(Closed) Would you ever get a boob job? Why or why not?

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Definitely a lot of judgment in here.

I am small framed, and had natural 30Es (not huge by any means, but large enough for me…I never wanted implants personally). Then I had prophylactic mastectomies at age 35 due to a high hereditary risk of breast cancer. My breasts were reconstructed with silicone implants because I did not have enough tissue for other types of tissue reconstruction, and it was my preferred form of reconstruction anyway.

I was however very nervous that people would throw around the kind of judgments they are here before I had it done because I had heard them before. My breasts are the same size a before but they don’t feel the same as they did before because I don’t have any breast tissue, I don’t have feeling “in” them anymore as that tissue is gone for good (just on skin) but yet they don’t feel like “foreign objects” to me, they just feel like my breasts, but different. I am very happy with them, think they look pretty darn good given I don’t have any breast tissue left, and do not get sick more often, do not have to replace them UNLESS there is ever an issue with them (I don’t go in at 10, 15 years for automatic replacement or anything), or any of these other doom and gloom warnings I have seen in this thread. I would have been “fine” being flat, my breasts are not what defines me, but it was not what I preferred for me or my body at that time in my life. No regrets at all about doing the reconstruction.

After going through that experience, (and even before), I honestly don’t know why so many judge other women for getting implants (or lifts, or reductions) if those women want them for their own personal reasons. One thing I have learned is that there are a lot of women out there with breast implants who you would never know had had them…not every woman goes for the obvious implant look, and many surgeons are very skilled at creating very natural looking results. Lots of breast lifts use implants too, so when looking at breast lift “afters” they often use small implants to replace the fullness that was lost with aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, without looking obviously like implants.

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I’m thinking about it in terms of a “mommy makeover” once my hypothetical baby is done breastfeeding, as DH and I are only planning on having one. Babies are adorable destroyers of bodies and especially boobs and the idea of having a plastic surgery fund to get me put back together again makes me feel less anxious about the whole process of becoming a mother. 

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I wouldn’t get fake boobs unless medically necessary, but I would get a breast lift and tummy tuck after I was done having kids and breastfeeding (a “mommy makeover” like PP said). Maybe throw in some lipo too if I feel like I need it.

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I wouldn’t get a boob job. But I do want to get a lift done. I’m a 36Dear Daughter and they are a bit saggy so I would want to lift them to give them a better shape. Other than than I’m happy with them and the size.

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Nope, but to be honest I have huge knockers and have always wanted a reduction…

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I’m a d. Actually more like  a dd. I’ve been pretending I’m a c for years until I finally got fitted. Of course I don’t want to go bigger but Def want a lift, esp when I have kids. 

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I had mine done a couple of years ago and I’m so happy I did. I had NO boobs – 32AA and I felt so insecure at the beach or at home with no bra. Fiance said he loved them no matter what but I really felt so uncomfortable to the point I always wanted to keep my bra on.  After years of debating I finally did it at the age of 28 and couldn’t be happier. My implants are very small and most people didn’t even notice because I always wore heavily padded bras. I’m glad I waited and didn’t go big – I’m very petite so my size is good for my body and the chances of complications increases with size. So far I’ve had no issues and my recovery time was only a few days. 

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If I had the money I would get one tomorrow. My boobs aren’t symmetrical and I am very self conscious about it. I’m thinking after kids though, they’ll change a lot from breastfeeding so I’ll do it then. Fiance is ok with it because he knows how self conscious I am about even though he prefers natural 

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I work in medicine and wouldn’t have surgery unless medically necessary. It’s pretty much the advice I give to my family as well. 

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I just had tissue expander reconstruction after bi-lateral mastectomies in my late 20s, and I went for a little upgrade because there needs to be some silver lining to being diagnosed with breast cancer before age 30. 

I get a little disheartened reading these comments. My boobs look fake because my boobs ARE fake. I won’t tell everyone I ever meet my story, but they’ll judge me anyway. just a reminder to be kind – you never know why someone has done what they’ve done or why!

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PinkPearls:  Yes, if it is something that I wanted and would make me feel good about myself, I would go for it. I am a C and don’t plan to, but perhaps I would consider a lift and/or tummy tuck after having kids.

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Only if I’d had a mastectomy and required reconstructive surgery. I’m of the age where plastic surgery is common, but I’m definitely not interested. The boobs are a little lower these days lol, but they still look good. 

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Absolutely if I had the means and it would truly make me feel better about myself. I was part of the itty bitty titty comittee for years. One day (way past puberty) I randomy got D boobs. I LOVE my larger bust, I think I fill tops out nicely that I didnt before and generally enjoy my boobs. That being said, I do get back pain, and when I want to wear a flowy summer dress or top, sometimes I can’t get the girls in there without being extremely revealed. But with that being said, sometimes I still consider surgery to go a little bigger or more symmetrical.

I think it is really up to every individual person. WEigh the pros and cons, it is a major surgery, with recovery time, and things could go wrong. You could end up hating the look, feel, or get bad scarring. But on the flip side you could also have a lovely new chest that you absolutely love. Just make sure you do a lot of research on your surgeon and follow instrucrions for after care exactly 🙂

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