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Sugar bee

It was working for my college’s dining court.  I went home drenched when I was assigned to wash all the pots and pans.  The room had several sinks and they were all filled with high pressure water swirling around.  Every inch of my body was soaked b/c the water splashed everywhere. The floor wasn’t mopped until the end of the day b/c it wasn’t worth it.  It wasn’t my first job, my first was working for pizza hut and I lasted 3 days there.  I cannot stand food service.  Since then, I’ve gotten office jobs that are so much nicer.

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Helper bee
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I worked alone on the weekends at a cookie and ice cream shop during the summer. I had the afternoon shift and had to close the store. Sometimes the line would be out the door and around the corner. Customers were angry and I was fed up that the manager didn’t hire more people. Scooping ice cream and baking cookies was just not me.

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Busy bee
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I worked as a bartender/waitress at a country club during college.  I loved the people I worked with, but hated getting sexually harassed on a daily basis.  The old men gave me their phone numbers, got gropey, made disgusting comments.  It got worse the more they drank.  One time I told a member that he couldn’t talk to me that way and he told me, word for word, “Honey, I can say whatever I want to you as long as i’m throwing dollar bills in your face.”


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Busy bee
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I was a hostess at a restaurant that was trying to be bigger than it was. I also did a lot of busing tables to move things along. The owner/manager was really mean and had a bad temper. I’ve since resolved never to work in a restaurant again!

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Busy bee
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@MissFlipFlops:I know! I opted to go work in the back for the rest of the night.  My boss allegedly had a talk with him about his behavior, but I don’t know.  I probably should have quit, but was young (i.e. kind of naive) and liked working with all my friends.  Now, there is no effing way I would put up with that.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I hated doing R&D. It wasn’t disgusting or anything, it was just the worst job I’d ever had. I only done a few jobs before that–catering and waitressing and both made such good money, I didn’t care how gross I came home.  Everybody i worked with at Ruby Tuesdays was super cool for the most part. My other job was doing research for a dermatologist.

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Bee Keeper
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The worst internship I’ve ever had was at this small magazine. The publisher/editor forgot I was coming (she was one of three staff members), for the first two weeks I was there, so she didn’t leave me anything to do. We were all in cubicles, and I got sectioned off from the other workers, but they were behind me, so it’s not like I could just get on Facebook or something. When she finally did show up and remember me, she gave me like, an hour’s worth of work to do and I was there for five.

Usually people tell you to be enterprising and come up with stuff to do. Let me tell you, I tried everything. They didn’t want or need my help. I ended up helping out the copy editors (we were attached to a newspaper). By the end of the internship, they were still referring to me as “she” and “her.” Seriously. She had two other people on staff. My name couldn’t have been that hard to add to her mental list :P.

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Honey bee
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My first job was at McDonald’s, and it really wasn’t bad at all aside from a few customers!  The worst one was when I had a customer come through the drive through and get really angry because he thought I was going to charge him for ordering a cup of water.  (I wasn’t, we didn’t charge for water.)  He comes flying up to the window, screams, “WATER’S FREE, BITCH!” threw a dart at me, and flies out of the parking lot. 

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Sugar bee
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Warehouse inventory manager (also in charge of shipping and recieving).

It was cold (seriously I wore my parka from september through april), it smelled, and the person who held the position previously had left the place in a post-apocalyptic mess.

It sucked.


Close second was a job I had in highschool making & handing out samples at a grocery store. It gets second place because I got free eats 😉

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I cleaned bathrooms at this place where men lived.  Hot July, no windows, poop and body hair, hands and knees.  That’s all I’ve got to say!

But the worst was watching these two kids who were completely undisciplined (5 and 8).  They weren’t in school and the mother told me the liked “playing outside and doing art projects and reading.”  Yeah.  Right.  They fought constantly and would not listen to me.  It was really stressful.  The older one was pretty abusive.  One day the mother had my watch them WHILE she was there!  It was way too much stress for me.  The worst part was, I didn’t think it was really the kids fault at all.  They were just bored because they weren’t MADE to do anything.  It was so sad.



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Busy bee
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Making cold calls (no pun intended) from a cemetary. “Hello, my name is ItalianLady and I was wondering if a salesman could visit under no obligation to speak to you about reserving your plot”

No joke.

We called from the phone book and were told off A LOT. Also, because it’s so random, you don’t know if you are calling cancer patients or other terminally ill 🙁

I was 16 though and a friend of the family hired me.

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Bumble bee
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BMW customer service – sitting in a cubicle all day at a call center asking people how they liked their service.  Inevitably they would whine at me for interrupting whatever they were doing and then complain that the car wasn’t washed well enough for their taste

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