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  • Wedding: April 2016

Wow, some of these stories are crazy! Reading this thread has been very entertaining 

Luckily I’ve never been to any wedding that I would call “awful” or “the worst.” But there have been a few instances at different receptions that I remember not particularly liking.

There was one wedding where I was the Maid of Honor and the whole ceremony and reception were really lovely. The only problem was the seating. There were no table assignments. So the 200+ guests were just kind of milling around with their plates of food (it was a buffet) trying to find seats together. This left most tables with like 1 or 2 empty seats. Anyway, since I was in the bridal party, we were the last ones to get into the reception area. Well, all the seats were gone by then so all us BMs grabbed our plates of food and then wandered down the hall until we could find an empty room (the reception was in a hotel). We ended up sitting together on the floor eating in some other empty banquet room. That was unfortunate.

Then there was this other wedding that I went to last year, just as a guest, that was very nice except the venue was a very weird shape. It was beautiful but it was kind of like in a V and we were at one end of the V and you couldn’t see the other end, so when people got up other there to give speeches…you couldn’t see or hear them! It was very odd. The other downer for this reception was the dj. He was awful. Any time a really good song came on and people started to get up and dance, he would all of a sudden change it up and merge another song into it that totally didn’t fit and literally you could see everyone stop dancing and leave the dance floor. And he did this over and over! He obviously could not read the crowd.

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Oh gosh! I was in a wedding for a friend. It was really weird becasue no one was happy that she was getting married to this guy. And the grooms family really hated him (he was not a nice man) so only his Mom came. One brother told me (no joke) “I am a vampire. This is a day wedding so I really can’t come.” So everyone sat around scowling and getting drunk. Some VERY underage girl at the wedding got hammered and threw up on the dance floor. She later caught the flowers and a super creppy dude was far too into putting the gater on her leg well above her hemline.  Super gross!

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Worst reception I ever attended was when a bride had only served pulled pork and potato chips (I’m vegetarian so I could only eat the chips). Plus I was 20 at the time and could not drink yet so I was looking forward to the punch bowel. Well the punch bowel ran out within 15 minutes of the reception and it was never refilled after. All there was otherwise to drink was beer at a beer only cash bar. I just asked for ice and filled my cup from a drinking fountain next door.

But that’s not even the worst part. The best man at this wedding was beyond drunk before even arriving to the reception and was in the bathroom puking instead of giving his speech. He and his girlfriend spent the majority of the rest of the night screaming at each other in the middle of the street. To top the night an underage guest was drinking and decided to go out to this car to listen to music, well 5 minutes later this same kid had driven his car straight down a hill (fast) and ended up in the middle of a lake. He was fine, but there were cops, ambulances, and firetrucks everywhere and 90% of the guests bolted the reception and ran home. All that was left were me and my now Darling Husband, the bride and groom, and the brides immediate family. The bride was crying and screaming at people, and the groom was on the dance floor alone holding two beers yelling, “I don’t care what everyone is doing out there. It’s my wedding and I’m gana dance!”

I guess you could say the night was memorable to say the least… 

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Some people want constant admiration. My cousin and his now wife are this way. Their wedding was one of the most boring and unpleasant events I’ve ever attended. It was outdoors in fall on a farm on a cold, damp day. The grounds were covered in mud and wet grass yet they requested formal wear. I should have worn rain boots! My shoes were trashed afterwards.

There was a very looong gap between ceremony and reception while the bride and groom took like 9 million pictures. Meanwhile…no food, drinks, chairs or anywhere for the guests to get warm. It was freezing! I wore my coat the entire evening. Everything was long and drawn out. We had to wait through a children’s “cocktail hour” with macaroni and cheese and then a grown up cocktail hour with no chairs, then finally the reception. 

Once the reception started, we had to sit through an itinerary of long boring speeches that lasted waaay too long about their every bowel movement, a choregraphed dance of the two of them, a video montage of every picture of them…ugh…I was just exhaustedly counting down the hours (this thing was from 3pm-12midnight). I think they expected unreasonable amounts of tolerance and attention. The icing on the cake was when their “officiant” got sloppy drunk and started humping his dance partner on the dance floor. Real classy!

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Darling Husband and I weren’t at this wedding but we were at a wedding at this location the previous weekend. The couple who’s wedding we attended also had their toast and cake cutting on this deck. It’s scary that it so easily could have been us and son#1, who was 10 months at the time.

Below the half moon window are the double doors that led out onto the upper deck. The deck completely sheared away from the house. It ended up on the lower patio in the pool!

Deck 2005


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alexachristine:  We actually didn’t go with a venue just for that reason. This was a nice banquet hall but they said that after the ceremony they would need about 1.5 hours to reset the room while everyone had to wait in the hallway where food and drinks are sticktly fobidden…I don’t get how places like that even operate. 

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My bf was a groomsman at a friends wedding. There was little communication from the bride/groom to him about what his duties were to be. All he was told was ‘show up around 12:00 to help set up’. The wedding was at the brides parents house, held in the backyard under a tent. They didn’t rent a floor, rather they simply placed the tables/chairs on the uneven interlocking brick patio. All night long every table and every chair wobbled.

