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@KelsieLea7:  I’m totally over it now, but for a long time “Steve Night” was a sensitive subject, haha!

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These stories are great! Oh my gosh, I’m rolling!

Mr.ND and I have dated since HS, so I don’t have many first date stories, but I think the worse was before Mr.ND when I was set to go on a double date with my girlfriend and her cute bf and his cute friend (I was 14). Well, the guys come and pick me up – no friend, she bailed. So me and my two dates drive half an hour to go watch some awkard movie (it’s me, my ‘date’ and then friend…they visit the WHOLE time). After our tri-date, they drop me off at home. Weeee?

A few days later, I’m invited to come with my girlfriend and watch the guys perform in show choir. We go, we watch, her and her bf chat the whole time after. “My” kid makes awkward, very uncomfortable (even for 14 year olds) conversation. Gives me the very worst first French kiss of my life standing in the school parking lot, and then I never hear from him again. A few years later, they both come out. I’d always felt like I was the 3rd wheel on that date…looks like I was!

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@bumblepup:  Totally off topic, but I was skimming and saw someone mention ‘toucchdown jesus’ and had to comment! That thing was SO ridiculous, and at night it was really kine of creepy. They intially said they were going to rebuild it, but last time I was driving through that part of Ohio (I’m just outside Toledo) it still hadn’t happened…hopefully they realized it’s a huge waste of money.

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Every first date prior to my first date with my now boyfriend of almost two years, has been a bad date.  Every single f’in one of them.

But the one that is really jumping out at me at the moment, is actually kind of sad.  Sad, like pathetic, pathetic because of me. So I had been feeling lonely and i just really wanted some company and attention, so, I meet up with a guy I met online.

We went to dinner, he was a vegatarian and claimed he was ok with me eating meat… which I did, in front of him, and enjoyed it.  There was just something a bit off with him, and I couldn’t figure out what. I wasn’t really all that attracted to him, and he even said I was a bit heavy for his taste.  He also broke my rule about not dating a man with kids.  But, I knew this, and still agreed to the date. Yeah, told you this was going to be pathetic. 

At the end of the dinner we decide to go to a movie… it was cordial, no sparks from either of us really, (but the truly sad part was that I was glad to be on a date).  He was very very skinny, and i’m more of a plush size.  Anyway, he grabbed my hand in the beggining of the movie, and I let him. Later I realized he had a stiff you know what in his pants.  Yeah, they were so tight you could see it right through.  Umm…I thought I wasn’t his taste?

Well anyway, long story short… we end up back in my car, in the parking garage of the movie theater, like, making out like teenagers.  There was even some boob grab action.

A couple days later he tells me that he really isn’t interested in me, and we could still be friends, and even make out on occasion.

uhh…that was all I needed to snap back to reality.  I didn’t even like this guy!  How pathetic was I?  Definately a low point!  I did NOT hang out with him again.  Hey, at least I got a free meal and movie!

 The next first date I ever had was the best ever… I’m still dating him. 🙂

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I went on a second date with a guy I met online(one of the Christian dating sites).  I wasn’t that attracted to him on the first date, but he was so nice so I figured I would give him another chance(don’t you hate when you try to look at a guy and make yourself find him cute, but he just isn’t to you, lol).  

Anyways we went to dinner and I had been working a bunch that week so I was tired.  After dinner I told him we could go back to my apartment to watch a movie(stressed to him this wasn’t code for anything BUT simply watching a movie).   30 minutes into the movie I fell asleep on the couch for like 5 minutes.  Woke up to my date staring at me with this really goofy/creepy smile on his face. He then tells me “You look like an angel when you are sleeping”.  WTF??!! Seriously, on a second date?!  Anyways right after that I just pleaded how tired I was and that I think he needed to just leave so I could go to sleep.  I never saw him again and tried telling him over the phone that we just were not a good match, but he still called me several times a day for the next month until he got the hint. 


