(Closed) Would you consider a home-birth?

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Bee Keeper
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My ideal would be to give birth in a hospital that is midwife/doula-friendly, has a small tub/pool type setup, and is respectful and responsive to my needs. I have a few friends who gave birth in that situation, and to me it seems like the best of both worlds.

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I think it’s fine for those who want to do that, but it’s not for me. I also watched that movie, and some other documentaries on this subject. I am a worrier so I would like to be in a hospital just in case something happens. I think if I were at home, I’d worry the whole time that something bad would happen and I’m not in a hospital, and it would just make my labor experience horrible.

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Sugar bee
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Personally I wouldn’t.

There’s a LOT that can go wrong during childbirth and I’d hate to lose time traveling to a hospital if their services were needed. I don’t love hospitals but I trust my doctor, plus personally I don’t feel like it’s something I could do on my own (and I want an epidural).

I could see a home birth as a better for a woman who’s not having a first child and has some been thru the experience before so she kind of knows what to expect. But it can be a good option for a woman who’s had a bad hospital experience – I’d just say make sure to do a ton of research and make sure that any mid-wife or doula used is properly trained.

For child-birth there is no “right” way to do it, there’s only what is best for the baby and the mother and each woman has to make her own decision based on the risks of each option and her own values. Plus there are a lot of hospitals that offer more flexibility and birthing centers that have hospital connections.

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Honey bee
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I thought about it with my second but was to scared too due to having a cracked rib… (passes out at 13 weeks at the bank and due to pregnacyt the rib couldnt heal) But there is so much that can go wrong I would be too scared to… And i think everyone would be suprised how many people have to be enduced… I dont know if you can do that for a home birth…

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Busy bee
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I watched that documentary as well and it really opened my eyes to home birth as an option. Darling Husband and I are still thinking about it and considering it (we are not pregnant or TTC). I get really anxious in hospitals and uncomfortable so the idea of giving birth in an environment I am comfortable with appeals to me. I like the idea of being able to move around, shower, and give birth in a more comfortable position than laying on my back. I still have some time to sort out how I feel but it is definitely a possibility for us.

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Helper bee
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Unfortunately for me, I can be a raging hypochondriac if I happen to be anxious on a given day. I’m pretty sure panic over my coming child’s safety and my own safety would very quickly end any homebirth attempt, even before it started 🙂

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Bumble bee
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I really like the idea, but my husband doesn’t so it will be at a hospital, but most probably with a midwife and I would LOVE it if I could have a waterbirth. He’s not opposed to any of it, but he is adamant on being at the hospital.

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Busy bee
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I would not, because I could never forgive myself if there was a problem with the baby and we were not at the hospital for them to get care as quickly as possible. While I agree that childbirth in a hospital used to be a shadier experience in the past, and still ends up shady for some people today, as long as you trust your doctor there is nothing to worry about. It is all about finding someone who has similar views as you. Some people like to vilify all ob’s but there are plenty of them out there that care tremendously about their patients and what they want, and they are probably really insulted by people who hold such views.

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Busy bee
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Logically, i know homebirths are just as safe as hospital births, but it would scare me that if something went wrong, we wouldnt have the resources avaiable at home like we would in the hospital, if there was an extreme emergency. Plus i dont think my insurance would cover it at home. however, when i do get pregant, my gynocologist office that i already go to has a midwife and a birthing center, (all within the hospital) that i owuld like to use and possibly do a water birth there.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Nope. I had the best time giving birth in the hospital and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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Buzzing bee
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I like the idea, but I think in the end I probably won’t. I’m very small, and I could potentially not be able to have kids vaginally and need a C section, so I want to be at a hospital in case that happens. That happened to my mom with my younger siblings and they weren’t big babies, so you never know!

I would like to have the option of having a water birth, though. We’re years away from TTC, but I’ve researched it and love the idea!

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Helper bee
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That movie really opened our eyes, too.  (I watched it with my husband.)  He’s dead set against a hospital birth now… I’m not sure but I’m far more open to an alternative setting than I was before watching the movie.  There are a LOT of interesting and convincing points in that movie. 

We’re not TTC yet.. but when the time comes, you can bet this will be high on our discussion list!

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Busy bee
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The prospect of giving birth at a hospital horrifies me. There are SO many reasons for home birth that have nothing to do with my fears, but the safety for a low-risk mother and baby. Yeah, if I’m high risk, I’ll go to a hospital, but if my old doctors are there, I’m gonna punch their teeth out. My reasons don’t really apply to most people, and they are emotion-based (though avoiding the level of stress hormones my baby would be subjected to seems reason enough.)

The last time I was treated at a hospital (as opposed to having tests run), I ended up with pneumonia (a weird side effect of a medication), liver failure, 103-104 fever for 2 weeks, the early stages of toxic epidermal necrolysis, and I was sleeping for 20+ hours a day for a full month. The nurses kept giving me meds that were on my charts NOT to give me (my liver was shot, and it wasn’t recovering until I started asking what they were giving me, then it was “Hell, no. This fever can stay at 103 unless you find the right meds.”) After a week and a half, my liver was starting to recover, and the TEN had stabilized (top layers only, mercifully)… and they sent me home because they thought I’d catch something at the hospital and my immune system couldn’t handle a simple cold. This was all due to a medication that they are supposed to screen patients for. Two months later, when I had my first bout of amnesia (as opposed to forgetting basic facts relating to my job) – “come back in again if the amnesia doesn’t clear up within a day or so.” Um… I couldn’t remember my co-workers or where I lived. All of this was due to a vaccine (which I didn’t even THINK to question until over a year into the side effects) with a five year efficacy for an otherwise preventable disease.

So… Do I want to have my baby around these people when I, after an epidural, am unable to move to protect my baby? Around super-bugs and vaccines for Save-The-Date Cards I don’t have? (Hep B is given the day a baby is born.) Birth is a natural process, and there’s a lower rate of infant death among home births. Admittedly, I have a fear bordering on hatred of doctors (though I didn’t until the third pharmaceutical product I had a reaction to), so I’m not exactly objective on this issue. But it’s better to do a home birth than be terrified for the last two months of your pregnancy, right?

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