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You were banned for writing a review on Yelp? Hahaha. Clearly, they weren’t up for the criticism. 😀

Years ago, when I was much heavier than I am now (you can see where this is going, I’m sure), my now-husband and I went to an Italian restaurant in town. We sat down, and our waitress was an elderly, polite woman. She came by, took our drink orders, then vanished. She came back and asked for our orders.

We both ordered individual pizzas. She then asked, “Anything else? Salads?…” We both shook our heads.

“Oh,” she said. “Well, he doesn’t need it. But you, dear…” and then she walked away.

I was a lot younger than I am now and a lot more sensitive about my weight. Now I’d like to think I’d say, “Excuse me, can you say that again, bitch?” before walking out.

I had one bad experience one other time when I was dating someone else. The waitress ONLY paid attention to him after getting our initial food orders. She’d come over, only talk to and flirt with him, then bail before I could say anything. After a while, it became an experiment. My drink was empty for over half an hour. Joke was on her – I was paying. Guess who didn’t get a tip?


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I think my worst experiances were just lack of service. Once went into a place got seated and 15 min later we were still just sitting at our table. The place was near empty! It was clear that the regulars at the bar were getting all the attention and maybe there just wasn’t enough staff that night, we walked out. Who knows if they ever noticed!

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Here are 2 reviews of mine straight from Yelp:

Found this place by accident. The restaurant we originally planned on going to was closed.  
WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! Was too pissed off to even eat here!!!!!!

So we drove around and saw this cute  looking restaurant. We walked up and a hostess said hi. I said for two. And she got this horrified look on her face. She said “oh!!  Ummm the wait is 20 mins” we said that was fine. Then she proceeded to walk away without taking our name. Waited around and she came back about a min later with a blank look on her face. I asked if she want our name and she said ” oh ummmm ok?” A she proceeded write my name and number in a business card.   She said she would call us if a table opened up.

Ok what?! Are we the first people to ever walk in without a reservation!?! She acted like we should just leave.

Soo we ended up at Yard House 🙁


A girlfriend and i came for the first time last night and did not have a very pleasant experience. Ooof let me begin with the decor; HIDEOUS. Our waiter was very nice but we had to ask for another bread plate as only 1 was provided… that took a good 15 mins. This should not have been a problem as there were only about 15 customers there in total. We ordered the ahi tuna, calamari and the potato skins to share… All three were mediocre. The tuna had no flavor besides all of the overpowering seasoning. The potato skins looked like shriveled up elf shoes and the calamari had an eating disorder as they were freakishly skinny. Once again when the apps were brought out only one large plate was brought as well… When we asked for another they only provided us with another small bread plate… uhh ya no.

At the end of the night i whipped out my coupon which our waiter let us keep. Although i will probably never attempt to use it again.

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General lack of service due to my race (I could tell) and the fact that although I was 25 at the time, I look like I’m 16 sometimes even in dress clothes. The server made sure to say, “Now those receipts are before tip” too. I generally tip 20% or more. That server did not get 20%. It wasn’t like I was at a fancy place. I was at Olive Garden!

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@Ms_Purple:  My worst experience is pretty much the same.  FI and I went to a mostly empty restaurant, get seated, and sat around for 20 minutes with no staff so much as glancing at our table.  They never even took our drink orders…after 20 freaking minutes.  We walked out and went to a sushi place down the road and had a wonderful time.

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I live in CA, where you are not allowed to smoke inside public buildings. 

There’s a Middle Eastern restaurant in my hometown that also sets up hooka outside on the patio. I went a couple times and the food was awful. The staff were totally rude and would often just seat us and then just ignore us while they set up hooka for themselves INSIDE THE BUILDING. It was ridiculous. They acted like we were annoying them by trying to give them our business. 

Not surprisingly, they closed down after a few months. 

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I once had a waitress that ACTUALLY IGNORED ME.

She took my Dad’s order, then walked away! When we called her back, she looked at me and said “I assumed she wouldn’t be eating.”

Um, what? I was 16!

So 5 years goes by, and my ex-BF and I are at a different restaurant. AND WE GET HER. AND SHE DOES THE EXACT SAME THING!

