(Closed) Worst Kid Behavior & Bad Parenting You've Witnessed?

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@Sweet_Tea:  One time i was in target and i watched a little girl probably 6-7 years old basically beating her mother up. She was kicking her legs and screaming. She was smacking and punching her mother in the face and pulling her hair it was terrible. The whole store was staring. The mom made me want to hit her because she was basically just sitting there taking it, saying now you cant act like this blah blah blah.

A different story, a friend of mine works in a candle store. A kid was sticking his fingers into one of the tester candles they had on display. My friend politely asked the kid not to touch it and he picked the candle up and threw it at her wow! . The parents apologized and gave her money to buy a new shirt since their kid got wax all over hers but i cant imagine. 


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@Sweet_Tea:  Oh have I got stories…..I work at a 5th-8th grade middle school and I am a court appointed special advocate.

Honestly, at least once a week I see an instance of poor parenting and misbehaving children.

Most recently, I saw a parent stop in the middle of a busy street (posted speed limit of 45mph) and let her child out of the car to walk over to the school. The 5th grader (about 10 years old) had to run across 3 lanes of traffic to get to the school. It was in the middle of the street!! Cars were coming from both directions…and there was literally a parking lot (where everyone drops their children off) only 50ft ahead! Ugh. 

Another example happened in our front office. A student was being suspended for the 3rd time because she was cursing at teachers, fighting with other students, being disruptive and refusing to do her work. The mother came to pick up the student and was very irate. She refused to believe that her child would behave in such a way and that the school was “making it all up.” Well guess what she proceeded to do….she stomped all over the front office cussing at the counselor and assistant principal (dropping F-bombs), she kicked chairs, punched the wall and would not leave for 20 minutes. All this happended while other parents and staff were in the office. I wonder where her daughter learns it from….

I have many many more, but I won’t take up all the space on this thread 🙂

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@Sweet_Tea:  I worked child care at a local gym and at one point there had to be two workers in the room because of how busy the gym was getting. One little boy in particular was an absolute nightmare. He was constantly hitting me and other children. When I would make him sit down and threaten to get his mother he would scream at the top of his lungs. One day I had enough after he hit my pregnant coworker in the stomach and called his mom in and explained what he had done. Now, I live in a small Tennessee town. If I had ever acted out in any way my mom would have yanked me up by my arm and spanked me in front of God and every body. Instead this lady crouches down and says in a tone you would use to talk to a baby “you have upset mommy. Don’t be mean anymore. Mommy wubs you.” Pats him on the head, and leaves. He gets up and throws a plastic truck at my face. I turned in my notice that day.

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I’m the director of a child care center so I’ve seen quite a few cases of bad parenting over the last 13 years.

I had to call a mom to come pick up her child for repeatedly hitting the teacher and his friends. She came in, listened to all of the reasons why he was being sent home and said, “Come on, honey. I have some candy for you in the car.” 

Another time, we had a five year old who pooped in his pants, didn’t tell anyone, then went into the bathroom and smeared it ALL over himself and the walls. When I called his mom to pick him up and tell her he would not be allowed back, she screamed at me like I had done something wrong. She made up excuses for him and just couldn’t understand why he was being terminated. I told her to get him counselling.

Another mom stood in front of her 4 year old daughter and called me an f-in b*tch and told me she was going to beat my a$$ because I wouldn’t let her daughter attend the center with a head full of lice.

One of the fathers towered over me, screamed in my face and cussed me out in front of his son saying his son’s shoes were being “ruined” because they were tied in double knots.

Another parent came in, grabbed her son and came to my desk waiving a note in my face and yelled that if she gets one more note saying she needs to pay her bill, she was going to have her husband shoot me.

Fun times! Its a good thing I love kids because some of the parents can be just awful.

I could go on and on and on. Some people just shouldn’t be parents.

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I work with children, so behaviour doesn’t really phase me anymore – although I am a bit of a behaviour snob if I’m in public and children are misbehaving. However, one afternoon I was discussing with a mother how her son had hit and pushed a much smaller child off the edge of the stage (the younger child was probably just as aggressive as the child who pushed, anyhow…) I said to her that I didn’t want to tell her to get him in trouble, just to make her aware of the behaviour so that she can try to manage triggrs etc in the home. Her reaction was to call her son over to us both and proceed to slap him across the back of his head!!! Not hard enough to do any damage, but still a) I’m against hitting children, and b) how is hitting him going to teach him that hitting is not an appropriate reaction to others’ behaviour??? 


I’m always amazed at the techniques parents employ to discipline their children. 

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@pinksunshine:  Wow, what did you do after you were threatened getting shot?

You are so brave!


Some parents just do not care to raise children. It seems like they just pop out little ones and the rest is up to universe or something. Ugh.

I guess I’m lucky I don’t see many children around day to day basis… I want kids but am scared of failing as a parent!!!

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I try not to judge too much with strangers since you never know, that child could be autistic for example, so the parent knows that shushing will do no good and they really need groceries, etc. But I’ve got some pretty bad ones from people I do personally know – okay, it’s my SIL. The first thing that comes to mind is when we were all out for a joint birthday dinner since Darling Husband and her’s are very close together, and her almost 3yo son was screaming and hitting people. The response? “I can’t wait until he’s older so we can start teaching him discipline and telling him no.” And then taking him to play games and buying him candy to appease him.

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I see the appeasing quite often. Some parents are terrified to tell their children “no.” They’re just raising future criminals who’ll think they can do whatever they want and have no respect for rules and boundaries. I love kids but the parents can drive me nuts. They have no clue what to do. I have to sit them down and say, look, you need to start doing this, this and this. Some get it and some don’t. The ones who don’t are the ones who’s kids get terminated. 

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I work at the police station, and a mom came in with her kid asking for a tour/to be shown the police car kind of thing.  So I got an officer, and as he was talking to the kid he managed to pull out a felt pen and scribble all over our desk.  So, the officer was like, “I’ll get you a cloth to clean that up” and the mom FREAKED out and screamed at the officer that her son “would not be doing work that their tax dollars pay him to do”. 

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