WORST thing that happened on your day? Big or small!

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Nothing went horrifically wrong thankfully, but I did a few annoyances. The gal my MUA brought for hair sucked and was so so slow. She was basically halfway through my Maid/Matron of Honor hair when we were supposed to be going for pre ceremony pics. My in laws had a ‘welcome party’ the night prior, and apparently my lightweight barely drinker mom partied too hard and was exhausted and hung over for my wedding and ended up leaving basically as soon as she could. 

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  • Wedding: May 2019 - Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Mine was that the florist was late and when she eventually showed, I hated all of the personal flowers. My bouquet nor the bridesmaids bouquets looked anything like we discussed, and in the weeks leading up to the wedding, my requests for demo bouquets (that I offered to pay $$$ for) were ignored because she “had the flu”.

I have zero pictures of me and my bridal party with our flowers–though it’s probably just as well since I didn’t like them!

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  • Wedding: March 2017

We had an elopement ceremony with just us, an officiant, a photographer and an assistant. The officiant was extremely drunk for our wedding and slurring his words!! It was sad and awful on one hand. On the other hand, I was trying not to laugh because my husband’s expression during the ceremony was hilarious!! 

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  • Wedding: September 2021 - Australia

so these are all from my sister’s wedding since mine isn’t until October, but my sister had asked me to be her ‘day of’ person who would handle anything that went wrong, so I had to fix this stuff!

The day ended up being over 40°C (105F), and outside. It was just unbearably hot.

My sister didn’t like the flowers when they arrived.

Her other bridesmaid drank the Gatorade the bride had bought for the next day, so I had to ask my dad to go out in the heat to fetch more from down the road (he had to take his suit off after just putting it on) since we were all still having our hair and makeup done.

The photographer called me when he arrived at the venue, told me the groom wasn’t there and nor were half the guests and to stall as long as possible. He said he’d message me when they arrived but he never did and he ignored my texts (I couldn’t call as I was in the car with the bride and she’d hear). Eventually the bride called the best man to ask what was going on. They had been waiting for us and were wondering where WE were.

That photographer also stepped in front of the person doing the live stream for the groom’s whole family who due to covid couldn’t attend in person – he did this several times including blocking the kiss.

The photographer then couldn’t remember the four formal portraits my sister asked for, even though she’d emailed them to him, printed a copy, I told him, she told him, the groom told him. He also wandered away for a good 40 minutes and no one knew what the hell he was doing.

We couldn’t get the photos where we wanted because it is near a bat colony and due to the heat they were falling out of the trees and dying and the park staff didn’t want us to disturb them (fair enough – poor bats :()

A piece of my sister’s dress came loose and so whilst we were in the car I had to fix it – it was getting on for dusk, so it’s dark, my sister is wriggling around, I’m trying to sew through just the top layer rather than the underskirt so it doesn’t look weird when we pull it down, she’s panicking…

we get to the venue and are supposed to just hop out but because I’m finishing the skirt we take a few extra minutes and a park ranger gets into a fight with the driver and is really rude saying we’re blocking the road, even though the park is closed and there’s room for them to go past.

The air conditioning at the reception was really poor and we all thought we’d die

We had to go and get water from the bar ourselves since they just kept saying ‘it’s coming (it was not coming)

the mics didn’t work for the speeches, they lost/couldn’t find the wishing well my sister brought with the decor, and the photographer made the bride and groom do their sparkler exit twice since he missed it first time around.

Oh! And at the last minute the venue decided they wouldn’t let the cake lady (a very old friend of the bride) deliver the cake early after all so she had to miss the ceremony. 

Phew – just repeating all of it raised my stress levels, haha! But hopefully I was able to sort out most of these problems so my sister was barely even aware of them. I so hope she had a beautiful day.

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My wedding went about as smoothly as possible, the only thing I would change and suggest to other brides is to take some antinausea meds in the morning! I was very anxious about it being all eyes on me and felt like I was going to throw up from the nerves. We had delicious food and I couldn’t eat any of it! 

