(Closed) Would you date someone who is less educated?

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Helper bee

Echoing what pp’s have already said: Level of intelligence =/= Level of education. I have a BA and my SO has about 60 college credits in various courses that cannot be applied to one specific AA degree. Although, he didn’t obtain a degree in any specific subject he is extremely motivated and knowledgeable and it just seems completely ridiculous to dismiss someone solely based on their academic achievements.

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Honey bee
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I would, but he still has to be intelligent! I have my JD and my Fiance has his MS. He had orginally planned to get his MD or PhD, but decided on an alternate career path. I technically have a higher degree than he does, but I swear he’s smarter than me and so hungry to learn, which I love about him 🙂

I have dated some dumb guys before (college educated and non college educated) though and I couldn’t be with someone long term who I didn’t think was intellectually stimulating.

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MRSD1460:  Darling Husband and i both have bachelor degrees, but i went to a higher ranked college than he did. 

i had the traditional “moved away, lived in the dorms, met people from all over the state” experience, while he had the “local college, live at home, commuter, still friends with people from before” experience. 

i did feel my experience enhanced my life more than his. i have much more fond memories of learning and growing in a new city during college, and more new friends. he could care less about his college years.

so although i do feel sometimes i have a bit more breadth in life, it doesn’t bother me in the end since we’re both college educated. actually a lot of the times i find him a lot smarter in things about life than i am. 

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Busy bee

Astar312:  +1

My SO also took a few college classes but decided it wasn’t for him. I have a Bachelors degree. I don’t find him ANY less educated than me.

Life experience is huge and I feel that sometimes he is better at a LOT of things than I am. All people are wired differently and choose different life paths. I see no weight in having a SO with the same or higher education level as me as long as he can support us as a family when we are married which he can. He has a great job in a company he has worked for for the past 10 years and with promotion after promotion in the company he has shown himself to be a very valuable employee with or without a degree.

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Busy bee

i have a bachelors, and am halfway (yay) through an MBA. i have a career working in higher ed,  have traveled intenationally, worked in politics – stuff that looks cool on a resume. FI has a HS diploma and trade certification and works in construction and has mostly stayed put near his hometown.

Fiance calls me “college girl” whenever we discuss something he considers “worldly” that he thinks i should know and will gladly admit he’s not incredibly book smart – but what he is; hard working, resilient, loyal and incredibly driven – is what’s important to me. i’m not marrying him for his education, although with my college loans and soon to be joint finances, he’s marrying me for mine! we have very different life experiences, so we’ve learned a lot from eachother and its worked great for us. we appreciate how hard eachother works – and i especially appreciate that he literally busts his ass everyday for us.

there’s a really good kenny chesney song that makes me think of him everytime- “woman with you”. its about a career driven woman who at the end of the day just wants to hang out on the porch and watch the sunset with her guy. pretty much sums us up!

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I have a BA from one of the top universities in the nation and my Darling Husband never finished college. However, he is one of the most intelligent people I know and his annual income is 3x what mine is (and he has no student loan debt, unlike me). Sooo yeah.

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I don’t think it’s fair to measure intelligence or “being educated” by the number of degrees someone has. 

My SO is a doctor and I am less than a year away from being one myself, and I think most people assume because of that we couldn’t be with someone who was less educated. I know for my SO that is true because his exes were not smart or inquisitive at all and he would never want to go back there. Personally I  would not count it against someone if they didn’t have a degree or was not as intelligent as me. Intelligence is so subjective anyway! Life experience, being reflective and self-aware, and kindness go a long way. 

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Busy bee

I wouldn’t say that I won’t date someone who is uneducated, but I won’t date someone who isn’t motivated to educate themselves every day. This doesn’t mean that they have to go to school or earn a degree, but furthering your education is key in any field of work, so that is a must for me.

My Fiance is in the military and he is 6 months out from having a bechelors, and he is motivated to earn his masters and then his PhD. I thrive around someone who is motivated to learn more and be successful. 


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Helper bee

Some of my least educated friends are the most successful.  I have 2 friends that dropped out of highschool or college to work and ended up starting their own businesses.  Both are multi-millionaires and have so much drive and street smarts.  I think that it would depend on the person.  I would prefer someone with drive and common sense over book smarts.

My Fiance (omg, thats the first time I typed FI) and I both happen to have similar levels of education.

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My first thought was No but as I read others responses, I am changing my mind. If he were successful and motivated in life and career, I would be okay if he didnt get a degree.

If he didnt pursue a degree becuase he was lazy and had no career goals, nah, i’d pass on that.

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As long as he had strong career plans then yes, I live in the UK and from personal experience having a degree isn’t as important as it seems to be in the US, I am only 22 (no degree) however already have a good career in marketing and strong promotion opportunities next year, my Fiance (also no degree) is on very good money as a contractor who manages property. If he was lazy and had no career plans plus no degree then I wouldn’t date him. However my Fiance has always had the ‘I will at any cost work hard to support my future family’ mindset which is what I admire most about him  

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