(Closed) Would you call someone out on a non-diamond ring?

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  • poll: Would you call someone out who was passing off a non-diamond as the real thing?



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    Kudos for you to restrain yourself! Honestly, I wouldnt know how I would have handled myself. I probably would have snapped for being put out on the spot. I HATE when people try to compare and judge.. it’s not a competition! the ring is a symbol of commitment and love, and the bigger it is doesnt mean someone loves her more! Shame on her for trying to make it a competition.


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    Not sure if someone else has said this, but I would just wait until she has to take her ring in to get it clean/sized/inspected/etc.  I’m sure when she is the one at the jewelry counter asking the person helping her about her “diamond,” they’ll correct her. I’m sure yours is beautiful and will stand the test of time wayy longer than hers.

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    I can’t say I wouldn’t say something later to her about it. I’d tell her what she said to you was hurtful and say that you have major suspicions about the ring.  (I wouldn’t in front of other people).

    I have a CZ stand in and am always uncomfortable showing it off to lots of people b/c I don’t want to have to tell everyone why it’s a CZ and why we didn’t just postpone getting engaged b/c of a ring (a lot of people think that–I got no-to-subtle hints from people I’ve shared with).

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    No, I wouldn’t point it out but if I had a sister insult my ring like that then I would probably talk to her about it later. Mine is a 2ct asha and I have no problem telling people about it when they ask. I just don’t like the ignorant people who think if it isn’t a diamond then it’s a fake POS. My ring was $1800 and I love it! When my brother first saw it he asked if it was real and I explained what an asha diamond was. He then said “I could get that out of a 25 cent machine and just throw it away without feeling bad.” Really? Because you thought it was real at first too and it wasn’t exactly cheap. It looks real and it is the ring Mr. Oates and I picked out and we both love it.

    Sorry for the rant. Everyone has their own opinions about rings but not everyone loves the idea of having a diamond. Insulting other’s rings is just rude. 

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    I agree with redherring  I couldn’t have said it better.

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    i wouldn’t say anything.  to me, it doesn’t even matter.  what if on the off chance FI had told her it was real?  i wouldn’t want to be the one to tell her that!  anyway, insulting you was wrong and i can understand why you’re upset, i would be too, it was completley wrong of her, but props to you for not saying anything.

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    In any other situation, I probably wouldn’t do it publicly, but I’d let her know in one way or any other that I knew it was non-diamond if she was passing it off as one and using it to brag or to make others feel badly cause she has this huge “diamond” ring that she wants people to be envious of.  If she’s not trying to pass off or brag and use it to do harm, or is open about it, then I would not say anything and just compliment it.

    In your situation, I totally would have called her out on it right there and then for insulting me, esp if you’re sure she picked it out and knows that her fi didnt try to lie to her.  Two wrongs may not make it ‘right’, but who said calling her out would be wrong.  It’s stating a fact, maybe it’ll teach her a lesson – don’t compare e-rings, don’t insult someone elses.  Forget taking the so called ‘high road’, I’m not one to just sit there and take bitchy insults – no matter what the situation is, but especially one based on a lie.

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    Under normal circumstances I would never.  But I tend to be a B!tch when I’m insulted so in this case I would have.

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    At least you’re safe in the knowledge that your bling is real 😉

    While I think OP’s cousin was a bitch in this situation, why is it b/c she doesn’t have a diamond, her ring isn’t considered real?  It sounds like a white sapphire so white sapphires are not “real” rings? 

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    LOL  I definitely want some updates re this cousin of yours! Hopefully that will be the end of wedding/ring/life comparisons since she was put in her place!

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    @pinkstardustdesigns: I wouldn’t worry about it. Some women have the “if it’s not a diamond e-ring, then it’s not real” attitude. Last time I checked a white sapphire is a real gemstone. 

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    I wouldn’t so much “call her out” on it as I would inform her that what she has is not  diamond. Because if she’s thinking it actually is a 2ct diamond and goes to get it appraised, and it ends up being cz or something, she’ll feel like an idiot. So just for her own knowledge, I think it’s only fair to let her know.

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    No, Its none of my busniess

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    I think you need to add a poll option saying “No, but I would totally talk about it behind her back.”  Because that’s what my immature and vengeful self would do.  But I agree about not saying anything – it’s possible she doesn’t know, or she does know and is embarrassed and trying to cover it up, or she feels inferior, etc.  Not worth making a scene.

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    @chicagobride092010:LOL, I can’t wait to be old and get away with everything.”

    Hehe, me too!!

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