(Closed) Worst Vendor Meeting Ever: Owner’s Dog Bit My Fiance!

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@ohmybears48:  E-mail the owner of the company and ask for the dog’s vaccination records.

If the skin was broken he really should see a doctor. This is an unknown dog, you don’t know if he’s up to date on vaccinations and your Fiance might need some antibiotics or other treatment.

Honestly, I’d go to the doctor and report the bite. Especially since the owner and DJ are being so nonchalant about the whole thing.

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I would definately email the owner. If the dog bit your Fiance then they need to reconsider how they are containing the dog (or lack there of) when strangers are in the building. Depending on their resonse, I would report the bite.

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Let me start by saying thank you for the work you do with dogs! As someone who’s family has participated in animal rescue and fosting efforts for as long as I can remember, I appreciate it.

Now on to your question. I think you should definitely email the owner. I think you should let him know what happened and that the DJ was present and saw the bite mark. For one, its utterly rude and unacceptable that there was not even an apology issued.

Second, its possible that the DJ never informed the owner of the bite which speaks very poorly of that DJ. As an owner, I would want to know if something like this had occurred on my property, in my business, and with my dog. If I had an employee that did not recognize the seriousness and all the liability issues tangled up in this, then I would be concerned about letting that employee represent my company and be covered under my insurance.

And third, I think it is important for the owner to know what his dog did so that he can take appropriate actions. He is very lucky that you didn’t report it. Perhaps the dog felt threatened. Perhaps the dog is just malicious. I have no way of knowing but a responsible owner would want to get to the bottom of it and prevent it from ever happening again.


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Report the bite. I love dogs too, but who knows how up to date the vaccines were and God forbid it ever attacks someone else more violently or attacks a child.  

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It definitely needs to be reported and checked that shots are up to date. On another note, maybe I’m not reading it right but was the owner even aware of what happened when he came and picked up the dog? If he wasn’t then he really needs to know about his dog’s behavior.

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@ohmybears48:  Definitely find out about vaccinations – is that dog often present when this DJ is meeting with potential clients? I know you don’t want to be the ‘bady guy’ but if strangers are often in and out of the apartment, that’s a huge risk! What if the next time the dog bites, it’s a child?

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Vaccinations are so important. My son got bit by a dog a few years ago and with the 4 teeth left in it’s mouth it tore skin. Thankfully it was mostly up to date with it’s shots. They did have to quarantine it for a month. You may not want to be the bad guy, but sometimes you need to be.

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Honestly, I would report this and I work in rescue as well.

The dog is being trusted with strangers on a regular basis. His owners are not taking necessary precautions. He was unprovoked. He gave no warning. This is exactly the kind of thing you need to report.

EDIT: Also, if the dog did have a strike or two against him, I really doubt the owners would be leaving him in a warehouse with strangers when they are not around. I would guess that this would be the first strike.

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@ohmybears48:  They company is not going to mention the incident or admit guilt via email–it’s a legal issue. They are probably concerned that you will take legal action, which of course you could.

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You do need to find out about the vaccines.  If the owner can’t provide you with proof of a current rabies vaccine (at a minimum) the dog will likely need to be quarantined and your Fiance may need some unplesant shots as a precaution. 

One of the reasons the city has a three strike rule for dog bites is that a dog who keeps biting is a hazard – whether it’s the fault of the dog or the owner, it’s not a good combo and they poses danger to others.  It’s certainly heartbreaking when an animal has to pay for the misdeeds of the owner, but that doesn’t mean that the bites can go unreported.  🙁

On the upside, I suspect that Roe is right – This is likely a first bite; if the dog had a bite record it probably wouldn’t be roaming around a place of business.  That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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