Another thing that didn’t go as planned was our cake.  We bought a very small round grocery store cake for the cutting, and a couple of sheet cakes for the guests. I bought a sweet cake topper to offset how plain and pitiful the cake looked, but the venue lost it. They also kept the sheet cakes in the back, so the whole huge dessert table had one tiny round white cake with no topper and no decor at all on the table. The cake had also taken a beating in transport so the frosting looked horrible. My husband and I still laugh when we think about it. 


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  • Wedding: August 2018

1. I was seriously ill on my wedding day (had been sick the week before and just couldn’t kick it) and my entire honeymoon (couldn’t stop coughing, lost my voice, fatigued, sore rib cage etc). Nothing I could have done but definitely made the day a little tougher and the pictures a little less “magical”. 
2. We were supposed to have a low cascading floral arrangement on our sweetheart table but our florist brought this giant tall arrangement in a vase that had to be removed so we could see our guests and vice versa – we ended up having a very plain empty table. 
3. Our wedding cake was supposed to have little crown motifs worked into the design of our cake (we’re high school sweethearts and were prom king and queen senior year) but they were completely left off – that was more of just a disappointment through. 
4. No one (including me) noticed that the longgg train of my dress wasn’t bustled correctly so it kept dragging on the ground behind me, getting stepped on, and coming undone all night (just a small annoyance I barely noticed) 

5. Photographer got very few portraits of just my husband and I and in most of the wedding photos in general (both posed and candid) my eyes are closed 🤦🏻‍♀️ (this is something you can mostly avoid by being REALLY picky about who you hire!) 

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  • Wedding: September 2021 - Australia

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@calireaming112:  I know! I felt so bad for her! A lot of the issues were partially because of her photographer, and apparently, he didn’t even get good photos! They still refuse to share them and their wedding was 6 months ago! It’s the reason we were SO anxious about our photographer and really put a lot of importance on getting on with him and having an engagement session to see how he was to work with. Thankfully he is LOVELY, so that box is ticked for us at least (I hope, gulp).

And, some of the things weren’t anyone’s fault – like the heat, or the poor bats, and the wishing well thing could have happened to anyone. It just meant people brought their cards to me, and as I’d promised my sister I would look after them for them anyway, it worked out ok.

But at the time there was a lot of problem-solving on the fly. There was one point where everyone else got water and I didn’t since I was solving something and I was almost in tears, it was just so hot!

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Considered going anon for this, but screw it – here goes:

Our wedding day went off without a hitch (as far as I could tell!), but our wedding night was a literal shitshow. 

As we were walking back to our hotel room after dancing the night away, I was exhausted and achy and felt a tickle in my thoat, but assumed it was just sore from yelling over the loud music all evening. We get back to the room and I slip into my sexy wedding night lingerie, a little white lace cropped tank and matching lace booty shorts. DH and I hop into bed and are talking and decompressing from the whirlwind of a day.

By this point, my stomach starts to feel off. I thought I could quietly sneak out a little fart and DH might not even notice. We regularly fart in front of each other anyway, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but in bed on our first night as husband and wife while wearing lingerie didn’t feel like the appropriate time or place to be ripping farts.

Anyway, I go for it and it’s…not a fart. I’ll spare the gruesome details, but my wedding night was spent in the bathroom on what would be the kick off to an utterly brutal stomach flu that lasted roughly three weeks.

Turns out Patient Zero was DH’s aunt who was already sick before flying in for the wedding and she spent part of the reception sick in the bathroom. More than half of our guests that we spoke to after the wedding caught the bug too. This was in 2017, so pre-COVID times, but just goes to show that superspreader events are very much real! 

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  • Wedding: September 2020

We were guests at a wedding where all of the bridesmaids’ purses were stolen from the back of the cathedral. The church was in the heart of the city so they thought it was best to put them in this small holding room near the entrance instead of leaving them in the limo. Some people noticed a guy sitting in the last pew who was not an invited guest. It was reported to the police and it’s assumed he was the thief but nothing was ever recovered. So much for “sacred.”

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  • Wedding: March 2014

We couldn’t make a wedding work with my husband’s awful work schedule. We planned a courthouse wedding, which in the long run I’m so glad we didn’t do a wedding. I wouldn’t change much if we did it again. Maybe just two little things…

He was so nervous he forgot to change out of his work clothes (they were not fancy as he’d been working outside), and he forgot to kiss me till we got out to the car. 😅

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  • Wedding: September 2018

My Mom was ill all morning (vomiting) and missed all the preparations before the ceremony. She showed up looking so ill I sent her off to sleep. We think it must have been something she ate the night before.

