Worst date you have ever had

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Ive had a few. Back in my single days at one point i lost all hope and turned to online dating, a girlfriend of mine told me to join one of those rich guy sites for fun, so i said heck why not. I eventually met up with this guy, who was tbh WAY out of my league, but he said yes to wanting a date so i wasnt going to pass it up. First he made me drive all the way out to freakin disney area, which is a DRIVE for me. Ok fine, whatever… We met up at some ritzy hotel piano bar. It was loud, like could barely have a decent conversation. He had already ordered drinks and appetizers for us, granted i was a bit nervous, but because of all the noise i felt like i was yelling at the guy from across the table, it was awkward.

He didnt want to walk around, he didnt want to walk outside where it was bit more quiet, he wanted to just sit there. I was perplexed and at that point didnt feel like yelling across the table at him, so we kinda went silent. I will say the piano singer guy was pretty damn good, so although i wasnt enjoying the date, i was enjoying the talent. 

it got awkward so we both decided to cut it short and go, he wanted to split the bill. Thats fine, but i proceeded to choke a bit when i realized i was gonna be paying $70 bucks for one drink and a bite of food. 

being the overly polite, maybe too of a nice person that i am. After i drove off i sent him a simple text of i had a nice time, talk to you later. 5 minutes later i got an angry, cussed word filled douche bag text about how he was better then me and how i wasted his time, and on and on. I was shocked but not shocked. 

i was pissed and im kind of a snarky person, so i text back like dude, i drove all the way out to disney for you, and spent 70 dollars on a drink and two chips i ate, that i didnt ask for, you should be thanking me for splitting the bill. Dont text me again…. 

And… that was the last time i used the rich dude site to find a date. 

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Had a few bad dates when I was younger. I did once go out with a guy who never stopped talking about how great he was throughout the entire date. It was just like a sales pitch. Ad nauseam about his achievements, things he owned or planned to own, women he had dated, people he knew, how well educated he was and not only that but how really “street smart” he was too…. I kind of switched off and started thinking about things I had to get done during the upcoming week and just made “hmmm” sounds every once in a while. He only drew breath long enough to put food in his mouth. I asked him at the end of the evening if he could tell me one thing, just one thing, he had learned about me during the evening and he sat there with his mouth open. He then had the gall to ask if he could call me again as I was such great company and that we had amazing chemistry. I think he would have been just fine sitting in front of a mirror for the evening.

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Oh my goodness. Have I got a story. I think I’ve told it before on the Bee but it really never gets old.

I was a biochemistry major in college. As a result, I obviously had many science courses, including physics and organic chemistry. These particular courses were shared with the most unattractive, self-obsessed neckbeard I’ll call Karl. For you to get the full picture of Karl, I need to describe him. 

He was very tall, about 6’2″ and super skinny. He was 32 at the time – he was a transfer from some other university. As pale as the moon, with round glasses, terribly-kempt hair and skin, and a scraggly black beard that hung down to his breastbone. He smelled terrible all the time and he “didn’t like showering” so that was explained with honesty, anyway. He drank out of a one-gallon plastic water bottle that he never washed, and there was some growth in it that I asked about once and he just laughed and said it was “like an aquarium” – and I remember inching away slowly. 

On top of this, his most iconic, eye-catching feature was the hunter-green crochet elf hat that he wore all…year…long. This elf hat was something he made himself, and the point of the hat draped all the way down to his ankles. I really wish I was kidding. 

He was quite a sight walking around on-campus, but he was eclectic and full of confidence, which I envied. So much confidence, though, that he frequently challenged our poor physics professor on all sorts of matters (as he chewed loudly on Indian food in the middle of class that he had microwaved in his dorm room). The professor always shut him down, of course, but that didn’t keep Karl from speaking up. 

To Karl’s credit, he was super smart. Like, 4.0 kinda smart. He was a physics major, and he was damn good at it, and I was, well, a bit more questionable about it. Much to my chagrin, I was assigned him as a lab partner for both our physics semesters, and that’s how we really got to know each other (much to my dismay…but to his delight). 

He knew I was struggling and offered to help me about eight bazillion times. He always wanted to study together, and then go out to dinner on a date. I turned him down every time with various lies to get myself out of my impending doom of spending more time with him than I absolutely had to. 

However, I caved one night. It was the night before a huge organic chemistry test, and I was fried from studying so hard. I was starving (I was a commuter, and I had blown through all my food and was still starving) and he found me in the library and said, “Hey, you look like you need a break. Let’s do dinner.” I gotta hand it to the guy, he just did not give up. 

He was buying. I was starving. I said yes. And YES I KNOW I TOTALLY USED HIM. But I was exhausted. 

The dinner was cringey at best. He kept trying to put his hand on my thigh, but I was just too hungry and tired to stop him. At the end of it, I went back to the library, and he tried to kiss me, but I politely turned him down, thanked him for the food, and went back to work. 

Ah, Karl. 

Anyway, after those classes, I never saw him again, except sporadically walking through the science building. I was always polite to him, and he was always TOO NICE back to me. 

I’m so glad he’s no longer in my life lolol 

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Dang, my bad dates seem pretty tame compared to everyone else!

My favorite was when I was 16. I was in the colorguard and one of the saxophone players asked me out to have Boba after rehearsal (this was before boba became trendy). I’d never had boba before, and we went to the popular donut shop across the street to get it. I take a sip and it tastes like garbage mixed with sour grapes. But I’d been getting pressure from the other colorguard girls to get a boyfriend already and I wanted him to like me so I sucked those little black balls down trying not to gag with each sip.

Took me 10 years to try eating boba again lol. 

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I met one guy online whose profile seemed like a match. He asked me to describe myself and I said slightly overweight but attractive…he kept saying, well you aren’t 600 pounds?? Ok maybe I shouldn’t have said that but his reaction was strange. Anyway we met at a restaurant/bar which I suggested as he had no suggestions, and it was raining out so when we met inside it was like he was still bothered by his hair being rained on…we got a couple drinks and talked and he kept going on about how I wasn’t 600 pounds. Then he started telling me that he gets so many dates off match bc he knows he’s cute. Ok…then he started to go on and on about his 7 nieces, showing me pictures. I mean they were cute but it was odd. He told me about his 2 prior engagements, he described the first situation as that he had bought a house in a little hick town and his eventual fiancée was the best he could find there which wasn’t saying much. Her big transgression? She didn’t like that he spent every day with his mom and sisters and nieces but was often too busy for her, even though they were engaged. He was just so full of himself and superior. He then said that he had to be up early the next morning to take his 2 nieces to a local annual fair. He acted as if all of a sudden it got so late but it was only around 10. I said ok and of course didn’t bother to answer any further calls or emails, I don’t mind a guy who loves his family but red flag if he let it destroy a previous relationship. 

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Kslim13 :  A rich guy? I think not. Every well to do man I have ever met will pick up the bill for a restaurant. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the point is this man was someone for whom $70 is a lot of money. And although rich people can be cheap and stingy, a restaurant bill is not going to be their hill to do on.

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sunburn :  he drove off in a Ferrari. So unless he was leasing it, I want to imagine he had some money…. 

Looking back i would have much rathered gone for a ride in that Ferrari as part of the date then having to pay for a 70 dollar drink, lol. 

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