(Closed) Would You Be Willing to Move/Live Internationally?

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  • poll: If given the opportunity ... would you be willing to relocate and live internationally with your SO?

    Yes - I'd move anywhere in the world and never look back.

    No - I wouldn't be willing to live internationally away from my family and friends.

    Yes - My SO is not from the same country I am and I plan to relocate to be with him.

    Yes - But only for a short period of time with a known end date.

    Other - explain below

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    It would be hard for me to leave my family but I’d do it. I’ve always wanted to live in different places though.

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    I’d be willing to relocate, but only with the knowledge that it would be in a country whose customs and culture aren’t radically different from my own. Before I ruffle feathers, let me clarify. I simply couldn’t live somewhere that views women as lesser citizens than men. So, anywhere like that would be out. Period. Gimme a book that would help with foreign lang. translation to english if necessary, and I’d prob be okay just about anywhere. Oh, and running water, electricity, etc. I’m sooo not a ‘rough it’ kinda gal.

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    I would be willing to if their was a definite end date, and like wonderwoman said, it would have to be a country that viewed women equal to men. I can’t imagine living in a foreign country, and feeling like a second class (non)citizen.

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    I’m with you I would but only for a known period of time.And there has to be significant professional benefit for my husband for us to do that. Because I have a career as well at a really good job that we would not just quit without good reason to.

    I could never be permanently away from my family.

    And I agree that I would not choose to go to a country where females are viewed as inferior. But if it was a good move for my husband professionally, I would do it.

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    Blushing bee

    I would, but it would depend on the location.  If it was somewhere like Canada or Sweden, then heck yes!  Sometimes I tell my boyfriend to go work for IKEA so maybe we could live in Sweden someday. Or find some Canadian friends so we can go live with them if this country gets too conservative, lol.  I don’t think I could live permanently in a country with a culture that is too far a cry from my own personal beliefs and values though.  For example, a religious state, or a place where women didn’t have the same rights as men, or if there was no regard at all for environmental issues.  I’d have a problem with massively overpopulated areas too, so no Mumbai or Tokyo for me.  Living somewhere for a year or two would be fine, but like you said, I’d need an end date if it was somewhere that wasn’t exactly an ideal place for us.

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    I’m DEFINITELY willing to go overseas. I actually don’t think my life would be complete unless Fiance and I lived overseas.

    He has a lot of coworkers that raise their kids overseas and it’s much cheaper and easier.

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    My Fiance wants to get based in Okinawa and I am totally okay with this, I think it would be exciting to go learn about another culture. I will miss my family but I will no matter where I move so it is okay =)

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    I am actually hoping for this to happen after the wedding.

    Fiance was offered a position in London in December but turned it down due to all the wedding planning, etc that is going on this year. He thought they’d just find someone else in the company to go.

    However, they are now delaying filling this position until after September (our wedding).

    I would want to go for 1-3 years, I don’t want to move abroad permanently, but I’d love to live abroad AND my company has an office in London so I might just be able to transfer (and not even have to quit).

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    Already have, and plan to head back overseas in a few years (hopefully – we don’t have a definitive date yet)! I don’t know if I could say I’d live just anywhere though – there are some areas of the world that would be really tough for me culturally.

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    I would not be willing to move internationally. I have a huge family and I am really close to them. I know it would be a fun adventure at times, but then I know I would miss seeing my neices and nephews grow up and that would break my heart. Pluse=, I just would not want to be away from my family, I’m too close to them.

    Thank goodness its not an issue for us though because he is a teacher and he has always said he would never leave northern California either, yeay!

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    It depends more on the location than the end date, though a less desirable or further location might be ok for a finite period of time but not indefinitely.

    We currently live 6 hours by plane away from our families so there are places we could move internationally that would be about the same distance.  It would be hard for me to move somewhere that’s more than a few hours’ flight from our families, though.  Somewhere like Europe, maybe parts of the Carribean, Latin America, would be fine but Asia, Australia, etc would be more difficult because of distance.

    As a couple of other posters mentioned, though, I absolutely would not move somewhere where women are viewed as inferior or limited to traditional domestic roles.  It’s totally incompatible with both my values and my personal habits.  That’s one of the reasons Dubai and a lot of other middle eastern countries would be out – that and they don’t look kindly on alcohol which is less of a moral issue and more of a pain in the butt. 

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    @cyndistar3: My brother just finished over 2 years there. While I didn’t get to go, he really liked it and learned some Japanese while there. He said he had to go really far off base to get into the culture because it was so saturated by US military.

    And to answer the question, the farther I could get from everyone except my sister and brother, the better. They’re too much freaking drama.

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    For 1-3 years, absolutely! My husband had a slight chance of getting to go to Australia for work 1-2 years a few years ago. I was SO excited. Didn’t happen, though. 🙁


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    I already did it once. Left all my family behind at 21 and moved to the US to get my masters. Then one thing led to another; I started working, married my ex, and ended up staying permanently. I can’t lie to you, after 15 years it’s still hard. I miss my family and they miss me a lot, and I never made as close friends here as I did back home.

    I have no attachment to where I’m living now except for my husband and cats, so I would love to move somewhere else, especially Europe. Unfortunately he’s not as flexible. He enjoyed visiting my home country but he says he wouldn’t want to live there, it’s too big an adjustment for him 🙁

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