WORST thing that happened on your day? Big or small!

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Sugar bee

Lol, the limo driver took us to the wrong location because of a typo in his GPS. Tried to drop us off on the side of the road in this random area. We were like uhhhh wtfff lol. All worked out though! 

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Helper bee

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@calireaming112:  We didn’t have anything major but the one thing that sticks out is that we had a beautiful vintage car. And when the driver came to pick me and my mom and dad at the hotel, he complained his GPS didn’t plug into the car (no shit it was from the 50’s lol). I had no phone on me, so I had to use my dad’s phone GPS to direct him to our venue. Also I locked my knees at the altar and felt like I was going to pass out when we were taking pics after the ceremony. My bridesmaids ran to get me some food and water, and we have pics of them feeding me hahaha I think it’s all really funny now. 

The driver also kept hitting on my mom which was hilarious (my mom is single but was just laughing about it). We also had a fun surprise from the rental company where we had booked a towncar to take us to the hotel at the end of the night, and they sent a stretch limo, was amazing! 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2017

We had an intimate ceremony of just us and our witnesses.  My husband was going to pick up his and meet me at the church, my witness was going to come to my house and drive with me to the church.  Well, that day Bell cell phones were down so we had absolutely no way to communicate with each other or our witnesses to confirm plans.  It’s the only time a cell carrier outage has actually affected us, but it all worked out

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Blushing bee

Well mine seems pretty silly compared to the ones so far, but oh was it annoying for a couple weeks! Our ceremony was outside in the wooded area of a botanical garden & I forgot to put on bug spray beforehand. Of course I got bit by a mosquito on my forehead & by evening it had swelled up to a goose egg plus crazy itchy. We got married at sunrise & brunch/reception was over by 1, so luckily it wasn’t really obvious until after all the photos had been taken.

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Buzzing bee

The worst thing?

Well for my first wedding it was that I actually went through with it and married the jerk

For my second wedding, it was that it rained all day right up until the ceremony started and the sun came out! It made it pretty humid but overall worked out great!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 2019 - Canada

I woke up the morning of my wedding with hives covering my entire face. I had an allergic reaction to the spray tan I’d got the day before. I’d had a trial and only got a bit of a reaction on my thighs but I thought it was from sleeping with my legs stuck together all night… I was so itchy but my mom ran and grabbed some medication that helped with that. My face felt horrible all day. Thankfully my makeup covered it so you could only tell if you looked closely because the texture of my generally clear skin was like a golf ball ūüôĀ 

An old “friend”, who I debated inviting because we’re not really close anymore, got super trashed and threw a temper tantrum for literally hours at the reception because she “looked so beautiful and no one was hitting on her”. She legitimately came just to meet her soulmate… Several people tried to talk some sense into her until finally I had to pull rank and send her to her hotel. She hasn’t talked to me since. I’m considering that the trash taking itself out. lol

ETA – I forgot about one! My younger brother was slated to MC with DH’s sister, we’re both very close to our siblings so we were excited for them to MC and they’d been working on their “routine” for weeks.  Brother and his wife live 16 hours away and are notorious for being late, so they had promised to leave a day earlier than they normally would have. Brothers wife was quite sick so they had to push back their departure until the next morning. Once they got on the road, they had car trouble an hour from home and had to turn around. They live in a remote community and nowhere near a car rental or airport. My brother spent the entire day working on the car and they were finally able to leave home Friday evening for my Saturday wedding. They drove all night (which is what they usually do when coming home) and I spent the whole morning getting text updates of where they were. Miraculously they arrived 1 hour before the ceremony.  Because it was looking like he wasn’t going to make it, DH’s sister had revised their script so her BF could step in, not realizing that it deleted the original! So as soon as my brother arrived, after driving all night, he and SIL had to sit down and re-write their whole script. I’m SO incredibly thankful he was able to make it, it would have been heartbreaking if he wasn’t there. 

