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I have a couple.

1.) met a guy on match.com. Picture was of a really hot 30’s italian looking guy. The guy that showed up was a very FRAIL 60 year old and maybe some type of middle eastern.

2.) Met a guy at the gas station. We went out where he was CONSTANTLY texting somebody I grabbed the phone and it was some chick. I called the number and told him he was kind of busy and i’d have him get back to her when the date was over. Later that night we went to a club of sorts where I told him I was going to the bathroom, called my friend to pick me up, left the bar and him there.


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@gingerspice:  lol! i had a blind prom date too! I didnt have a date so one of the guys in the group of friends that i was going with said he’d recruit his best friend. His best friend was the “real life” version of charlie brown. but we had a GREAT TIME. he was really nice!

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I haven’t read this whole thread, but I”m definitely going to do so after seeing some of the stories on this page!

I don’t have any really horrible stories, besides the guy who locked me in a room and tried to convince me to sleep with him. And when I refused he told me I got uglier the more he looked at me anyway.

What a keeper.

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Haha great stories, ladies! Makes you appreciate the right person when they come along, huh?

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I haven’t had many 1st dates, but my worst was while i was in high school, and isn’t as bad as some others!

I was playing hockey and my coach had “helpers” that were brothers. (this is going to sound really bad on my part, but…) I dated the younger brother (who was my age) first. When that didn’t work out I went out with the older brother.  I REALLY liked him, couldn’t stop talking about him to my friends, couldn’t wait to go to practice to see him, etc. 

Well we finally got the courage to go out together. We planned to go to my school’s varsity hockey game with my friends (he was in college), then drive a mile down the road to the drive in movie theater. He say’s he meets me at the game and we watch in COMPLETE SILENCE. Which is super weird for me since i love to talk, especially about hockey lol. 

The plan was to then drop his car off at my house, and take my dad’s Excursion so that us and my friend and her boyfriend could all ride together and only have to pay for one car. Well we drive back to my house (which is in the opposite direction) and he informs me he’s going to drive seperately so he can go home after the first movie (they always show double features) So we drive to the theater, and on the way he stops to get fast food for himself and doesn’t offer to get anyone else anything. Then we get to the theater, park and I have to leave my car to watch the movie in his because he refuses to watch from my car. We watched awkwardly for 2 hours. Never talked, held hands, nothing. When the movie was over He says “alright, see you at practice tuesday” and leaves…so awkward lol Practice was never the same haha

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My worse date was in High school… my close friend was dating a guy from another school… Prom was coming up and I recently was single after a year relationship… So she decided to “hook me up” with her bfs best friend and to have him come to prom with me. I thought there was no harm in it… he wasn’t bad looking ….

We chatted on AIM  (lol flash back ) before our first date and somehow i mentinoed that I Loved starbucks and is the best way to my heart or something along that line….

Well he took me to dinner, picked me up in his moms big boat car… (I am a car snob) First strike….. We ate had awkward conversations the whole time telling me his most deep issues/family troubles… Well after we ate he would not stop talking… He talked and talked for a HOUR after we were done eating and the restaurant was closing.. I was so embarrassed because the waiter kept lurking wondering why we are still sitting here… I texted my friend to call me to save me  he finally got the hint that we needed to leave he said I have one more place I want to take you… STARBUCKs … he was so weird… and not my taste after getting to know him… after the date… he stalked me at my work numerous times…  I worked at an ice cream place and he would come and visit… and just walk around the building while I was working IGNORING him… It was at the point I had to hide in the back and pretend I wasn’t there when I saw him coming lol



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@Ellegee:  Oh my goodness.  THAT is a FANTASTIC story!  I did something similar on a date long ago, but don’t think I have the guts to actually type out what happened!  Kudos to you! 🙂

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Whoa there are some definitely interesting stories here!!!!

My would would have been a guy I had met online, we had arranged to meet at the casino for dinner then go from there to a movie of what ever, i was getting ready and he kept messaging me to hurry up and get there (should have rung alarms there!!!) so I hurried up and got there about 3/4 of an hour early. Turned out he was with his friend and her Girlfriend and they had already ate and had ran out from the bill!!! Personally I was horrified but they thought it was a huge game! He must have had quite a few drinks at dinner because he was attempting to be all over me from the min I got there (not exactly going to happen on the first date!!!)

I don’t know if it was planned or not but after an hour of walking the nice park lands he looks at his phone and said his friends had messaged him saying they had left! So me being the nice person I am I offered to drive him home. Then the ENTIRE way home he was pestering me about me taking him to my place!!! I politely explained that I wasn’t going to do that and was taking him home. I eventually managed to get to his place without any help from him (thank god for gps!!!) where he (this is a little bit of a overshare here) proceeded to un-zip his pants and show me his manhood!!! I continually told him to put it away and get out of my car but he was so drunk he was dead set i wanted wanted to sleep with him!!! My pleads weren’t really listened to as he proceeded to pull out a condom and put it on! At which time he actually came! So totally embarrassed he ran out of the car and I raced off!!!

But you would have thought he got the hint but he continued to message and call me that night telling me that he was locked out and if I had any heart I would come and picK him back up! Thankfully he finally got the message but not before telling me that I was too fat for him anyway! (he was borderline obese himself!!!) 

