(Closed) Would It Bother You… If You Found Out an Ex Got Another Girl Pregnant?

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Busy Beekeeper
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Well I have experience with this one.  My ex husband remarried the day after our divorce (cheater) and she had their baby 3 months later.

How did I feel?  Horrible.  Worst part is he used the name I picked out had we had a little girl for the name.  (Alexandra) I remember crying for days.

Fast forward a half decade into the future.  She is divorcing him now, that little girl is precious and I love her alot!  She is after all, my sons’ half sister.

She spends the night at our home sometimes and she loves me alot.  My ex is background noise barely, that’s all.  He ended up doing the same thing to her too.

I get what you say that didn’t you show him that wasn’t the way to live/do/act?  I had hoped my ex would have cleaned up his act after our divorce for the sake of my son and the new baby, but he didn’t.

Time heals everything.  Trust me it does. 

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Bee Keeper
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Well I never had any special feelings towards an ex. But if I did, I would probably feel funny about it if I wasn’t with my FH.

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Busy bee
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My common sense says that it shouldn’t bother you. He is an ex for a reason and you should move on. Truth is I still get a little upset when I find out that exes from GRADESCHOOL are married or are living happily ever after LOL I know it’s retarded and I have no feelings towards them whatsoever but I guess I just feel like they were “mine” first. I get like that towards guy friends that had a thing for me but I never went out with them too!

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Bumble bee

I think it would depend on who the ex was, i.e. how serious I had been with them. Before Darling Husband I had one boyfriend who I would have considered marrying and having children with (if not for a bunch of complicated factors of course) – I would probably feel a bit strange if he started impregnating other girls because that was something I imagined doing with him. But others I wouldn’t care at all. Being happily married myself probably means I don’t care as much as I would otherwise 🙂

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Busy bee
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I was in a 6 year relationship (from 17-23) – he was my “first” – but it ended on bad terms (he ended up drinking a lot, getting mouthy w/ me, lying, probably cheating….).  He is now engaged to be married next year to the same girl he left me for….

If I found out they were having babies I’d be so emotional – even though I LOVE my Fiance to death!  When they first got engaged I cried my eyes out (even though I was already engaged w/ a house).  I think it was the simple fact that he had talked marriage w/ me for so long.

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Buzzing bee
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@bellenga– My name is Alexandra, so I bet she IS precious and adorable!!! 😉


And @cbee, my ex love of my LIFE from college, the one who I could NOT get over, the one I spent 5 years of my life with, trying to get him to give me a real commitment, is now dating a 45 year old (we are 24) divorcee with 4 kids. He has an instant family and seems very very happy, but WHY? WHY couldn’t it have been me? Even though I was in a happy relationship at the time, it still stung to hear about him being so fulfilled, especially since it was something I felt he never gave to me.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Hmmm. My brain says “he’s your ex, you shouldn’t care” but i know it doesn’t work like that. My ex is now dating a chick with a kid. All i can think is “man that sucks. Talk about baggage”. So….I guess you could try to spin it like “well, i guess he knocked the girl up but didn’t marry her. Sucks for him!” if that helps. I dunno. I never slept with my ex, but then I found out he was telling everybody he “got some” from me, so I don’t feel too nicely about him. But, he’s an ex from over 6-7 years ago. I’d have probably felt differently if it were more recent. 

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Blushing bee
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I pretty much agree with ejs4y8….an ex is an ex for a reason, and I’d be glad knowing it wasn’t me that he got pregnant….imagine having to deal with that for the rest of your life!  I do have an ex that I dated off and on for about 7 years, that I still care a lot about (but now only as a friend….and that’s why he’s my ex :), and if he got someone pregnant now, I’d be happy for him….and hope that he finally crossed into that point in his life where he is happy with himself and where he is.  🙂

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Helper bee
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I know I would be upset if this happened with one of my exes.  The one I had an on again off again relationship for years.  He never wanted kids which was a deal breaker for me so if he had one by accident, I would be very upset.

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Buzzing bee
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I dont know, I think I’d have to be in the situation to know how I’ll really feel, but for the most part I dont think I was inlove anyone of them enough to care.

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Sugar bee
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no.. i don’t care whether my exes have babies, airplanes, drug problems, walk in traffic, own their own businesses, etc. They could have a sex change operation, and i’d be like, HM! That’s great. And be done with it. Ex is Ex, haha.

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Helper bee
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i would have to agree with picturemeurs…i have cared for my exes (and yes have told them in the past that i loved them) but i dont think it would bother me at all to find out one of them had a kid, let alone out of wedlock…first thing I would think would be, wow, that must suck if they werent ready for that to happen.

i firmly believe ex’s are ex’s for a reason, so anything that happens to them in their life should have no effect on me (minus finding out some horrible news about them, such as an unexpected death or sickness.)

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