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  • Wedding: June 2020

Most things I didn’t care about because I am not that into weddings but JFFlaughing

COVID wedding

1) Our destination wedding got cancelled {but we lost 0 $$ because it got cancelled right before we were putting a deposit}

2) I bought 2 dresses for the wedding, and one I still haven’t used, still haven’t had a photoshoot

3) Our covid wedding was a micro wedding and we opted for the casual dresscode. However people at the wedding (supposed to be just 2 guests, but were 3, will get to this later) got all dressed up to the max (gowns, long dresses) and we were really underdressed…lol

4) Our officient only allowed 2 witnesses due to covid and his age and I repsected that and was totally fine with it. But one extra guest showed up, my SIL who if I could won’t not even invite to a wedding if I had 250 seats lol but she still showed up. I was pissed because I would have rather invited someone else. We had to exclude people who we actually like.

5) SIL also took a bunch of unprefessional photos and they were very ugly, you can tell she wasn’t trying, and then she sent them out to everyone without checking with me. My husband has the same opinion on the photos so I am not being dramatic. We are both fit, young, my husband is 6 ft tall blond handsome guy. She made us look like trolls, I honestly think she was trying to snap the most unflattering angles, like she didn’t let us fix our hair and 70% of the photos were blurry. Mother-In-Law told her to be the photographer for the day.

6) After the wedding there was a small celebration in the garden and AGAIN no one got the memo, it was a very hot humid day so I am glad I was wearing a very causal dress but everyone else was dressed formally or maybe semi-casual. My husband and I looked the most casual which is fine just weird:) I guess they couldn’t believe we were gonna do it because generally we like to dress up and look good. But we didn’t consider this our actual wedding, my husband was still hoping of having a vow renewal or a destination wedding later. 

7) Second another bee here who said that it’s goot to take an antinausea pill…no matter how small this wedding was I felt so sick, I couldn’t eat anything at the wedding but had a few glasses of champagne and just a small piece of the cake which I didn’t like. It also made me think what would happen if I had a big wedding with 100+ people. This must be nerve wrecking…



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Bumble bee

The major thing – which we think is freaking hilarious – was that during DH’s vows, a boat cruised slowly by blaring Demi Lovato (we got married in a yacht) . We had guests screaming at the boat to cut the music, but they didn’t understand, so we had pause (all giggling) until the boat passed for vows to continue.


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Sugar bee

We were supposed to have a beautiful copper chuppah. Our ceremony was in this sort of courtyard garden with a backdrop of trees.  It would have been gorgeous.  But the people who were supposed to set it up didn’t show up… so no chuppah.  (they actually showed up 5 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start and our planner had to shoo them out.)

The copper chuppah was the only decorative element other than an art nouveau rug we stood on, since the courtyard was flagstone & i wanted to be kind to my feet.  So my ceremony photos weren’t quite as pretty as they could have been.  It clearly looks odd, we’re randomly standing on this rug with a bunch of trees behind us.  

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  • Wedding: October 2013

our photobooth didn’t show up. i didn’t care.  but it was something my mom really wanted.

though we were prepared since, i called 4-5 days in advance to confirm everything and didn’t get a response.  then 2 days before, day before, and day of i called with no response to my emails and calls.

thankfully i put the deposit down with a credit card, filed a claim, and got my money back.  then i posted bad reviews everywhere i could find.  and 2 of my husband’s friends are event planners and they spread the word not to use them either.

when i first booked them, they were great with communication, so i didn’t understand what happened.

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  • Wedding: September 2018

Oh there are a few, not the worse things, but just things out of my control

1)waking up day of wedding and some flowers in my bouquet had wilted and turned brown and the florist tried to blame it on me and my fridge not really being at the temp they told me to keep it in.  Thankfully my Maid/Matron of Honor went to the florist next to my house and they fixed it while I was having my hair and makeup done and the bouquet looked even prettier after

2) limo driver missed the exit to the church, thankfully I knew my way around and guided him..there was also a lot of traffic to get to the venue and he told me he wouldn’t take a specific route because it was the most congested route which I said I was ok with and then he proceeded to take it so we showed up 45 min late to the venue and that stressed me out as I hate being late

3) one of my bridesmaids got wasted on the way to the venue as she tried to keep up with the guys so the entrance into the hall she looked mad sloppy..her father also got waster within the first hour at the reception and puked all over the table..I apologized profusely to the other guests at that table..