Luckily she felt well enough to walk me down the aisle and felt progressively better from then on but I really thought that my Mom would miss the wedding 😕

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  • Wedding: February 2018 - UK

We had no massive problems, but several small ones…

1. The decorators tried to screw us over at the last minute, literally an hour before the ceremony, by claiming we hadn’t agreed on ribbons on the chairs, and we’d have to pay extra for them. They also set up the chairs facing the wrong direction. Luckily my husband had all the paperwork and pics of what they agreed to, so they fixed it.

2. My mum made a drama about her wedding corsage, the flowers arrived and she kicked off about not wanting a wrist corsage, she wanted one on her dress. She later admitted the wrist one was much better…

3. Our DOC wandered off at the end of the speeches and meal, so everyone just sat awkwardly for a couple of minutes until she came running back in to show them out.

4. The bustle broke on my dress, so I spent the entire reception carrying a ridiculously long and heavy train over my arm. At one point, by mum sewed it back together, but my husband promptly stood on it and ripped it again…


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Ours was a very stripped back & simple Covid wedding, so there wasn’t much that really could go wrong.  We only had two little niggles.

1) There wasn’t time to get my dress altered before the ceremony – it was just brushing the floor, so I thought it would be ok as long as I walked slowly.  Unfortunately, it rained the morning of the wedding so the pavement was damp, and my dress material was the kind that stretches when it gets wet.  So the damper it got, the longer it got until I was tripping over several spare inches of fabric with every step.

2) Our photographer completely ignored our instructions for photos.  He got completely smitten by the wife of the minister who married us (admittedly, she is a looker!), so we ended up with about half a dozen great photos of her, but only one of my mother and the best man only made it into the background of another photo!  

To be fair, it was his first wedding under Covid regulations and because we got married as soon as lockdown lifted, the restrictions were extremely tight.  So we weren’t expecting him to get the group shots we’d originally wanted.  But we WERE expecting decent pics of our wedding party.

Pre wedding, he’d suggested getting a pic of us kissing while all the guests stood at a distance covering their eyes.  We told him NO because we hate posed shots and we also knew anything like that would go down like a lead balloon with most of our guests.  Guest what?  He did it anyway.  So we have a photo of us kissing in a super-awkward way, while a couple of guests cover their eyes as instructed and the rest look fed up, embarrassed or angry…

Neither of those things bothered us much at the time though, and looking back, they seem quite funny now!  Reading this thread, I think we got off lightly.

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  • Wedding: April 2019

WB keeps eating my post. Hopefully this one sticks. 

The two worst things that happened at our wedding actually ended up being my sister’s fault (MOH). It did not ruin the day or anything and its actually quite funny now. 

So the first thing that ALMOST ruined my wedding ceremony: My husband and I decided to write our own vows. The one task I gave my sister was to hold on to my vows (written on a piece of paper) and when it is time to read them just hand it over to me since she will be standing right next to me. Our ceremony was on the beach and our reception was taking place on a boat. My sister and I were on the boat since all our guests were making their way to the ceremony. Long story short…she had to leave the boat before me. My father and I were the last to depart the boat to get to my ceremony and she yelled at me as she was getting off the boat that she forgot my vows. I ran like a mad man to search for them. Luckily I found them in her purse in the little room we were getting ready. I had to stuff my vows in my dress in the boobage area. so that was awesome-not but crisis avoided. Everyone had a good laugh when I took out my vows from my dress LOL.

The second part was speeches. My sister explicitly told me she did not want to give a speech and I am like cool no problem. The best man was the only one slotted to give a speech. Some how my sister ended up with the microphone and gave a very long speech that really wasnt even about me. She then started passing the microphone around to my husband’s parents and my parents. My husband got up and very smoothly told my sister we are not doing that and she got the point. 

My husband and I have a good laugh about it now and thankfully it did not ruin our amazing day. Needless to say my sister is a bit of a mess. She was not my first choice to be Maid/Matron of Honor but it is what it is. 

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