(Closed) Would you be ok with your SO doing this?

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Long Distrance can suck…

But if it is a short definite term then so be it… you’ll most likely come out the otherside ok

On the otherhand… NO job pays LOTS of money without there being some sort of “catch” so make sure he knows WHY this particular job pays so much…

Statistically Dangerous Work – Long Hours – Hard Physical Labour etc.

Just make sure that you BOTH know what you are BOTH getting into with this change in your relationship


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I feel compelled to respond because my fiance actually DID take a job on an oil rig last year.

He was DESPERATE for work after losing his job and had so much debt that he said he was literally willing to do anything.

Well. He tried. He drove 2 hours a day for a week to train, and then drove 4 hours to get to the rig, where he was supposed to stay for 2 weeks, then come home for 2 weeks, then start the cycle again.

He lasted only hours. He said that NONE of the safety regulations they discussed in training here being abided by. Guys were drunk and hungover working on the rig, 60 feet above the ground.

The entire rig platform was covered in oil and slippery junk.

The trailer where the guys were supposed to live was so sickeningly filthy he didn’t even want to set foot inside with his shoes on.

In order to get the oil off of your skin, you had to shower in a CHEMICAL before taking a regular shower. Guys literally had cancer causing substances coating their teeth, skin, and nails, no matter what they were wearing.

The guys on the rig treated him like a complete piece of crap as soon as he arrived. Several of them told him that it wasn’t a matter of IF he got hurt, it was WHEN. One guy almost lost a leg the day before my fiance arrived. And everyone there was LAUGHING about it.

My fiance said he’d never felt so wrong about any decision in his entire life, so he packed his stuff and drove home.

I was really against him going to work on a rig in the first place because I don’t support it, politically or morally. But I wanted to be supportive so I told him I’d see how it went.

But after hearing the horror stories, I am even more against it than ever.

I don’t want to scare you or worry you anymore than you already may be, but I would NEVER advise ANYONE under ANY circumstance to work on a rig.

I have read stories in the local paper and heard SO many other stories from people in my area attempting this type of work and realizing what deplorable conditions these guys are expected to work in (not to mention the fact that it poisons our water and earth).

Apparently for every 100 guys who go to work on a rig, only 12 make it longer than a week. These guys are forced to work 12-48 hour shifts without breaks, food, or showers. They have no boundaries as far as morals regarding alcohol or how to treat other employees.

I do not know one single person who has had a positive experience on a rig, so in all honesty, I would say that it is SO.SO.SO. NOT. WORTH. IT.

I would rather live in a cardboard box with my healthy fiance for the rest of my life and never get married than have a perfect wedding and live in a mansion only for him to get killed on a rig or die of cancer in 10 years.

Just my peace. 

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