4)another bridesmaid tried to make it all about her so kept pulling my Maid/Matron of Honor away all day/evening therefore not being able to help me with little things (like going pee as I needed help holding my dress haha) and then this bridesmaid and bridesmaid from point 3 decided to go take a nap…during our thank you speech..

5) my photographer was amazing during our engagement shoot so thought she’d be great day of wedding..well she was very quiet leading up to it shows up day of says her brother tried to commit suicide the night before and so she’s not really feeling it but will still honour the contract…I paid to have her for extra hours but she decided to bring her husband along who had severe seafood allergies and without asking what the food was decided to eat the food from the buffet and then had a major allergic reaction and so she left leaving us solely her assistant who missed a lot of pictures… when we finally got our pictures a lot of the family portraits she had taken she never gave us as she “accidentally deleted” them so I don’t have nice family pictures to frame…

Still a happy day as I got to marry the man of my dreams!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2018


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Bumble bee

Well the days leading up to our wedding, the temperature was warm and in the mid-70s. ¬†Perfect weather. ¬†Our wedding day, it suddenly dropped to a high of only 34 degrees (F) and it turned very icy the minute the sun went down. ¬†Everyone had to spend time scraping ice off their car windshields after the reception. That was a boatload of fun in my wedding dress ūüė≠

Also, during the reception once the music band started playing after dinner and people began dancing, my ENTIRE side of the family just got up and left.  This is before the cake even got cut.

No explanation. ¬†No giving me a heads-up that they’re leaving. Nada.

I happened to grab one of my aunts as she was headed out and asked her wtf was going on. ¬†She just shrugged her shoulders that she didn’t know either, but since everyone was leaving she didn’t want to be the only one sitting alone on my side of the family. And left.

I later find out that one of my grandmother’s said she had a headache. ¬†And everyone took that as an excuse to leave my wedding. ¬†Without telling me that they’re leaving.

My husband and I paid for our wedding and it was almost $200/person. ¬†Plus we paid a lot of money to have an amazing band play for the reception (because my family said they hated DJs). ¬†By the way, we were going to elope just the two of us in Bora Bora. But when my mother found out, she became incredibly upset and told me without a proper wedding with my entire family invited, NO ONE would see our marriage as being real or give us the proper recognition as a married couple….. ¬†

Well, fortunately this story has a happy ending.

After the initial shock of having half the room become empty from my family abruptly leaving, our friends and my husband’s side of the family decided that the party was going to go on. ¬†They all banded together and pushed aside all of the empty reception tables from my side of the family. ¬†

We made a huge dance floor and had the most awesome dance party. ¬†Our wedding band started rolling out all the greatest hits and it was on! ¬†My wedding coordinator brought out these super cool glow sticks and we had a blast going nuts on the dance floor with my husbands’ family and our friends. ¬†

There was not one person who remained sitting. ¬†Everyone was going crazy on the dance floor. ¬†Even my husband’s old relatives who have arthritis and back issues got their groove on, and later thanked us because it’s been a long time for them since they danced their ass off like they did that night.

My “father-daughter” dance was with my Father-In-Law. ¬†It wasn’t planned. But it was a special moment for us because I felt so loved and accepted by my husband’s family. ¬†My Father-In-Law and I both got teary-eyed when we danced.

My photographer got some amazing pictures of my reception and to this day it brings a smile to my face when I see those pics of the joy and happiness we felt, after my family left.  

I guess it goes without saying that I LOVE my husband’s family and am very very close to them.

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  • Wedding: November 2014 - ontario, canada

Our wedding coordinator was fired a day before our ceremony and our DJ, who was familiar with the location (preferred vendors are a god send!!), as well as the head waiter tag teamed to fill her place.  No one noticed and we tipped both handsomely for their service.

My brother in law was in my husband’s wedding party but is not in any of the getting ready photos because he was 16 and my inlaws couldnt be bothered to drive him in early.

There was contruction on the road and my flowers were late but my maid of honor’s husband went on the hunt and directed her delievry perfectly.  Near miss but it was all good.


Other than that it went pretty well, lol

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