(Closed) Would you ever get a boob job? Why or why not?

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Busy bee
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I have Dear Daughter boobs, and clearly I will not get implants, but I do plan on getting a reduction and lift after we have kids.  Boobs this big (and will only get bigger with kids) cause so many other issues. Back pains, neck pains, etc. I can’t wait to get rid of them!

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Sugar bee
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mrshesstobe:  Did you just say ‘I’m only a D cup”??

Sigh…other people’s reality…

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Busy bee

I’m planning on getting them once we’re done having kids and I finish breastfeeding.  I’ve always been an A cup and I only plan on moving up to a full B or small C.  I just want enough that tops fit me correctly and I don’t look so much like a little kid.  

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Honey bee
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One of my close friends had her boobs done a few years ago from an A cup to what was supposed to be a C, but is actually more of a Dear Daughter (she’s borrowed my bras before). She absolutely loves hers and thought that it was worth it. She is very slim so I don’t personally think that they look natural or flattering on her, but it’s not my body and I’m just happy she’s happy! On the reverse side, I’ve been contemplating eventually getting a reduction since I have back problems. I’m fully supportive of people doing what makes them happy as long as they do the research and make sure that it’s done well!

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Bumble bee

futuremrscrow:  This exactly!

Plus – I’d rather do the work after children and get a little boost at 40 than now at 30.

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Busy Beekeeper

I would get a lift post breast feeding. Other than that I’m not willing to put something into by body for cosmetic reasons. Well, maybe if I had breast cancer and had to reconstruct my breasts. Perhaps under that cirucmstance I would put something in. 

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Yes. I had mine done 13 years ago and have had zero issues. I went from a 32 a/b to a 32Dear Daughter. Im thin and average height (5’7″) and people are shocked to find out they’re fake (I don’t flaunt them). I’m also currently breastfeeding my 6 month old and haven’t had any issues with that. The only thing that bothers me is I really can’t wear low cut tops without automatically looking a little slutty. And some style don’t work on me. I.e. Tops with not waist make me look pregnant. Other then that I’m very happy with them. when I have them redone I will probably go slightly smaller to a c cup. 

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I’m in the C range and wouldn’t.  I also wouldn’t have when I was in the Bs or As, which I was for years (I got chubby, whoops).  My mom and sister are blessed with larger racks and there are a lot of things they hate about them – how heavy it is to haul around, finding bras that actually look decent while still supportive, wearing clothes that need a strapless bra.  It’s just too much work.  Watching them struggle when I was younger and options were even fewer than they are now, I was always thoroughly greatful for my tiny chest.  And now that I’m carrying C cups, I notice that my breasts hurt a lot when I’m about to get my period if they’re not well supported… I never felt that in high school!

Add to that my husband and I have been watching Survivor and it’s very, very, ridiculously obvious which girls there had boob jobs.  They don’t look good, they don’t look real, particularly when they start losing weight.  Some go so far as to look highly disturbing, which I assume means those gals weren’t given a good job to begin with, but I have no real basis for that, just a guess.  And obviously their excessive use to string bikinis makes a difference as well… I’d never know if they wore t-shirts.

If you decide you want it, I suggest you just don’t go overboard.  It wouldn’t take much to make a little ego-boost difference.

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Sugar bee
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leonatigra:  “I see breast implants on women at the gym and they always look obvious and ugly. There is a ridge that just doesn’t fit the body. It’s not sexy to have a lump of plastic sitting under your skin”

The ladies you are seeing at the gym did not have good work done. The implant should never be visible, which I assume is what you are referring to as the “ridge”. 

The thing about cosmetic surgery is- there’s a wide variety of results. The outcome is based on the skill of the surgeon as well as the expectations/desired look of the patient. There are people who get rhinoplasty and end up with a Michael Jackson nose on the opposite end of the spectrum from say Blake Lively whose nose looks very natural. When somebody has had really good work done it should not be obvious ie Nicole Richie’s breast augmentation vs Heidi Montag’s. 

You probably encounter women everyday who have implants, and you don’t realize it because they chose a size that was proportionate to theit figure and went to a competant surgeon. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Before I got pregnant I was a mid B. I was content with that size: I filled out shirts well, I had a womanly shape.

Then I got pregnant and they ballooned (so far) to a high C and are still growing. Boobs, stahp.

Plus, I got pregnant with a daughter. I want to teach her about loving herself. imo it’s one thing when you’ve got a deformity, it’s another when you just want to look different.

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Helper bee

I got them and I actually regret it now. I had perfect B cup boobs until I started working out a lot and lifting heavy they completely flattened out and I for real had pecs. I was benching 135lbs while weighing 100lbs, so I thought that was cool at the moment but wish I never lifted that heavy to begin with. I was also doing a lot of fitness modeling and compitions at the time and all the girls had them.

I never thought in a million years I would get them, but after a bad break up they were like my revenge boobs since my ex was so against them. I went pretty small compared to other girls, 275cc so no one can tell they are fake. I also went with silicone so they feel more real and look very natural. I am a small C, sometimes full C depending on weight gain or loss. I had a really good surgeon and they do look amazing however it is a foreign object in my body that I constantly feel move around. I have lost all my strength to do push ups and pull ups. I think cutting thru that much muscle made it more difficult to heal. It also hurts to run, even with a supportive sports bra there’s heavy bouncing. Even though I went relatively small, they still feel heavy to me and I also have to wear a sports bra to bed for comfort. Another thing I can’t stand about them is my nipples are so sensitive in a bad way. I don’t like them being touched at all anymore! Also I knew going into it that I didnt scar well. I’ve had lots of steroid injections and laser treatments to flatten the scars which are painful and not pretty but that’s my skin type.

Lots of my gf’s that have them got them pretty young and went huge with DD’s. 8-10 Years later they are so saggy and look horrible. I waited till I was 28 to get mine so that’s another reason I went smaller, they weigh less so I guess they have a longer shelf life looks wise. Older women have also told me that they had their bigger ones replaced smaller bc the novelty of having big boobs wears off. It’s hard to find dresses that fit without looking like a tent unless it’s super fitted. Buttoning blouses, forget it. If I could do it all over again I wouldnt bother… I guess I have a little buyers remorse.

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Buzzing bee
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I know you didn’t want to hear from larger cup sizes but… I’m a G and I’d kill for the guts to get a reduction. I think a C cup is the perfect ‘in between size’, not too small and not too large. You can wear a bra or not. My least favorite feature is my boob fold. I hate seeing it and I think if I was a C cup there wouldn’t be enough there to cause the fold.. lol. Fake boobs are amazing though and light so no worries about back issues and such, a reasonable cup size and they are a win (C-D is what my opinion of reasonable is). Best of luck with your decision.

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Bumble bee

I have one and it was one of the greatest decisions ever, sorry not sorry. I’ve always been insecure about them despite lots of $$ thrown at therapy, and now that’s completely vanished and greatly improved my mental state. I threw down a lot of money on a fantastic surgeon, got a natural size (300cc silicone), did all the massaging and whatever and now they feel completely natural. I did feel like shit for about 2 days but that’s because I get very nauseous on hydrocodone. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do

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Sugar bee

I second @minniegrace . I have fake boobs and they were the best money I have ever spent. I would do it all again.

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minniegrace:  Sorry off topic. But OMG do you watch Rick & Morty?! 

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