Anyway, he shows up for 12:00, spends all day setting up chairs, decorations etc with not even a sandwich or drink offered to him. The wedding was at 6:00, and even though the invitation didn’t say so, everyone assumed dinner was to follow. Nope. Nothing until about 8:00 when servers came around with these cold mushroom/apple appetizers things, plus some other cold appetizers that weren’t at all tasty. They were gone within minutes. There was a dance floor set up beside the tent, but since it started raining, everyone stayed under the tent which was filled with tables/chairs etc. so other than sitting and talking to your table, there was nothing to do, nothing to eat. Around 10:00 a late night buffet-style table was set up inside the house with cold meats, buns, and salads. Again, everyone devoured them! I’m fine with a cocktail recreation, but if the timing is at all questionable, say so on your invitation! A 6:00 wedding would imply dinner, wouldn’t it!?

To top it all off, the only bathroom available for quests was the main floor powder room of the home and the parents made you feel awkward every time you entered the house, like it was an inconvenience and guest should stay outside. So awkward. What’s funny is that the parents are business owners in town and brag to everyone about their home, their cars, their money. They just have that ‘air’ about them that they’re better than everyone else. And the this is how they treat guests! It was terrible.

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I went to a backyard wedding where they ran out of food. There was about 20 people who never ate. My brother and I actually fought over a dinner role that a guest at another table gave me (I won). We ended up leaving early and getting McDonalds on the way home. I still can’t get over that no one went inside and cooked a box or two of pasta so that we could at least eat something. 

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smarie314:  Box of pasta.. hahaha.  That sounds awful.

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I went to a wedding with my now husband when we first started dating. It was the middle of July (hot, hot, hot). The ceremony was set in a field of brown grass and the only decorations were unplanted trees. It was also extremely windy, the trees kept falling over into the chairs (onto people). The pastor wore a microphone but it only picked up the wind which made for a very unpleasant noise throughout the hour-long ceremony. The couple only served appetizers that had been sitting in the hot sun since before the ceremony so the cheese and meat were sweaty and gross looking. No alcohol, which is fine but they ran out of all other beverages very quickly. The bridal party went to take pictures and there was no direction so people just stood around and wondered when things would happen. 2 hours later there was no food, no drinks, no music, no chairs. We left and went to a groomsman’s house. The bride was really mad that everyone left. 

My mom’s went to a wedding and she complained about the same details: hot weather, unorganized reception, only appetizers during dinner hours, and no alcohol/limited drink selections. 

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I would have to say the worst wedding I went too was my SIL. She got married in Key west FL. After a fourday cruise that she required anyone coming to the wedding to be on. Cermony was on the beach. Lovely idea have no problem with it. Except no seats no tents, 100 degrees and humid. Oh did I mention the hour long cermony. Also she Darling Husband, boyfriend at the time to be a ring bearer so I got to stand out in the sun by myself for a hour and half. Also she put Darling Husband in charge of the ipod for the reception. Which we had to rush back to the cruise ship to set up. But then wait three hours for the bride and groom to get there. She had to redo her makup and hair for the reception after doing pictures on the beach which she yelled at Darling Husband about cause he rushed back to get set up instead of staying a hour extra to take pictures.Open bar but only for two hours. Buffet which I have no problem with. But I do have a problem with no tables to sit at. It was like college class room seating with pull out tables on the side.  No one really danced cause it was the same 10 songs on repeat because thats all she wanted played. And cake tasted like stale feet. 

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I just thought of another one.. well this is about the ceremony, the reception was great. My friend and her now husband are both Ukranian. I attended the ceremony with one other friend. The ceremony was three hours long and a total of three sentences were spoken in english. We had no idea what was going on, but there were times when grown men would burst into tears, so I assume whatever was being said was very beautiful. When we got to the reception we sat with a few of the brides brothers who laughed as they asked us how we liked the ceremony. Apparently, our friend had asked them to sit with us and translate, but they had decided to sit with the grooms cousins instead so they could hit on them. 

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sochic:  Could you elaborate on this a little bit? “…I’ve been to a couple weddings at family homes with little to no decor and it felt cramped because of size of the home vs. # guests. However the couples created such a celebratory environment, we were able to actively participate with them – that was the best!” 

I’d love to know how and what the couple did to help things feel really celebratory and make people feel included- I want that kind of feeling for my own wedding! 🙂 

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Not worst, I have attended just few weddings so far, but,…I’ll never forget, when my friend’s husband did not want to dance the first dance. It was inappropriate, sad and embarrasing. I felt angry and bad  as a made of honour I asked him if he can do it, it would be nice and he said no. We were dancing and the bride was standing in the corner and watching…and he did not care. He went to dance as a last person after one hour or so and we have to  beg him to do that! Such an embarrasing behavior!

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  • Wedding: March 2014

Okay so I wasn’t a guest at this wedding but I was working for the catering service they hired. The wedding took place at about 4 and then there was a cocktail “hour” from 4:30 until 6. The guests were supposed to then move from the cocktail location back into the same place the ceremony took place for the reception. At 6 the doors opened and everyone came piling in. According to our instruction we were to wait until the bridal party arrived to serve dinner which was supposed to be about 6:15. The bridal party did not show up until 8! It turns out that they were all upstairs in the bridal suite getting completely wasted!!! Finally they showed up and we got to serve dinner to some very upset guests that took it out on us. Plus we were given a head count of 200 people and there were 250 guests there so of course we ran out of food. The groom yelled at me because we ran out of food so  I asked the groom how many guests they had and he said oh we had 250 people RSVP. I told him they only gave us numbers for 200 people! He then proceeded to yell at his bride for not sending the right numbers… It was a mess! 

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