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Wow, reading these makes me feel so much better about my “worst date” experience.

I’m totally dating myself with this, but what the hell… When I was a teenager, I came back from camp to find out that my dad had passed away unexpectedly. It was a huge shock even though he and I weren’t close and had what could generously be described as a turbulent relationship. I spent a large part of the summer with my grandmother trying to clean up his house and go through his personal belongings. I was in a bit of an emotional void trying to avoid overload.

I had met at a guy online before all of this happened, and we kinda hit it off. When I came back home after handling most of the stuff with my grandmother, he had the chance to come to my area. We got along just as well in real life as we did online. I told him on our second night out – our first real date – that I just wanted to do something mindless and normal teenager for the evening. A movie it was. I let him pick since I had no idea what was even out at the time. He suggested one he saw with a buddy of his a couple of weeks prior. Awesome – mindless boy movies, probably lots of explosions and just utterly not going to add to the drama I had been through in the previous month. It turned out to be all of that. Until the end. The movie? Armageddon.

I don’t think I stopped crying until the next day. I had not let it all out before then, and I just lost it.

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@LibertyBelle:    Ugh… typical boy in that he probably didn’t even think past the explosions and stuff to the fact that the dad ends up not making it.  Couldn’t have been a much worse choice for him to make!  

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Wow! Some of these are so horrible I don’t even know if mine is bad enough to post! They sure are fun to read though!

When I was in college a teammate of mine needed to find a blind date for on of his friends for some fraternity function.  I have never been part of the greek system and the only greeks I knew were on the swim team with me (not many). However, I agreed. It had been a long time since I had been on any type of date and figured it would be kinda fun. Maybe a double date type situation.

Well, “Big Jim” (yes, my date introduced himself (and everyone called him) Big Jim) was nice enough, he picked me up and took me to the movie theatore where THE WHOLE FRATERNITY and their dates were waiting. apparently it was a group date. And apparently everyone knew everyone else and I only knew my teammate (who was talking to his own date). After the movie they all took us back the the Frat house for cake and ice cream. It was so bazzar and not at all what I would call a date. More like, “lets go round up some girls and socialize with them and then drop them off at home by 8:oo.

Oh well. Not nearly as bad as it could have been.

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I had been dating a guy for maybe two months, when he asked me to go to Florida with him for a few days (he had a work conference).  I had never been to Florida, so I said yes.  Well, while he was gone for one of his meetings he left his computer & email open.  I didn’t mean to look through his things, but I did… and he had been emailing another girl about how much he missed her & blah blah blah.  We weren’t bf/gf at the time, but he had told me he wasn’t seeing anyone else.  I was so pissed, I decided to fly home that night & never talked to him again. 

I don’t think mine is as bad as a lot of the ones I’ve read.  And I actually learned a lot from it!  Like don’t travel with guys you don’t know very well haha

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@LadyInGreen:  Ugh, that guy should be in jail! 

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Met a guy online, and agreed to meet at this Mexican cantina about 15 minutes from my house. Had it set up with a friend already to call me at a certain time. Told him that my kids were at practice, but one had not been feeling well, so I did not know what was going to happen with her.

Arrived at the cantina, he is sitting there at the door waiting for me with a bouquet of yellow flowers. I thought i had it pretty clear on my profile that I HATE FLOWERS!!! Oh well, next thing i noticed was that his damn shirt was inside out. It was a polo style shirt, his work shirt, with his company logo and name embroidered on it, he was trying to hide the company he worked for I guess, not sure.The whole time we were at dinner he kept talking about his ex wife, and that he was renting a room from her and did I want to come over and meet her, blah blah blah.

The phone call couldn’t come fast enough from my friend, I played off like it was my kid and I was out after I paid for my share of the meal. He texted me for weeks after, I finally told him I was back with my ex just to get him off my back. I was not back with my ex, but was for sure not going out with him again.

