else even asked me about the wedding!) so in our hearts we know she was Maid/Matron of Honor. This is why titles are useless.

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vabride2011 :  I get where you’re coming from and she shouldn’t have been so confrontational, but wedding party should get plus ones no questions asked. They’re doing a lot for you and its insulting to not give them a date.

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Ohh, let’s see,

Was it my best friend of 20 years who was a complete nightmare the entire process? Rude, non responsive, distant, and then dis-owned our friendship immediately after? Hmmmm

Or maybe it was the Bridesmaid or Best Man who got rip roaring drunk at my shower/jack and jill and came onto all our friend’s husbands, walked into a solid glass door not once but twice and then drove away drunk? Could be….

Could also be the Bridesmaid or Best Man who I found out after that fact had been trashing me behind my back the whole time, even talking shit about me during our wedding and reception to other guests, including saying things like we ruined everyone’s Summer by getting married……yeah.

It’s really hard to pick just who won worst bridesmaid.

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Well, my bridesmaid text me to tell me she wouldn’t be a bridesmaid anymore… No previous fallout and completely out the blue.

Her dress had already been made to measure and paid for. I asked politely for her to cover the cost of her dress since its non returnable but she was really rude and snappy with me. Even though i remained calm and reasonable, she’s now ignoring me. o.O

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MAID OF HONOR FROM HELL!  I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. My bridesmaid from hell was my (former) maid of honor Cindy Thompson who was (I thought) my best friend in high school. Turned out, out of all my friends, she couldn’t be happy for me on what was to be one of the most joyous days of my life.  She kept doing little things for attention which I overlooked, but the breaking point was when I went to try on my wedding dress with my best friends and also pick out the bridesmaids gowns.  She rudely told me, “that being maid of honor… I should wear a white dress too!” Also, that her dress should be better than theirs. My other bridesmaids kept a cool head, but were all completely annoyed and shocked at her nerve.  So, to keep her from going off the deep end and possibly intentionally ruining my wedding day, I told her I had given the honor to my sister.  Such a friend was she that, long after the wedding, her best friend Tammy (a real bridesmaid and friend) informed me that she had slept with a guy I was previously in a steady relationship with while she was dating her now husband. She was always cutting in on our time together; but I never thought a best friend would try to snake your beau. To my dismay, little did I know then that she was sabotaging my relationship until her former boyfriend Chuck, told me of all the nasty things she had done and said behind my back; which I didn’t want to believe until it was also confirmed by another former boyfriend Jamie.  Disappointed, or even repulsed dosen’t begin to describe her deplorable antics. Wow. So sad to think you know someone; I am so glad she was NOT my maid of honor.  She has not talked to me in years… Wonder if something is eating at her… couldn’t be a conscience.

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ana2017 :  Another bee just posted about this on the board this evening. 

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