(Closed) Would you date someone who is less educated?

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Honey bee
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I randomly saw this title on the first page of the boards and felt compelled to reply! I used to be the person who would say I would never date someone without a college degree. Then I met my now-husband, who was 32 at the time and never finished his bachelor’s degree; meanwhil I was working on my PhD. Fast foward 5 years later and he not only finished his bachelor’s but he is now in a top 5 MBA program. I knew he was smart, but he had no plans to go back to school when I met him and that was fine with me. You never know who you will fall in love with!

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Yes! Of course!


Education isn’t an indicator of someone’s intelligence or even how much money they will earn (and I think if you’re marrying just because of that you have problems anyway).


My highest qualification is a Bachelors degree. I have other lower qualifications in the same feild – which By The Way have been WAAAAY more useful in my career and what I do at work day to day. In fact, if I had my time again I wouldn’t do my Bachelors. It hasn’t helped me in my career, I learnt nothing. It has just left me with a great big debt. I prefer more practical industry-based learning like Tafe (college in the US??). Now running my own business, I won’t employ staff that have only completed a Bachelors degree with no skills based learning.


My fiance has no formal qualifiactions, but is extreamly intelligent and has always had excellent jobs in his specific feild of expertise. He earns significantly more than I do and a lot  more than our friends of the same age (in some cases double). He tinkers with free courses and tutorials online and night doing his own study – something that takes a lot of drive! He’s also very entrepreneurial, having started a couple of commerce businesses which made good money for the time put into it and sold them for a good profit.

In the real world a piece of paper means nothing, unless you back it up with the skills and talents required for your career. Similarly, if you have no formal qualifications but have those skills and talents you will be reconginsed.

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Helper bee

I think this question really in my world more reflects the people around ‘the uneducated’ individual. You may love, care for and support the partner this is 100% assumed. My concern is that due to how many have been bought up this means their siblings, parents and chosen friends are uneducated. These are the people I find very difficult to get along with, understand, support and enjoy spending time with. Their perspectives are different, they have no drive, no interest in perservering in life and dont understand the working environment very well. (This is just my personal experience so not everyone).

I am married to a wonderful man who is as most would agree is ‘uneducated’. Not only did he never complete highschool but he has never completed any schooling or training outside of highschool to progress in his career or follow a path. 

There are many times where I have to help, support and teach my Dh things, words or expectations when it comes to many things. Particularly at the moment since I come from a corporate background and he doesnt. He works full time in the construction industry and we have a very successful business earning well past 3 figures. That is thanks to my Darling Husband, there is no issue that he is uneducated. The hurdles he has had to deal with is learning how to communicate and command respect and understanding in the business environment that is central to his construction work under contract.

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Yes. I am in the process of completing my four year bachelor’s with honours and my Fiance has completed an apprenticeship. He has been with me since my last year of highschool and he is just as smart and intelligent as people I know who have studied more. He is more of a practical and hands on type of person so learning while working suits him better. He is in IT and makes a lot of money – and will probably make more money than me for a while once I am a lawyer. Having a degree does not equate to how smart someone is. 

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Buzzing bee
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I would. I think I’m more educated than he is, but I love Darling Husband anyway. It’s not his education I’m attracted to. It’s everything about him.

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Worker bee
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Sure, and I married him. I have a PhD, and Darling Husband left college after three years. He works in a field where the number of letters you can string after your name isn’t important, and he’s extremely talented and motivated at what he does. I definitely need to be with someone who appreciates that I’m a science geek, but it never occurred to me to avoid dating someone just because he was less educated. My parents are the same – my father has two Masters degrees and a PhD. My mother’s formal education ended with high school, but she’s much smarter than he is 🙂

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Busy bee


My FH is a med student with an MS in Immunology, and I have a Master of Accounting. A degree doesn’t have any bearing on how smart you are, but the college experience is something that meant a lot to me, and the interest in expanding the mind and pursuing the benefits of high education is very important. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t be interseted in someone who didn’t at least have a bachelor’s. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I have more years of education than Darling Husband does, but he works in a different field. He’s very smart, and I like that he’s so knowledgeable about a lot of different things. It was never a prerequisite for a guy to match or exceed my educational level, but it was important for him to be intelligent and engaging as I do tend to be more cerebral. 

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I’m more educated than my SO, but he is busting his ass and working through the management program for a major big-box retailer and beating people out that have their MBA. He is much more motivated than I am, and A LOT more relatable. His people skills are leaps and bounds above mine. I use him to get through social situations, and he uses my brain like a human google.

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Busy bee

Absolutely, I have a double B.A., a Post-Bacc, and a Nursing degree. My SO has none of the above. But he does work. I am the bread-winner. It does bother him some. But it isnt as important to me. Honestly, I couldnt see life without him.

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Honey bee
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honestly prob not.  Sure there are flukes, but I haven’t met one in my in real life, just hear of various sucessful entreprenuers.  Most people who I meet in daily life I think are pretty stupid even with college degrees…

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Education level isn’t important to me intelligence level is Darling Husband is extremely intelligent but higher education isn’t where his passion lies so I have a bachelors and he is a tradie 

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I have a B.A. My husband’s only post-high school education is truck driving school. He is highly intelligent, and I honestly can’t picture a scenario where we’d ever have to discuss something I learned in college (let alone something I could have only learned in college). The only thing I’ve had to educate him about is evolution, since he went to Catholic school and it wasn’t taught. He still doesn’t believe in it but that’s because of his faith and upbringing, not because he’s dumb. 

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Bumble bee

My husband has two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees and wants to go back for a PhD- or another master’s. I stopped after my master’s. I agree with pp, not all education is found in schools.


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Honey bee
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MRSD1460:  For sure. Just for reference, I have a four year degree and am slowly (but surely) plugging away at my Master’s. Fiance took a job with UPS right after high school graduation and has gradually moved his way up in the company. He makes twice as much money as I do. “Education” does not always equal success. Just because he didn’t go to college does not, in any way, shape, or form make him “less educated” than I am. I can write you a fifty page thesis on the use of water and waves in Virginia Woolf’s works, but I sure as hell can’t balance a check book worth a damn, or know how to fix the A/C when it goes out, or stuff like that. Fiance has much more life experience than I do. Anf further, I have this lovely, very expensive degree sitting in a box in my closet that hasn’t helped me get a job worth a damn. So, Fiance, who never went to college is now making bank through hardwork, determination, and focus. 

I think if you only base someone’s worth on their level of education, you’re kind of being a dick. Not everyone is afforded the same luxuries as you (not directed at the OP, just a general you) and really, as important as an education is, in this day and age, it isn’t everything. 

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