(Closed) Would you be annoyed if someone told you to not let your dog poop on their lawn?

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Yes I’d be annoyed, and on a good day I’d ignore her, and on a bad one I’d tell her to F*ck off. I’m a grown woman and I don’t take kindly to people yelling at me.  If OP’s dog wasn’t on this lady’s lawn, then this woman had no reason to open her mouth at all.

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Westwood:  I was thinking the exact same thing!!  Our neighborhoods are like this too.  Dogs poop on the street side of the lawn, which is city property.  

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Some pet owners sense of entitlment kills me. Train your pet from young where to poop.   People’s yards or lawns are their private property. When watch my friends dog I respectfully guide it closer to street side curb, as its owner trained it to do. Pretending like you have no control where your dog goes is complete and utter bullshit. 

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elindsp:  “I would be furious if I thought a stranger was allowing their dog to poop on my private property. I think it’s disgusting and I don’t blame her for asking you to move on.


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lolot:  No, I can’t understand why people get soooo worked up about it.  In OP’s case, her dog wasn’t even pooping in that lady’s yard. I mean, I get it if you’re letting your dog run way up in their yard, sniff around, and then poop, but if someone is walking on the sidewalk with their dog, and their dog walks a foot or two off of the sidewalk and just does his business… I can’t get the hype over that type of scenario.  

The entire topic, to me, was based on being told not to let your dog poop on someone’s lawn when it wasn’t doing it in the first place.  How can you get to the point that you are SO ANGRY about dog poop that you’re yelling at strangers who aren’t even offenders in the first place??

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LMD:  How can you get to the point that you are SO ANGRY about dog poop that you’re yelling at strangers who aren’t even offenders in the first place??

If you’re in the hypothetical scenario where you get a lot of dogs pooping on your lawn, you can very quickly get to the point that you resent all dog walkers who go past your house. As PPs have said, this woman may have just had to clean up loads of poo and have no idea who the culprit is, so is just telling everyone.

Trust me, I LIKE dogs, and I would very quickly get to that point myself if I was constantly cleaning up poo that belonged to someone else’s dog.

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bklynbridetobe:  ITA!!! Not everyone likes dogs or wants poop on our lawns. Have your dog poop on your own lawn.

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I’d be annoyed if someone out-of-the-blue made the request. But, I think that can also be an opportunity to open up the conversation: “Has someone just been leaving their poop in your yard?” I get the impression this particular woman wasn’t exactly fluent in English, but worth a try. Since you go along this trail every day, I think it would’ve been fair at that point to smile, show off your poop bags and respond, “Don’t worry, I always clean up after (blank).”

Maybe someone else has a similar dog, and she’s seen the culprit leaving the waste behind — or maybe she is just paranoid. Either way, a little friendly reassurance can go a long way in ensuring that you don’t have this same woman warning you not to keep the dog’s poop away daily.

I’m not annoyed if a dog poops on my lawn, so long as the owner cleans it up. But seeing dogs without leashes (besides in areas where that might be expected — some dog parks) and owners who pretend not to see that their dog has left behind a steaming pile leaves me enraged.

As for all the apartment dwellers here, I lived in an apartment complex a few years ago. There were several “doggy poopy stations” filled with gravel and surrounded by bags to pick it up scattered throughout the complex. No one EVER used them (I was buddies with the complex cleaning lady). Instead, everyone let their dogs poop all over the roads and sidewalks. Going outside in summer was awful…you can imagine why. Between the scent and having to dodge crap piles spaced one to two feet apart, it was incredibly annoying.

All because people are too lazy to pick up their dog crap. So, I can’t entirely blame the homeowner here — I’d imagine she must be getting several piles to warrant actually talking to someone.

But the “poop residue” complainers? Get over yourself.

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why are all the posts out of order??? ahh that makes it hard to follow lol

OP, whoever you are =P, I may be slightly annoyed but I might also say to her “well if I pick it up, is it still a problem?” and find out what she says. If she still says yes, I’d roll my eyes to myself & then call it a day. it IS her lawn but my dog takes 20 minutes to shit and if she chooses that one spot & I pull her away, it’s another 15 minutes. She’s a pain in my ass lol

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No, but in our apt I swear no one picks up their shit (a lady even thanked me when I did- even though it’s something I’m supposed to do ) & seeing other dogs crap everywhere is annoying as f. I’d just wave my doggy bags like hey, not me but wouldn’t get upset. 

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