(Closed) Would you ever get a boob job? Why or why not?

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Ditto minniegrace:  and Ukulele4You: ! I got mine done about 5.5 years ago. Best money I ever spent. I was back to work in a week, no complications, and they look great! People are surprised when I tell them they’re fake. I was a small A, and now a 34D (though they don’t look like D’s at all). Well worth it for me!

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My B cup breasts are still pretty perky despite my age and three children. I know too many people who had problems with enlargement to choose it as elective surgery.  That said, I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to do it, and bump up to a C cup, if I needed reconstructive surgery. 

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Also, I’ll share my experience. I got implants 4 years ago and I love them. I had my procedure done by the chief of plastic surgery at a top medical center. I chose my surgeon because he only does extremely natural looking work. If a woman goes to him requesting enormous/disproportionate implants, he turns her away. You get what you pay for, and my procedure cost $9500. I got 375cc silicone implants under the muscle. My surgeon actually also brought 339cc implants into the OR because if the 375s looked too large or didn’t properly for my chest, he would switch them out. 

I had one bad day post op. I vomited the entire day, but that was a bad reaction to the painkillers and unrelated to the surgery. 2 days post op, I was only taking and over the counter NSAID for pain, and went to my friend’s bday dinner. My recovery was a breeze. 

I followed all of the post op instructions religiously and had no complications. It takes a while for implants to settle in and look natural, but mine look (and feel) fantastic.  

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I would absolutely love a reduction. I went for a consult like 5 years ago and then got cold feet and never went through with it. 

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I know you don’t think women with large boobs are helpful, but I do actually have an opinion on this which I think is valid…

My boobs hurt me, a lot. They are uncomfortable and get in the way. However, there are also other parts of my body I’d like to alter (namely my fat arse) for nothing but aesthetic reasons. I have super low self-esteem and I hate most of my body most of the time. 

That being said, I’d only ever have reconstructive surgery and not “cosmetic” myself; I’ve thought about it and I just wouldn’t to take the risks associated with surgery and also I think I would possibly not feel quite “myself” if that makes sense? 

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This is a tough one for me…as much as I would love one I don’t think I’ll ever actually go through with it. My right boob is a full C cup and my left is a small B so they look super lopsided ESPECIALLLY in a swimsuit so this is the only reason I would want one. I would only even them out though, I would look so weird with a big chest! 

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PinkPearls:  I’ll share my story too! Not like others but here goes…

About 8 years ago I was a full E cup. All of the women on my mother’s side have large breasts so I assumed that I just “inherited” them. I was also overweight at the time. I decided to get healthier and with a 60 lb weight loss, my girls were gone too. I wore a D cup but (during a consultation was told) if it weren’t for the excess skin I would actually be a B cup. Finally, I was healthy but I was now so self conscious because of my chest – not to mention you get used to what you have. I was so used to a full chest, I felt different and weird in my skin to be so flat. ….which could end up being the reverse for you going from small to too large. 

I decided for my 30th birthday I would gift myself new girls 🙂 It was the best decision I ever made! I met with several doctors for consultations to see who I felt comfortable with and who really could give me what I wanted. I wanted to look natural, just fuller. I found a doctor who fit the bill!

I obviously needed a lift with all that skin (my grandmother at 70 said her breasts looked better than mine!), so I had a lift but he didn’t remove every bit of skin, he left enough to have a natural slope – not these round mounds protruding from my chest. They are perfect, unless you saw me naked and saw the small scar you’d never know. 

As for the concerns – number one is due your due diligence and pick a doctor that wants to give you want you want, not just recommending what he/she feels is best. There are a lot of bad doctors out there that do bad work. I was in very little pain, I only took the prescription pain med the one time right after and had a couple aspirin over the first few days. Went to work 4 days later and was cleared to start working out again about 2 weeks later with modifications. I don’t get sick anymore than I used to and have had zero issues with my breasts since….had never heard of this issue in my reseach but thought I should comment on it.  

If you do it, do it for you and only you. My Boyfriend or Best Friend (now DH) was incredibly supportive the whole time. He would have been happy with me not doing anything but he’s seen how my confidence has improved. …Now I can wear a bikini top in the ocean and not worry about a big wave knockin one of those saggy boobs out of the top! Seriously, they flopped everywhere! LOL 

ETA: About the DR recommendation, of course listen to them for safety concerns and whatnot but I had one DR feel I should go back to a full E and make the lift really high so the implants were rounded at the top not sloping like a natural breast…he obviously didn’t listen to me and what I wanted. 

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i had a reduction in 2008



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WestCoastV:  THANK YOU! It makes me a little sad that breast augmentations get such a bad rap. The only reason anyone knows I have implants is because I tell them, and even then they usually stare at them in disbelief because they look and hang just like a natural C-cup would. If you notice a boob job, it’s either because the surgeon wasn’t very skilled or the woman wanted that kind of look (yes, I have known women who actually want a very Barbie-like boob look). Even my then-boyfriend/now-husband had no idea until I told him – and that was after he had gotten to know them very well 

My recovery was very straightforward and easy – no complications whatsoever, and I certainly don’t have a decreased immune system…I get a cold maybe once every handful of years, which I think is well below average.

Breast augmentation is not for everyone. It is an invasive procedure, and every surgery has risks. I have had a lot of reconstructive surgeries in my life that were not my choice, so for me this was the one operation I always wanted to do for myself that was by choice with no expectation that my life would be any better because of it. Anyone who isn’t already happy with themselves should never get cosmetic surgery in the hopes that it will make them happier – it won’t, it’ll just give you bigger boobs.

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Ohhavok:  I never even thought about it until I read something on it, but it does completely make sense.  I’m sure it’s not true for all people but I bet it can affect someone’s immune system.

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Nah, my boobs are my most favorite feature. I love them. Although I wouldn’t rule out a breast lift if they ever get super saggy. 

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Definitely! I plan to get one later on when I have the money to do so. I’m a B cup and would love to be a full C/small D. Theres only one doctor I would go to though and he’s based in Beverly Hills. His work is amazing and has hundreds of pictures on his website, all with awesome results. I’d have to travel across the country cause I’m on the east coast but it’s worth it to me. I have yet to find another doctors work that impresses me the way his does. 


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I work in plastic surgery and assist in breast surgeries all the time, so I have nothing against them personally (obviously). I would never for myself just because I don’t actually think larger breasts are more attractive than smaller. I aethestically prefer a leaner more athletic body frame with a relatively flat chest to a typical hourglass. I’m normally a small C which is pretty proportionate to my frame and now at 39 weeks pregnant I’m a Dear Daughter and I hate having a larger chest- I’m dreading how big I will get once my milk comes in. 



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PinkPearls:  have one, love it! no one can tell they’re not mine (under the muscle and excellent, i mean exxxxxcellent surgeon) which is an added bonus, and i feel way more proportional now.

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I’m against introducing cosmetic things into your body electively, reconstruction is different. If somehing to enhance my appearance cant be washed off with some Dr. Bronners castile soap, I’m not interested. Vanity isn’t worth my health.

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