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I will never forget mine… It was just awful. I met this guy (a cop) in a bar one night. I thought he was really attractive, so I slipped him my number before leaving. And he ended up calling me a couple days later and asking me out. I met him at the restaurant because I was a little wary of getting picked up by a guy I met in a bar.

So, I get there and I see him waiting outside, so I get out of my car to meet him. He then tells me he hopes I don’t mind, but his friend would be joining us. Said friend had supposedly just gotten broken up with himself, so while I thought it was strange I just went with it.

We go sit down to eat, and start talking. Well, he’s clearly strung out on something (gotta love corrupt cops), his eyes are dilated, talking a mile a minute, had these nervous ticks, you know the deal. For some reason, I’m still there. Then his phone rings, and he proceeds to talk on it for 15 minutes until the food comes. Now remember, it’s not just me, but his friend sitting there with me in awkward silence.

So, we get through dinner, and I know there’s not going to be a second date. But he asks if he can talk to me alone. So he and I go in my car (while his friend is waiting right outside!) and starts spilling his heart out to me, telling me how he wants something serious, and I could be the one, and he doesn’t want to be played with. So I’m now, even more uncomfortable than before. And tell him, he’s a great guy, but i’m not sure what I’m looking for right now, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Thinking I’m letting him down easy, right? So we part ways.

Well, he calls a couple days later to ask me out again, and I tell him sorry, I’m just not that interested. He then proceeds to flip the F out on me over the phone, how he trusted me, didn’t think I would play games, and some other stuff. And I’m just blown away, don’t really know what else to say other than I’m sorry.

I got off the phone with him, but he called to ask me out again the following week, and the week after that, and the week after that. After the first blowup, I just let him go straight to vm, but I was getting similar messages, how could I do this to him, he’s really hurting, etc. etc.

Needless to say, I have never talked to him again. But just in case, I keep his number in my phone under “Crazy Christian”

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@Dell79:  oh my. that sounds terrible!

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@LadyInGreen:  When I was in college, I got fixed up on a blind date by my SIL with some guy who worked in her office.  He showed up for the date wearing ratty looking clothes and had his best friend in the car with him!  We went to an amusement park where the best friend immediately disappeared and we had to spend the whole night walking around looking for him! Needless to say, never went out with that guy again!   

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when i was in college, i went out on a date with a guy.  he was from a wealthy family who was very well known and natives of the college town where i lived.  after dinner, we went back to his very large and nice house on the lake.  he is giving me a tour of his house and we end up in his bedroom. things are not romantic at all at this point. he mentions he needs to go to the bathroom.  before he left, he opened a side table and told me he had some lingerie in there if i wanted to try it on?  hmmm.  curiosity got the best of me so i looked at what it was.  a bra in a 38dd and some black stockings.  there was also fuzzy restraints in there. 

needless to say i bailed

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I got a friend request from a mutal friend on MySpace. I accepted and we decided to meet up. (I met him in person before, but very breifly.) We met up at a restaurant (he drove 3 hours to get there) and he was waiting at a table for me. We did not even order drinks yet and he says “So, when my lease with my friend is up, in 5 months, you are going to move in with me right?” About 5 minutes later the song 2 out of 3 aint bad by Meatloaf started to play and he started belting the lyrics at the top of his lungs. I start text messaging my cousin, telling her how I plan to say I am going to the bathroom and leaving when he pinches me on the arm. I said “WTF was that for?” he replies “To make sure I am not dreaming” I say “aren’t you supposed to pinch yourself?” At this point I am pulling the bathroom trick and as I walk by his side of the booth I almost trip, he smacked me on my ass! I turned around grabbed his arm, had some words with him and left. The next day he texted me and asked why I failed to mention before we met that I had gotten braces since the time we brefily met! About a week after that he messaged me asking what “WE” were doing for New Years!


Oh, how I wish this was just a terrible dream!

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@roxymalone: I assumed you were going to say that he walked back into the room completely nude wearing only whipped cream or something. That’s way too funny that he thought that kind of line would work.

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