Would you CHOOSE to have more than a few kids?

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EllyAnne :  @slomotion ‘s sarcasm tone is a bit too subtle this time.

Targeting two, and two would be the max for me.

I admire CBFB people, I think they are quite unselfish.

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annabeth929 :  in today’s fast paced culture, what with school, sports, extracurricular stuff, there is no way that each child is getting the attention they need.

Personally I don’t think kids need all the extra crap parents throw at them. I’ve seen so many kids basically burnt out by junior high because it’s so go go go go all the time. Kids need attention for sure, but there is such a thing as too much too. 

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We want 3 max. I love the idea of huge families. I grew up with 20 cousins on dad’s side and 5 on mom’s side. I also know majority of my second cousins on mom’s side, inlena few on dad’s. I know everyone’s name, meet everyone at least every 4 years, etc. Sometimes I’m bummed that the chances are my kids won’t have as many cousins and as big a family but times are changing and the world is a different place. I cannot imagine anyone having more than 4 nowadays!

 I definitely want a life outside of being a baby machine and the idea of back to back never ending toddler phases terrifies me! Kudos to my grandparents and great grandparents that had 7-11+ kids! I don’t know anyone with that type of stamina anymore

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kmbumbee190618 :  

Re. the Duggars, even if they recycle everything, eat vegan, and never fly (which they do lots of in their little plane as far as I know …ahem), the impact is essentially negligible (compared to just having fewer kids):

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 21.59.58 copy

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EllyAnne :  OMG that is just INSANE. My uterus just quivered in fear just thinking about having that many children.

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I think it really depends on what you want out of life.

I always envisioned two kids, that’s what my family looked like growing up and what the “norm” is. Now that I have 1 kid already who just turned a year, I’m seriously considering him being an only child. I like to travel, and thanks to DH’s job I usually do a lot of that travel solo. Traveling with a baby, and doing it alone, isn’t for the faint at heart. The thought of starting over again and how hard it would be to travel alone with 2 little kids is almost enough to make me not do it.

I guess if I had no limit to income and a nanny I’d totally have a couple more kids.

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LilliV :  I totally agree with that, but it’s just not the way it works most of the time.

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annabeth929 :  I mean kids don’t just accidentally end up in a zillion extra curriculars. Parents sign them up for them. It works out exactly as families choose. It’s on us as parents to say “enough is enough this isn’t actually good for my kid”. 

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If money really were no object and I could hire a full-time nanny I would have four kids. I would not want to have four kids if I could not afford to pay for college, sports, vacations, etc for each child. 

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No way. I’m one of six kids. Mum had all of us under the age of 32. Madness!!

Regardless of how much money you have, it’s impossible to give that many children the necessary time.

As a kid, i was limited to how much sport I could play, my older siblings helped me with homework and in turn i did the same to my younger ones. I taught my younger brother to read. So no, i don’t recommend it.

We are having 2. 3 max

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My husband and I will be having one and at max 2 but very depedent on how first pregnancy/birth/mat leave goes when the time is right.

If you want to see your kids grow up.. and have a life in a surviving planet and survive themselves then dear god please serioulsy consider having less kids to everyone who commented here wanted many and to any friends/family you have.

ESPECIALLY since majority of users here live in first world countries which are the worst for climate change and are resposible for majority of the damage done

I dont get how people just want 4/5 kids and not actually research the insane impact that makes on the world, especially for our kids that will directly get impacted very seriously not to mention every other human on this planet.

Maybe if we finally bring the world back to a sustainable planet then our grandkids will be able to ocne again have large families but until.. please seriously consider the impact.. 

Please note, this is nothing against large families I actually think having a house full of kids and them all growing up together and having huge holidays with lots of family as you get older is very wonderful, but in current fragile state of our planet thats hanging by a very thin thread.. I hope people really do think long and hard about having 3+ kids..


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hispanicimpressions :  I couldnt agree more, I just made a post with my opinions on this.

Calling CFBC people selfish is one of the most ignorant and moronic things people can say these days.. 

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I honestly have no idea! I used to say I would never have more children than I have hands lol. But that was when I was with a man who didn’t particularly want children and I knew would leave all the child-rearing up to me. My Fiance is great with kids and actively wants them so I would consider 3 or 4 with him if it weren’t for all those pesky things like age (will be 35 when we marry) and money. We’ve already agreed on 2 and I think that will be the perfect number for us. Fingers crossed things go well once we decide to TTC! 

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