(Closed) Would you be hurt?

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@ChocolateLime:  Oh no, I’d be hurt too 🙁  Sorry they’re being terds!

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Vent away.

Sadly this is one of the Downsides of becoming a Mom sometimes…

You take Mat Leave, and suddenly people see you as either “invisible” (well she’s not here) or replaceable…

OR just a baby making machine

It certainly isn’t fair (or RIGHT)

Unfortunately based on the info you’ve given here (and submitting your Resignation Letter) I don’t think there is much you can do in this situation / recourse

It sucks to be out of work, and now looking for a new job… especially so as I take it you want a job that has more flexible hours so you can spend more time with your child

Don’t let anyone tell you that isn’t an HONOURABLE thing to do… because it is.  In reality, we only get one kick at the can with our kids… and the time goes flying by.  It is important that each Mom do what they feel most comfortable with in that regards… be it a Stay-At-Home Mom – a Part Time Working Mom – or a Full Time Working Mom.  There is NO RIGHT or WRONG Way just what works for you and your Family.

Hopefully you will find a job that fits…

OR you might have to become an Entrepreneurial Mom… and begin a start up company from home.  Nothing wrong with that either.

(( HUGS ))


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That’s terrible.  If you had something in writing from your boss agreeing to your schedule change after your leave, you could take him to court! But he said she said will get messy.

I wish more companies are more supportive of working moms!

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@ChocolateLime:  I don’t have anything to compare your situation to as I am currently working my first full-time job, and don’t plan on leaving for awhile. 

But back when I worked part-time, I was working with this girl and she told me she gave her resignation and they made her feel sooooo bad about it. She was in tears. When I quit, I had a good reason since I was accepting a practicum position with school, so they couldn’t really make me feel bad. I didn’t have a choice. 

I think they may be trained not to be nice in situations like this.

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I wouldn’t feel bad. Most companies don’t get personally attached to an employee. I know if I resigned from my job, no matter what the reason, my employer wouldn’t do a damn thing after recieving my letter. Other than of course anything to tie up loose ends with me. I think you’re taking this too personally. 3 years isn’t that long in my opinion. Either way…. can I ask what you were expecting him to do? why would a conversation have been necessary? And about the heater, he isn’t required to borrow you a heater that belongs to the company. I’m even wondering why you would ask the company to borrow a heater? I guess maybe I don’t understand the kind of relationship you seem to have thought you had with this company.

I don’t mean to be harsh but I am not understanding at all what you would have wanted to happen. At most an email stating “we have recieved your letter of resignation. Please accept this as our acknowledgement. Good luck in all your future endeavors. sincerely, employer.”

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@ChocolateLime:  Oh dear, I’m so sorry this has upset you.  I always hear, “Its not personal, its business.”  And I just cannot get my head around that concept…what’s more personal than a job you’ve worked for years, people you spend time with day in and day out? 

And then you’re just gone, poof…no one’s around anymore, you’re out of the loop and they’ve moved on.

Either way, you can’t make these people wish you luck or lend you a heater…but you did mention the office is like…two seconds from your house?  Perhaps chucking a used diaper at the door will make you feel better?

I know its infantile and gross, but sometimes a girl has to do what she has to do to get her point across.


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I think I would be hurt too. It sucks and really makes me worry sometimes about my own future if/when I ever decide to have a baby. I’m the only one here who can do my job right now but that could always change. I had a co worker go on maternity leave, they didn’t hire anyone to cover for her just made everyone else get by without her then it was like management thought we got along fine without her so they cut her position to save money! They rationalized it away with talks of budget cuts and savings but I still thought it was horrible!

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The Christmas party thing is understandable. Why shouldn’t temps be invited? And you don’t work there anymore. They’re probably just trying to avoid unnecessary awkwardness that may arise.

Also, your boss is under no obligation to lend anyone a space heater. I wouldn’t expect somebody to say yes to that, unless I was good friends with my boss.

However, did you have anything in writing to prove that your employer agreed to the changes in your work hours after your return from maternity leave?

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I think stardustintheeyes is right – you’re probably taking this a bit too personally, although I would have expected some kind of acknowledgement of your resignation letter. Having said that, we don’t know your relationship with your boss/colleagues, so perhaps it’s a bit hard for us to judge your reaction accurately.

I am not that up to speed with employment law but I was under the impression that they had to do pretty much all they could to accommodate you on returning from maternity leave, be it revised hours or whatever. Legal bees may be able to advise further, although that ship might have sailed since you’ve handed in your notice.

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@ChocolateLime:  I’d be hurt- seems very unfair and rude:( Sorry that happened to you. *hugs*

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@ChocolateLime:  I thought it was odd to ask an ex-employer to borrow a heater, but if you brought it in with your money to keep you warm, it sounds like they are the ones borrowing it. I don’t know much legal stuff, but i wonder if you can just ask for it back. That’s crappy.

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