(Closed) would you be mad if a guest wore this to your wedding?

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Sugar bee

Wow, that’s pretty bad.  I honestly would have been really surprised and taken aback, but I probably wouldn’t have done/said anything about it.  I’m shocked that someone would have thought that was okay!!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

WOW!  Not at all cool.  I wouldn’t spill anything on her…but my brothers or bridesmaids would have!  Otherwise, I have no problem asking someone to leave!!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2009

ivorygirl –that is the best suggestion yet! I know my bartender would totally do it!

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Helper bee

I’d kick her out! lol. that’s my answer to everything these days? "what’s that honey? You’re worried your aunt will say something rude? Don’t worry, we’ll just kick her out!" In reality I’d probably suck it up while there and then make a fuss later, unfortunately I’m like that. (I’m trying to get better, really I am!)

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Helper bee

haha i agree with other people… I would do something like oh what a lovely dress… oops sorry i spilt my red wine on you… i hope that comes out.  ^_^

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2009

I would be surprised if someone showed up in that to my wedding, but I wouldnt worry about it as EVERYONE else would surely be giving her looks and snide comments letting her know that was very inappropriate. She might have intended (or not) to show up the bride, but with my friends and fam, everyone would say she looked terribly tacky and not really pay much attention to whether or not she looked good or if the dress was pretty.

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  • Wedding: April 2010

I would be surprised but certainly would not let it ruin my day!

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Worker bee

This just puzzles me so much – either she is oblivious to basic wedding etiquette, or she is intentionally calling attention to herself.  However, it seems like other guests’ reactions would have to immediately make her feel conspicuous or uncomfortable, and heeping more criticism on her or spilling wine on her would only make her more miserable.  I just can’t imagine that she wouldn’t immediately feel embarassed!  If I was in the same situation, I would probably try to arrange with someone in my wedding party, family, etc. to help her find something else to slip into (however unrealistic that may be, but if it was at a hotel or something, maybe it’d be easy to leave and change?).   

And if someone wore that intentionally and was relishing in all the stares and awkward comments, I’d be more concerned about her mental health than losing the spotlight.

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I had a wedding once where the MOB wore a wedding dress….a WHITE version of the Ivory one her daughter had purchased. And the MOB had the train on HER dress made longer. It was a very unique dynamic though between bride & mother. The same mother had gone out and purchased herself a new wedding ring/band when she saw her daughter’s engagement ring…trying to outdo her. The bride’s fiance’, he was the BEST groom EVER, because he put a completely new ring on the bride’s finger at the wedding ceremony. Twice the size of the one her mother had gone out and bought. (didn’t make up for the dress, but it helped)


I had another bride who set a note in her invitations to her guests that if they wore anything "White, strapless, pants on girls, black (including suits for guys), brown (her BM’s dresses), above the knee, and heels higher than her 3" ones", they would be removed from the event by "security" (the same security she never HIRED)

It was awesome…..her mother wore a white strapless dress with HUGE black flowers, barely covering her butt, BLACK fishnets, hooker heels, and a face full of makeup like I have only seen down in the red light district. Of course the bride couldn’t kick out her MOTHER, as it was the only family she had at the wedding, but boy oh boy was I laughing on the inside when I saw her mother!! (who was in her 60’s!) Especially as I had been told to "change" by the bride when she showed up and saw my navy blue ensemble (I couldn’t wear a black or brown suit/dress! Navy was all I had!!)


I think that the guest who wore that dress was either clueless, or being a bad friend/guest. Personally, if I had been the planner at that wedding, I’d have asked her to change! Then again, I only need ONE bride at my weddings, unless it’s a double wedding (I’ve done those…crazy…two brides!) Or spilling wine on it….that works too. Seems to me she wanted to maybe try and upstage the bride with her "Vera Wang" gown? Maybe a backstory we don’t know about!!

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  • Wedding: October 2009

Personally I think the dress is UGLY and I don’t care who designed it. She would have been escorted out IMMEDIATELY.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

Is that a TRAIN?!  That is beyond inappropriate.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

Oh gosh!  TACKY!  A little etiquette class for this one!  Good thing the bride was gracious.  If the bride jumped her for wearing that, I probably would’ve helped the bride!  Like they say: Money may buy the most expensive things (It’s Vera Wang!) but it can never buy class.  =)

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Can someone please tell me the story behind this white wedding dress? I mean, was this guest from another country and didn’t know the custom, or was she just trying to be the center of attention?? I would really like to know!!

 If I were the bride… on the inside, I would be appalled and a little bit hurt, though, I probably wouldn’t admit it to anyone as to save face and not come across like the bridezilla. I would probably avoid her all night, and if she approached me, I would just intentionally act really awkward and uncomfortable to make sure she feels horrible. 😉

 Then again, if there was some strange chain of events that led her to wearing this not by her own will, or by accident, I would definitely be compassionate.


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

My bridezilla would show…

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

Many of you would be so gracious as to only spill something on her… I wouldn’t be as kind. I’d tackle the b*tch Bride Wars style.

lol okay, maybe not, but I’d be thinking about it. I really wouldn’t allow her to stay. I’d ask my DOC to ask her to leave immediately. Take back your gift & go home.

Ooh that grinds my gears! I’d be bothered all day if someone did that… I’m getting all fired up just thinking about it. That is beyond inappropriate & just plain rude. Crazy lady.

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