Thankfully I met my FH within the next 18 months! And thankfully no more first dates!

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Hmmm my worst date…

I went to college out of state (almost 800 miles away from home). I barely knew anyone out there, so one night I decided to go out and meet people for fun. I went out with my roommate and her friends. We ran into a guy she had class with, and hung out with him for the night. He seemed decent. The following night, he asked me to go out for dinner. I agreed. We went out for dinner, and then I thought he was taking me back to my place.. but he took me to his. Turns out his roommates were having a party, so he wanted me to come in and hang out with everyone. Okay. I went in, started mingling with everyone and having a great time! I was just hanging out with a group of girls that I had met there..they were really nice! About 30 minutes later, everyone starts saying “Where did Adam go?!” (he was my date) so I went to look for him. I found him sitting in his bedroom; whining.

Here is how our conversation went:

Me: What’s wrong?

Him: You aren’t even paying attention to me.

Me: Really? Sorry…

Him: Will you come lay on my bed with me?

Me: No, I’ll sit here in your computer chair. *sits down*

Him: NO, I said lay with me in bed.

Me: Can you please take me home now?

(It’s 1:00AM at this point)

Him: No, I am not taking you home unless you lay down with me for awhile

Me: Okay, then I will call a friend to come pick me up.

-He gets up and physically tries to grab my cellphone out of my hand –

Him: Do not use your phone around me, that is SO disrespectful.

Me: I am calling my friend Jeff to come get me.. I am going home.

Him: Fine then! But you aren’t waiting for him in my house. Get out!


Then he grabs my purse, jacket, and shoes and literally walks them outside and throws them in his front yard.

Side note: It is December.. and is only about 10 degress outside, with snow on the ground.

I told him that I REFUSE to stand outside at 1:00AM in the freezing cold, and that I will be sitting in his living room until my friends comes.

He yells at me – in front of everyone – and says: Fine! But I am going to bed, and you better never speak to me again!

Then he walks into his bedroom in a huff, and slams his door.

Everyone at the party just stops what they are doing and stares at me.

Thankfully, my friend was there 3 minutes later to pick me up.


ALSO! My friend and I got back to my apartment, and realized that I had forgotten my keys at this guys place! So I called him about 6 times, and he denied all of my phone calls. I ended up just sleeping in the spare bedroom at my friends house. Then, I texted Adam the next morning and told him that I need my keys. He then responds and says, “they will be sitting outside.” So my friend drove me over to his place, and I found my keys laying on his sidewalk outside.

Nice, huh? People are crazy!

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When I was in my second year of college, I went out with a guy I met at my apartment complex.  I was young and naive so I believed his line about “his car being in the shop, so would you mind driving?”  Ok, fine..I’m not thrilled but ok.  So we go to the movies and a bunch of his friends show up.  He “surprises” me with tickets to see Alien vs. Preditor (SO so not my kind of movie).  I sit through the awful movie with him and his group of loudmouth friends only because I don’t want to walk through the parking garage at night by myself.

At this point I am thinking it can’t get much worse and I know I don’t want to see the guy again.  On the way home (in my car), he asks me “Do you mind if I smoke?”  Well, yeah I kinda do since it makes the car super stinky so I tell him “I’d rather you not but if you must I guess.”  Hoping he gets the hint.  Not only does he not get the hint, he pulls out a JOINT and lights it up!  Now I indulged in a bit of weed when I was in high school but seriously?! He pulled out an effing blunt in my car on our first date.

So I pulled over and said “That I do mind you smoking in my car.  I think it’s best you call your buddies to come pick you up.  I don’t see this going anywhere.”  He tried to apologize but I wasn’t having it.  I never saw him again after that and I didn’t feel the slightest bit bad about leaving him near the In-N-Out drive through for his friends to come get.  At least he could have indulged in a cheeseburger to quell the munchies from his smoke.

I did the online dating thing before I met Fiance (actually how we met) and I never had any date come anywhere close to that one.  And I had some doozies but nothing beat that in my book.

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Wow…. I have dated some real toads, but the ones that you ladies have posted are pretty bad that mine seems small in comparison.

I will have to say the worst was a date to Del Taco and then to his parents house where he tried to get busy with me with his parents at the house (I should have told him to take me home when we took me to Del Taco, but I was in highschool and dumb). I actually slapped him… turns out he had a girlfriend too…. I called him out on it and he went on about how she always yelled at him and was a terrible person….

Whatever dude…. I never talked to him again.

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I haven’t been on too many dates, but in our work newsletter today there was a news story about a guy who stole his date’s car! They were at a movie and he said he needed to get something from her car and asked for the keys. He never came back! Four days later he left the car in a walmart parking lot and was arrested for grand theft auto. CRAZY!

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I had been hanging out with a senior friend of my sorority sister’s (she and I were freshmen), and I was interested in dating him. We had gone out once with some of his friends. We went to Virginia Tech, and April 16th happened. My sorority sister and I went to his apartment because we obviously didn’t want to stay on campus. I stayed in his room with him (I had a few times before). He kept trying to get me to sleep with him by saying that “near death experiences could be a great turn-on.” Umm, WTF?!?!?!

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@aardvark:  You were probs set up for a “grab a date” or a “date party” function. Those are quite common in the Greek system!

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