Would you drive a car with the hood this ugly?

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  • poll: If it were well within my budget to fix a used car's damaged hood,
    I would fix it so that I don't have to drive a messed up car. : (71 votes)
    75 %
    I would not fix it so that I could spend the money elsewhere. : (24 votes)
    25 %
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    Helper bee

    pinklunchbox :  I would only drive a car that looked like that it was my only option, honestly I’d probably try public transit before I drove it.

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    Busy bee

    I voted for not fixing the car. I couldn’t care less about my car (my car also has cosmetic damage and I got it below market value).

    I do care about spending money on other things though… my skis cost more than my car. I’m happy to drop money on good kitchenware and tableware. I won’t spend money on shoes. I will spend money on furniture.

    So…. not sure I am 100% practical. I just don’t  care about vehicles (I also walk almost everywhere – my car gets 6,000km a year, if I had to drive more I would maybe change my mind).

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    Busy bee

    For me it would depend on my financial situation. If I was in debt, didn’t have an emergency fund saved, and/or was trying to save agressively for another goal then I would definitely drive it as is. If all of those others were true then I would honestly still probably drive as is, but save for a car that appeals to me cosmetically more. Take this with a grain of salt though, because this is coming from someone who doesn’t care about my car at all. My husband and I have a great household income and I drive a 16 year old car. I’m finally replacing it this year but just to get a van that we’ll pay for in cash. To me, cars are not an investment and are just a form of transportation to get from point a to point b. 

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    Sugar bee
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    I live in a rural area where a car is a necessity.  If that’s what I could afford, then I would gladly drive it!  I may not like it, but I would drive it.  

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    Busy bee

    pinklunchbox :  disagreements over money are not isolated events with marriage.  When you are building a life together, you have a certain accountability to each other about how money is spent on the household.  Some people have success in reducing arguing by having an account that is joint finds for household expenses and then they each have their own accounts for funds of their own to spend however they wish.  What concerns me here is that you said his opinion didn’t matter because you paid for the hood to be painted but the disagreement was still voiced in a way that you felt defensive enough that it compelled you to post here for back up.  Now, I would and did have a good painted rather than drive it in that condition.  It was a car I hunted for months for online to buy gently used with certain features my husband preferred to give as a gift to my husband.  I insisted that the hood be painted because that’s just ridiculous.

    But, back to the core issue.  Your fi can be frugal all he wants.  But if he’s going to be critical of how you spend your money, even if it’s via passive aggressive disparaging comments like “it’s a stupid waste of money but it’s your money so your loss,” then that’s a much bigger problem than anything going on with this car.  You guys need to work out a division of funds that works for you both and puts an end to fighting and criticizing.  And if you have deeply different spending philosophies, then how will you manage big expenses, like housing choices, home repairs, job choices re pay vs benefits or job satisfaction?  I see huge red flags here.

    If you have to get outside backup to manage this “difference of opinion” (call it what it is, you’re having a muffled fight) then wedding bee isn’t enough for this.  You guys need some marital counseling to find a lasting healthy solution.

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    Bumble Beekeeper

    pinklunchbox :  damaged paint can lead to rusting and other body issues. I don’t really care about cosmetics as I do longevity of my vehicles so if I could afford to get the paint fixed and it made sense based on the cost/value of the car then I would do it. 

    – signed a girl who drove a two-toned car for many years until the engine finally died. The cheapest replacement part was a different color and since the paint wasn’t damaged I didn’t bother fixing it just for looks. 

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    Meh. I would probably drive it and spend the $1200 on something much more valuable, like paying off debts.

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    Busy bee

    pinklunchbox :  I know it sounds crazy but yep I would. Cars are not something that are important to me. Yes, I would love to drive a new Mercedes or something but ultimately I’d rather put that money on our mortgage, go on a vacation, put it in our kiddo’s 529, etc. My husband and I make over 6 figures together and I’ve driven the same car our entire relationship. My car has rust and dents and doesn’t reflect our financial situation at all. My engagement ring costs many times more than my car. The only caveat to this is if I had a client facing job and needed a more ‘professional car’. That’s me though! If financially you can afford it then fix the car or save up for something better. 

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    After my first car was stolen and trashed, I bought a pretty crappy car, and it was pretty similar lol. Not as bad hood damage, but the passenger door didnt open fully, the sunroof leaked and it was overall kind of a POS. However it got me from A to B and was safe. I drove it for like a year until I bought my new car. 

    So, I would probably drive it for a while, but wouldn’t be heartbroken if something went wrong with it lol. 

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