One of my good friends(a guy I’ve known for years who lives a few states from me) I would always call after my dates to tell him how they went.  He teased me for quite some time after that one.  Next time I saw him he would say stuff like “You look like an angel eating that spaghetti” or “You look like an angel when you are drinking that coke”. 

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I met a guy on a night out and I was quite drunk, and he seemed really nice at the time. He text me the next day to see if I wanted to go to the movies so I said yes. He came to pick me up and his car was all pimped up with stupid speakers and different coloured spoilers and the bonnet was all crumpled and he had these HUGE bumblebee stickers on the windscreen. So I probably should have run away then but I got in. 
He starts playing very loud RnB and hip hop which really isn’t my thing.

Then we arrived at the town where the cinema was and I said “Oh, birthplace of Charles Darwin.” (Obviously struggling for interesting conversation.) and he said, “Who’s Charles Darwin?” “Are you kidding me?” “No, who is he?” “Ummm theory of evolution?”

“Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard of that. Evolution about things getting bigger, yeah?”

At which point I asked him to drop me at the station so I could get a train home. He thought I was kidding so we went to the movie and the whole way through he was trying to either grope me or picking his nose. We went to see Shutter Island and the whole way through he kept asking me what words meant and what was happening.

Needless to say, we didn’t have a second date despite his pestering. Two months later he was living with a girl who he’d got pregnant. Hmm!

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coming from a small town, where everyone knows everyone..A guy who comes from considerable wealth asks me out to a movie and a party,,double date with my girlfriend and his friend. first of all he picks us up in this huge limo type cadillac,,bragging about how fortunate I was to be on a date with him,,I wanted to run but went with him to the movie, he gropped the whole way through ugh…we then went to the party where he got totally drunk and bragged some more about all his money,,embarrassed the hell out of me by falling all over the place and telling people how he was going to get lucky with me,,he lived outside of town and couldnt drive so I called my mother and asked her if he could stay at our house even though he was a total jerk,,He slept in my bed,, my friend and I slept upstairs,,the next morning he called all his friends telling them he was calling from my bed,,it went all over town,,needless to say I never dated him again,,

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Ha, I had a first date with a mutual friend of a friend who turned up high and drunk. Not to mention he did not shower and he did not look anything like his photos. It was awful. I was 16 at the time.

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My worst date was…probably (ok, definitely) my own fault haha. I met this guy at a party and we hit it off. He asked me out and on the day of our date I was RIDICULOUSLY sick. I dunno if I had food poisoning or what, but I thought I could handle it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t, and the night was spent with me in agonizing nausea and probably acting the least friendly I’ve ever acted to anyone, ever. He must have REALLY liked me because at the end of the night, he leaned in to kiss me. And I….

…….wait for it…….

Threw up on his shoes. Unsurprisingly, we never saw each other again.

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Ok.  Here goes:

During a brief stint of online dating, I met a guy whom I will call “J”.  J was in the Navy, which I thought was great because I had just gotten back from a tour to Iraq with the Army National Guard.  He was a gentleman and not like other guys I’ve dated- he wasn’t a pervert at all, hated sports, was very intellectual, etc.  I’ve always dated “Guy’s guys” so I figured I would give it a shot.

Flash forward to date three:  things start getting a bit hot and heavy.  He takes off his shirt and I felt something silky.  I figured maybe it was an under armour shirt or something, but then I felt straps…like spaghetti straps.  He said “It’s a camisole…I like the feel of it.”  OK.  I had a thousand things going through my head but I kept going with the flow.  He took his socks off and his toes were painted bright red.  Mood killer right there.

Thankfully, it was getting late.  I politely ended the date as I had to work in the morning anyway.  The next time we spoke I told him I didn’t feel as if we were compatible…I guess there’s a reason I’ve always went for “Guys’s guys”

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My god I can play this game!!