I actually talked to a manager. We used to go to that restaurant once a week, and they always sat us in the “training” section because we were SUCH an easy table! So I HAD to tell him the story of chronic, repeating behavior!

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@CookieCreamCakes:  Omg! That’s so rude w/ the elderly lady from the restaurant.

My worst experience was 8 years ago at restaurant in SoBe Miami. My now ex and I went for drinks to a place where they took forever taking our drink order. Then we had to wait 40 minutes for the drinks (!!!) without an apology just some bs explanation that bartender was backed up (restaurant was nearly empty). On top of that, they automatically added gratuity and would not count drinks as specials. We left extremely angry, and our waitress knew it.

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I was at this casual place where you could order burritos made to order (basically a sit-down version of Chipotle where they make your food in the back and bring it out). So the waitress really didn’t have to do much, we got our own drinks and all that. There were about 6 of us, and 2-3 of us had ordered chicken burritos. When she came to the table, she said “Chicken burrito” and we asked what was in each one since we had all ordered different things in the burritos. She got so annoyed with us and was like “they’re just chicken burritos” and was acting like it was an inconvenience. And then she switched a chicken and vegetarian burrito, but luckily the vegetarian figured it out before she took a bite. 

When I worked in a restaurant I made sure to look at all the orders so I knew which one was which, because multiple people at a table often ordered the same kind of burger. Not that hard, and it’s your job!

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My husband and I were at a diner in Brooklyn that also had a bar in it. They had some coffee cocktails, one of which was called the Cafe Napoleon. It’s just cappucino, cognac, and some whipped cream on top. The waiter clearly had a language barrier, but we thought that if he said “Cafe Napoleon” and pointed at it on the menu, he would know what we were talking about.

The waiter brought out a Napoleon. Like, the dessert.

My husband said, “No, no, I meant the coffee, not the cake.”

The waiter said, “Oh, coffee?” and then walks off, only to return with a regular coffee.

We didn’t bother correcting him that time, but we didn’t leave him a good tip either.

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This was years ago, at a Basque restaurant in Fresno, CA (known for its wonderful Basque cuisine!) The seating was “family style,” with just a few large tables that seat 12+ people.

We were there with a group of friends, and the meal was great, really outstanding. The salad was to be served after the main course. I had ordered a chicken dish, and my plate had a lot of chicken bones on it. I asked the proprietress.waitress if I could please have a clean plate for my salad.

She freaked out! She went on and on in a very loud voice about how inconsiderate it was to ask, that’s not done in Basque culture, I was so rude, etc. etc. – and she climaxed with shouting that even ADLAI STEVENSON ate his salad on the same plate as his main course when he had dinner there!

We couldn’t help it – we just all started cracking up . . . and ever since then, it’s been a family joke at the table –  i.e. Clean your plate – Adlai Stevenson would have done so!! LOL!

(For those of you too young to have heard of him – she was referring to AS II, a governor, presidential candidate and UN Ambassador in the 50s and 60s).




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We went to a restaurant that was supposed to be quite nice. We sat down, noone came to greet us. After 5 minutes, i called a waitress and she gave us 1 menu. (There were 2 of us). My husband asked for another menu and she said “Oh do you want another menu?” My husband said yes please and she gave us another menu. 5 minutes later she came back to tell us about the specials. Half way through reading the specials her boss called her and she left us and went to speak to her boss. 10 minutes later noone returned to take our order so we left.

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Finding a bug in my ice cube. I’m now extremely weird about drinks with ice. I have to inspect my cubes before I drink :

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Darling Husband and I were camping and didn’t feel like waiting for our large group of friends to get ready to go for breakfast so the two of us went by ourselves. It took 20 minutes for the waitress to come over and take our order for breakfast then a table of 20 walked in and got their food before us (we waited about an hour for freaking breakfast) every single thing on my plate was wrong. Wrong hashbrowns, wrong breakfast meat, wrong toast, eggs were cooked wrong and it was all cold. The waitress came back, proceeded to flirt up a storm with my husband (leaning over the table shoving her clevage in his face) when I started to inquire, polietly at first, about my craptastic breakfast being redone correctly she literally waved her hand at me and said ‘breakfast is over’. I complained up a storm with the manager and refused to pay.

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