(Closed) Would you buy an (otherwise perfect) house with a weird neighbor?

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    It brings down the home values in the area. The biggest sufferer is the houses right next door. If you are planning on this being your forever home, then it may not be an issue. If you want to sell it in 5 years, remember other people are going to question buying it the same way that you are. You may have a very hard time selling it.

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    It wouldn’t bother me personally.

    mwiitter is right, but not everyone will respond the same.

    As long as a neighbor isn’t noisy and they’re basically clean/considerate (not taking more than their share of street parking, not having yard sales every weekend, not smelly, etc.), a little eccentric wouldn’t bother me.


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    It depends on how weird. Like, meth doing, pot dealing crazies ( like the people who currently live next door to our rental, luckily we are moving!) no. A little eccentric? Sure. Heck, my family are usually the little eccentric neighbors, not too weird, just refuse to fit the normal mold of suburban neighborhoods. 

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    Honestly, I would stay away from that house.  We have been through many neighbors in the years we have lived in our home, and some of them were very difficult to put up with.  Loud motorcycles at 6am on the weekends.  Loud, and large, dogs that were not at all friendly.  Swearing and screaming at all hours of the day and night.  Mother talking very negatively to her children all the time (it broke my heart).   Family with children who were allowed to swim in the pool which is near our bedroom window up to 1am.  We live in a nice neighborhood, but you can’t guarantee who lives next to you!  It’s funny.  Some houses hold their owners for some time–one one side there have been three in 58 years.  The other side has had 9 in the same amount of time.  He might be a quirky person, or someone who can make your life crazy.  Be careful.

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    I wouldn’t no, there is a house about a block down from us that I call the “Junk Yard” The older couple that lives there seriously their front yard looks like a junk yard.  Not really junk in the yard but she basically has used her front yard as a garden/flower/bush stones, statues etc. It seriously is an eye sore on our street. 

    In the summer, when they leave their garage door open it is bursting at the seams with junk! Agh I feel sorry for the people who live next door to them!  I hate that this house is not that far away from us!

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    Is he elderly?  It could just be that he’s unable to take care of his yard. I wouldn’t necessarily be completely put off by alittle local color. As long as he seems to keep to himself and is quiet i wouldn’t be too worried about it. 

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    I have had my share of wierd neighbours.

    The worst on was an old guy that liked to run around his backyard naked prancing like a fairy.

    So for me, if I am sus on the neighbour.  Deal Breaker.  There is weird, and then there is just plain crazy!

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    depends how weird. my mom has her garden full of flowers and weird stuff like windmills, wishing wells and colour – not my taste but shes old and she enjoys her garden. hell, even at our place we have come home and my inlaws have been decorating (yes, i really need a white painted pissing cherub in my front yard thank you very much)

    barking dogs, screaming kids, loud music/motorbikes and fighting adults on the other hand – run, run as fast as you can

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    The worst on was an old guy that liked to run around his backyard naked prancing like a fairy.

    hahahaha! my husband recently was in the front yard in just his rio knickers getting the newspaper – i told him to get his butt inside before someone called the cops. his argument was that they were no more or less than a pair of speedos….. i told him that speedos arent a good look either

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    yeah, as someone with a bat shit crazy neighbor now, I must say I am happy we rent and would never buy a house with a wierdo next door.  You can never know (the really crazy ones LOOK normal), but there are too many problems with a) affect on resale price; b) affect on resale when other people don’t want to live next to crazy; c) the impact of crazy on your enjoyment of your property. 

    My neighbor is a mentally unstable drama queen who has cussed us out, come charging up the stairs at us screaming, smokes a pipe at all hours of the day and night, and pesters us for our internet password so he can use our internet for free.  he is a CRAZY, racist psychopath who doesn’t understand why his actions are inappropriate.

    He has done so many bat shit crazy things (including building a freakin boat with twelve foot sail) on his balcony. It. Just. Isn’t. Worth. It.



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    If you are having doubts already, follow your gut and stay away. Not only can his presence make it harder for you to sell in the future, you would have to live next door to him. In college, I rented a house between two crazy neighbors. On one side we had the seemingly normal couple of which the wife came over drunk more than once while her husband was away. On the other side we had a family who we should have been more skeptical of sicne they kept ckickens and 4 wheelers in thier TINY backyard. They also had kids and a dog and no concept of boundaries. If you are still in love with the house, maybe you want to stop by and talk to some of the other neighbors. See what they have to say about the street and neighbors if you can catch them outside or even knock on a door or two on a weekend.  

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    I don’t think I would avoid buying a house because of neighbors.  You can’t control who your neighbors are and just think… You could settle on a different house with normal neighbors and a crazy guy with statues and whatnot could move in next door later!  If you really love the house then I say go for it!

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    Have you met the neighbor personally? I would never purchase another house without meeting the neighbors. This goes from personal experience.

    An unsightly yard is one thing – we’ve got that on both sides now (thankfully we have an HOA that will deal with it as well). The guy that owned our house before us used to take care of both these peoples yards, so of course after we moved in they weren’t cared for.

    If it was just a yard and they were nice people, then I’d consider still buying, especially if the time came to sell and I could just fix up their yard myself (yes, I would do that if I had to). The people themselves are what matters. Turns out the elderly couple next door dislikes us – haven’t liked us since day 1. Started with telling me I had poop in my yard (yes, exactly that), went to complaining about my dog (who never was out without a leash or in his yard) and everything else. We tried to get a fence, neighbors son threatened to take us to court over it, and threatened the HOA. The option was rip up our patio to move the current privacy fence piece over 2 inches to be on completely our property (instead of a property line fence like every other townhouse has). We gave up, as it wasn’t worth the extra cost and effort that would be involved. What’s stupid is that the guy had a fence on the other side of him (which he argued as well, but not until build day, where he complained non stop about noise) so if he wanted to finish it off it was just 1 piece across the back. Freaking ridiculous. It’s been over a year since this arguement and I’m still bitter.

    Because of this jackass that lives next door, I will NEVER buy another house without meeting people. Darling Husband has the same opinion on it.


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