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That is absolutely inexcusable! Omg, just horrible, I’m so sorry.

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Helper bee
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First off (((HUGS)))

I don’t live in Ontario, so this store won’t affect me…but I do want to say how pissed I am for you!!! She needs to understand that she can not get away with treating customers that way.

I highly suggest you write her a letter letting her know how terribly she treated you and that you will not allow another bride to endure such treatment. Let her know that you will be sure to post reviews on every resource possible where a bride might be able to decide whether or not to give them her business.

I am so angry about this, GRRRRRRR!

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Busy bee
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I’m so sorry! That kind of horrible customer service is inexcusable. You should complain to the Better Business Bureau.

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Buzzing bee

I’m so sorry that this happened to you! Could I suggest you repost this in the local threads, theres one for the Toronto GTA area and so that way you know this will be read by the right girls

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Bee Keeper

Wow. Total lack of respect.

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Bumble bee
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I haven’t had a good experience yet with dress shopping. I had horrible horrible experiences at one shop, wasn’t fond of David’s, another shop just wasn’t going to work because it was back home and I didn’t have the time to travel up there, finally got ready to place the order for my dream dress (which isn’t the one I ended up with) at a local shop and right before I placed my order they were seized by the IRS and everything had to be auctioned off in order to pay back the brides that she ripped off, she was using oen brides deposit to pay off another brides dress after she used the original brides money to pay utility bills etc instead of ordering her dress with it. So went to David’s, hated the experience, went to get alterations, hated it and left, and I’m hoping that my first fitting with a highly recommended seamstress today goes well and makes it all better. I hated wedding dress shopping and everything related to it.

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Bumble bee
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I’d write the name here, and on Yelp, and on any other wedding review site that takes your submission.

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Helper bee
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Surprised Wow… (HUGS)

I was at a shop last Friday trying on dresses and a sweet girl came in all by herself to try on a few gowns. She said over and over that she wanted to look like a princess- super poofy, dramatic and in your face. While that’s not my style, she looked STUNNING in everything she was trying on. My mother and I were chatting her up when she was trying them on and kept telling her how amazing she looked. She was on a budget and everything that she tried on was in that budget. The consultant that was helping her was clearly annoyed that we were commenting how great she looked in the dresses that were all under 600.00. Anyway, time goes on and as I’m trying on my last dress for the evening, I step out and see the girl in a sheath dress- which although she rocked that too, she kept saying it wasn’t her style. Of course, this dress was over 1500.00- so the consultant was going on and on and on about how THIS was THE DRESS. The consultant finally convinced the girl to buy the dress. At first, I brushed it off and figured, maybe the girl changed her mind? She looked stunning in it anyways, so whatever! Then as we are leaving, I see her crying in the parking lot. She was devestated that she just got talked into this dress that she really didn’t want and was way over her budget, but there was no turning back now. I convinced her to go back in and talk with them and see what they could do. They of course went from smooth talkers to CRAZY in a hot minute and totally ripped this girl to shreds about how she should have really thought it through and it’s not their problem she has changed her mind! I wanted to punch out the consultant!!!!! I get that they have a point, but at the same time- they certainly took advantage of this poor girl and played into her bridal insecurities. It made me so sad. 🙁


Ooops, I just threadjacked! My bad.



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Busy bee
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I think I know exactly which shop you’re talking about…I’m surprised they’re still in business.

You would think bridal shops would be used to the fact that weddings are silly beasts that make people crazy…irrational…emotional and the like.

I had a similar experience with the shop I got my dress in. They were FANTASTIC when I purchsed it…even held a stock dress for me (for 48 hours)so I could make a decision and be 100% sure. After I purchased the dress they were so supportive when we were contemplating changing our date because of family drama…they gave me a shoulder to cry on when I finally broke down because of this (which I rarely do).

BUT when I booked an appointment to try my dress on with my undergarments they treated me like shit. I didn’t get yelled at, but I got ignored and treated like a fool. I think probably because they knew they made no money for this time so why bother.

I’ve booked my 1st fitting for two weeks from now (got major attitude when I booked this because they wanted me to book way back in December…

Salon: “You knwo you are very behind in your alterations and we might not be able to finish in time.”

Me: *thinks to self. Bullshit.

If I dont get treated like fucking royalty at this fitting I am just going to ask for my dress and have it altered elsewhere. I would suggest you do the same.

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Helper bee
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Wow, that’s so terrible.  I live in the GTA too, glad I didn’t go there. 

I hate hate hate when people are fake and trying to be all nice just to make a sale and then they’re rude once they’ve accomplished that.  It’s not a way to run a business. 

Craziness.  Maybe at this point they deserve their name to be written all over the internet so brides can actually be warned and their business goes down the drain.


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Blushing bee
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What place is this, I’m from the GTA area too

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Buzzing bee
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I’m so sorry:(

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