I went on a date with a guy a friend hooked me up with. I had talked to him online and on the phone a few times and seemed nice, so I agreed to go see a movie with him. He picked me up and drove me to the theatre and wanted to see the newest Rambo movie (the one that came out a few years ago). Anyways, we get into the movie and they are murdering small children and women with machettes. I’m thinking that I have just agreed to see some crazy violent movie and close my eyes.


Then it happens.


HE STARTED LAUGHING AT THE BLOODSHED!!!. That’s right. This man was giggling and screaming “Get them!” as the played this sad music and showed the slow motion murder of an entire village.


So I “had to use the bathroom” and spent $60 on a cab ride home. Never saw him again. 😐

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Oh!  I want to play!  I’ve had a few doozies!  One of the creepiest wasn’t a date really..   

I was home for the summer from univeristy and staying at my mom’s.  I had a couple of jobs.  One was working evenings/weekends at a used music store downtown.  One evening this guy came in and we started talking about music and stuff.  Nothing out of the ordinary (just talk to the customers kind of thing) and it definitely wasn’t flirty.  Then he started coming in every couple of days and said he was just on a break from work.  Then I found out he worked about a 25 min drive away and once he said his mom was covering his shift.  Weird.  Anyway, it was about mid-week and he asked if I wanted to go on a date on Saturday.  I said I wasn’t sure what I would be working and that I would also probably be busy with family that was visiting from away.  It was left at that.  I didn’t see him any more that week.  I told my mom that there was a guy stopping in at work and he had asked me out but I said no so she was kind of aware what was going on.  Saturday evening rolls around and mom and I are cleaning up from supper and there’s a knock at the door.  I peeked out and saw him!  I run to the dining room to hide and mom answers the door and says I’m not home and he says “Oh, we had a date.”   Eventually he leaves.

A few days later he comes back to the music shop and asks what happened and where I was.  I told him I was out with my family and he seemed shocked.   He asked me out again.  I said no because I was talking to my ex again and we were talking about maybe working things out so I didn’t know what was happening at the moment(a lie).  

Then a pretty cool thing happened.  There were a few other customers in the store and one of them was a guy I thought was super cute.  I knew he was a friend of some of my friends but I didn’t think he knew who I was.  He must have heard the whole conversation and could tell I was struggling because he walked by on his way out of the store and said “So, I’ll pick you up at 9?”  Perfect!  haha  We actually dated the rest of the summer and I never saw the other guy again.

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot the most important part!  I don’t know how he found out where I lived!  But that was back in the day when people put their name and address in the phone book.  That’s the only thing I can think of!

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Haha… these are hilarious!  Mine would have to be my junior prom date.  I went to a really small high school so most people asked dates from surrounding schools.  My friend E was bringing a date from my rival high school, and she wanted to set me up with his friend so we could double-date.  I had met him a few times, thought he was really cute, and agreed to go to the prom with him. I talked with him on the phone several times before prom and he said he was really excited.  We met that night to go to dinner and he barely said two words the entire meal. After an hour of trying to make small talk, I just stopped trying.  We made it to the prom and danced for one song.  We didn’t talk at all the rest of the night.  We then went to an after-party where he proceeded to get extremely drunk and made out with this random girl.  While I should have been upset, I was just glad that I didn’t have to deal with him. We ended the night without saying goodbye.  


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Mine was in high school. I went on a date with a guy I barely knew but he randomly called me up and asked if I wanted to go see a movie. It was Valentine’s Day. I decided to give it a shot and went with him. He got his ticket first and paid with a free ticket coupon, leaving me to pay for myself. I was 16 and without a job but thankfully I’d had the smarts to bring some “just-in-case” money. By the end of the night I decided I didn’t like him that way, and it was awkward when a few days later he called to ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend.

We ended up becoming friends, though, and I did try dating him again after that. So really it wasn’t a terrible date, but it is pretty funny that he paid for himself with a freebie and made me pay for my own ticket. Oh, high school boys.

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