Would you CHOOSE to have more than a few kids?

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I would have ALL THE KIDS!! Like, we’re talking as many as I could manage. I would also probably be divorced because while he loves our child, my husband has no desire to be Mother Goose.

I always say if I wind the lottery and my husband dies/we get divorced I want to buy a mansion and adopt as many unwanted children as possible and feed them cake for breakfast and teach them to paint and plant flowers (I am a terrible gardener so I don’t know how I would accomplish this) and we would camp in the backyard.

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When we were younger, Darling Husband & I wanted a larger family (4-5 kids), but not the case anymore.  I’m 37 and we haven’t been able to have kids.  If I’m being honest, I’m past the age where I wanted to originally stop having kids.  So, it’s looking like a big fat 0 for me.  If a miracle happened, and we did get pregnant, I’d like to have 2 because I’ve never been too fond of having an only child.

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EllyAnne :  Yes!!! 🙂 I hope for four kids (we are just starting TTC for our second – AAAAAA :D) but husband wants two, so we will see. I won’t force him 😛

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Currently pregnant with our 2nd. We’re at this point about 90% sure we’re done after she’s born. If we had unlimited resources, we might go for a 3rd but I would never had more than 3. Honestly, I think 2 is probably going to be the perfect number for our family regardless. 

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My FH has two kids from his first marriage and I’d like to have two of my own, so we’ll end up with 4 provided everything goes as planned. I can’t fathom having any more children than that, we’d both have to work around the clock to afford it.

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EllyAnne :  Nope.  D.H. and I plan to be one and done.  If we didn’t live in such a HCOL city, we might want two, but definitely not more than that.  I grew up in a very large family and though I loved it, I also love just hanging out with D.H. and love my career.  D.H. grew up in a very small family, and they are so close, that I hope that is what we’ll have. 

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cuppercake :  Riiiight?! I really don’t understand either how not having kids is selfish. Could someone please explain the reasoning behind this?

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I only want two children. FH would have 3-4 especially if they could all be boys. However, I am one of ten ranging in age from almost 37 to 11 (I’m 27). My parents never intended on having that many or less than that many, it’s just how it played out. People probably think my mom is crazy, but raising children is her passion. Now she’s all over us to have her some grandkids..lol

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Heck yes.. we want as many as we can have. I’m 35 and we only have 1 so far. It breaks my heart to think we might only have 1 or 2 more 🙁 However, we will definitely adopt if that turns out to be the case.

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All factors considered – nope, nada, no thanks, no more. 

Two kids are our max. Darling Husband and I are also about even numbers so we said its either two or four and no way in hell am I having 4 children.

Interesting to note climate change though. I’m not from the UK like the bee who posted about it, but I’m guilty of not even considering the carbon footprint we leave in relation to how many kids we put on this earth. Super interesting thing to factor in to the discussion! 


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We agreed to stop at 4 if weʻre blessed enough to actually conceive or afford adoption.

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EllyAnne :  I’d aim for 4-5. I like to think of large families as loving chaos.

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As much as I really want to want kids, I know myself well enough to say that I’d be miserable with even just one. So would my husband. I have depression and need a lot of alone time, which simply wouldn’t be possible to find with caring for a gaggle of kiddos. I highly respect women who can birth and rear multiple children, that shit is no joke. I wish I was strong enough to do that, but my temperament isn’t the greatest for it. 

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I wouldn’t. I used to watch the Duggar shows out of sheer curiosity and I just didn’t get it. It seems like none of the kids really would be able to have that close of a relationship with their parents. Plus, for me personally- I really value travel and exposing my future kids to new experiences and I don’t think that would be doable with a lot of kids. I knew a girl in my college choir who was 19, one of like 10 or 11, and had never been on a plane before when we went to Europe for a tour. The concept was so bizarre to me. (I realize that people have different priorities obviously- that’s just one of my big ones!)

Also given that I’m having my first this summer at 30 I’d already way behind the curve for having lots of kids! Biologically at least, of course. 

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