Worst wedding you have been to and why?

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Sugar bee

ohhh WOW.. mine don’t really compare to this, but here they are:

1) I went to the wedding of a friend of my boyfriend at the time who I’d been dating a bit over a year. It was a 5 hr drive out of town and we had to book a hotel etc. Then a couple of days before the wedding the groom called my boyfriend and said the bride (who was a real bridezilla) was freaking out about there not being enough space at the ceremony and asked that I not come to it. They also asked the best man’s gf not to come, but he refused.

It was really awkward because I was the only person that didn’t go to the ceremony and then at the reception all of his friends kept asking why I wasn’t there, and I kept having to explain that I had been asked not to come. I wouldn’t have gone at all, but we’d already booked the hotel and my boyfriend didn’t have a car to get there on his own. 

It was also a cash bar despite being otherwise extraordinarily lavish. (I’m not against cash bars, but it seemed like poor prioritising) 

2) At another one, the ceremony and reception were both outdoors and there was one of the biggest thunder and lightning storms I’ve ever seen. It was so cold I was shaking all through dinner and we had to leave early. 

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Sugar bee

cosimaskye : I know! I felt so awful for the bride. They’re a very sweet couple and it was a beautiful venue. I was surprised they didn’t have a backup plan because it was definitely a time of year when it could have gone either way and we do live somewhere that rains a lot. They had blankets and things for the older people at least! 

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When my cousin got married. Her branch of my family is very religious (fundamentalist evangelical Christian).  They had a huge guest list, inviated all the neighbors, coworkers, etc.  So there were a fair amount of athiests, agnostics, people of other faiths, and other Christian denominations.  

To be blunt, her family did not recognize many of the other Christians as being saved because they didn’t go to the “right church”.  And they had invited half the town because they had an altar call during the ceremony and were encouraging (pressuring, even) guests to come get saved. Some of the most awkward 10 minutes I’ve ever experienced.

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