(Closed) Would you be a proud mother of multiples?

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Bumble bee

1. I wish to have 2 kids, but I don’t particularly desire multiples.

2. Yes! There is so much to think about. I would be happy to have them but it seems like so much more work. 

3. I would let them dress however they wanted to dress, but if they were identical I would probably dress them differently as infants for the sake of identification.

4. I’m not sure! I like weird names so finding a pair that sounded good together would be hard. 🙂

Twins run in both my SO’s family and mine, so I’m mentally preparing for the prospect of twins! A lot of my best friends growing up were twins too, and it is definitely a unique and cool relationship to have. 

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Busy bee
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1. how many do you wish to have Two- so 1 set of twins would do the job.

2. would you be too stressed out to even think about having multiples (taking care of them) I’m sure I would be stressed out, naturally, but I have my amazing Darling Husband so I think we would be able to handle it (them)

3. Would you dress them alike or let them have their own personality I think if they were identical I would HAVE to dress them seperatley to tell them apart. I’ve never understood how mothers did that & didn’t mix them up! If one had a birthmark, i’d dress them the same because thats just so freakin’ cute. Until they were kindergarten age, then they can dress seperatley.

4. What would their names be Two girls: Clara & Lucy. Two boys: Max & Evan. Boy/Girl: Clara & Max or Lucy & Evan.

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Helper bee
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Yes I’d be darn proud! 

1. I don’t wish to have any multiples but if I did twins would be nice. 

2. Yes! I know what it’s like to care for my singleton and would be terrified of two or more. Fiance wants twins bad and I cringe when he says it but part of me would like to have them also.

3. Why yes I would but different colors so I could tell them apart 😉 

4. I have no clue. I flip-flopped on my daugher’s name until the day she was born. I need to see faces first! 

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Honey bee
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1. I could see 4 or 5.

2. I would totally have multiples! My next door neighbors have 5 kids, 3 of whom are triplets. I don’t know of I can handle triplets, but I could do twins. 

3. I would dress them alike to a certain age, maybe not same outfit but coordinated. But once they’re in elementary school, I would stop. My sister and I are 4 years apart and my mom always made us do matching. I hated it. 

4. No clue on names, but my 1st girl will be Ava Rose. 

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Busy bee

I don’t really have a desire to have multiples, but I have to acknowledge that there is a probability since my maternal side has several instances of twins. Usually that skips a generation, and mine would be the skipped one. However, my aunt is the one who had them last time and she and I are freakishly alike. I’ve been told that if they didn’t know better, people would assume I was her daughter. So, I figure I should assume the risk. 🙂

She had identical twins and gave them similar names (which were also similar to her oldest daughter’s name). She dressed them alike and gave them the same haircuts for years. It was really only their personalities that could be used to tell them apart for a long time. Once they got into high school, they finally went their individual paths and changed a bit more.

Learning from that, I would probably give them names that were connected, but not in an obvious way to outsiders – meaningful family names or something like that. Identical or fraternal, I’d probably dress them alike while they were babies for the cute factor, but I’d quickly grow tired of it. I doubt they would even own the same clothes by the time they went to school (assuming the same gender here, obviously).

I think twins would be easier in some regards. It’s more work at once, but it’s only work at each stage once. So, yeah, I wouldn’t mind so much if I’m the only one in recent memory to not have twins skip the generation.

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Buzzing bee
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My poor coworker has a set of 9 month old twin girls and his wife is due with a set of twin boys in four months.  That would stress me out to no end.  If I had one set of twins, I would be pretty happy with them, although it would be really overwhelming.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Multiples actually scare the crap out of me now that we’ve realized that it’s a possibility that we may have them. Twins run in my family and I’ll most likely need some kind of fertility treatment. Twins we would be okay with but anything more would be far too much for us. As for being a “proud mother of multiples”, of course I would be if that’s the hand we’re dealt but in all honesty, I’d prefer just one baby.

1. How many do you wish to have? Well, I don’t wish to have any but like I said, I’d be cool with a set of twins. After that though, someone’s getting fixed. 

2. Would you be too stressed out to even think about having multiples (taking care of them)? The thought terrifies me. I see how stressful it is for our friends and family with just one baby. What the hell would it be like with 2+?!

3. Would you dress them alike or let them have their own personality? No, definitely not. Well, maybe for pictures or something but my multiples would have their own personalities from the get go. I’m probably in the minority here but I’m not a fan of twins dressing alike. It also doesn’t really make sense logistically. Why should I have to buy two of every outfit when there’s a closet & dresser full of perfectly good clothes for them to wear?

4. What would their names be? We have quite the list of hypothetical baby names already so we’d pick from that. They would never have names that rhyme or start with the same letter. I guess if I had to choose right now… 2 girls: Fiona & Jillian; 2 boys: Parson & Elliot; one of each: Fiona & Parson.

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Busy bee
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If my parents could handle twins, I’m sure Darling Husband and I could manage.  I LOVE being a twin for so many reasons, I would love for my kids to have a similar relationship as my sister and I.  They would definitely have to have matching names.  I like Evelyn (Evie) and Evan, and Cassie and Connor.

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Bumble bee
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Twins actually run in my family and hits my generation… I’m terrified about only doing the pregnancy thing once (I still want 2 kids) but it would also kind of be nice to have them so close together.

1. If anything I would only want twins, no triplets or more… The health and safety risks just increase

2. I would for sure be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to put 100% of my all into a set of multiples

3. I probably would not dress them alike. I would be afraid of mixing up my own kids. Haha jk. But no, I would want them to look differently.

4. I don’t have names picked out yet but I do know that when it comes to naming my future children if I have a boy, his middle name will be Issac (after my wonderful grandpa), they wouldn’t be too common nor would they be completely bizarre, and lastly…. I wouldn’t select matching names

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